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  1. I just can't get over how beautiful and powerful the artwork of this deck is How about a sketch deck that we can color ourselves?
  2. I'm happy to hear that the publisher is taking these issues seriously. I look forward to getting this deck now that I know the deck will be fixed!
  3. https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/paul-klee-oracle I wanted to share a deck I made--the Paul Klee Oracle Deck. Perfect for the art-lover and the abstract thinker, I created this deck to spark your imagination and intuition. Perfect for one card and three card draws and to augment your tarot spreads! Images are borderless and printed on jumbo cards with linen-textured cardstock. To keep the price down for you, the deck does not come with a box. If anyone would prefer a version with a box, please leave a comment so that I can gauge interest. Thank you for checking out my deck!
  4. Can you guys suggest some nice decks that incorporate modern technology in their imagery? I have the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn and that's one of my favorite aspects of it. Also I remember seeing an adorable robot-themed tarot somewhere on the internet but, of course, I can't find it anymore! Thanks for your help!
  5. I might be a bit dense but where should I make a post about an oracle deck I created--Oracle section or Self-promotion section? Thanks!
  6. A happy tarot? How about the Happy Tarot? http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/happy-tarot/
  7. I know it might not seem like much, but I love the Cephalopod Tarot. It's bright, colorful and the scenes are just delightful. Also, cephalopods are a really interesting group of animals (some of the most intelligent animals in the world!) and I love having a deck dedicated to them.
  8. GlitterNova

    Deck ID

    When I become Empress of the universe I plan on making it illegal for talented artists to make beautiful cards and then not follow them up with a full deck!
  9. I want a whole tarot deck in the style of the Angelarium Oracle! Beautiful! Also the Rackham Tarot looks like it would fit in well with the rest of my lovely Lo Scarabeo art decks.
  10. The Mary-El is probably my favorite deck and I'm really excited to hear that there's going to be a new edition! I like the old card images better.....BUT, I've been wishing soooo hard for a smaller sized version for my tiny hands that I'll happily learn to love the new cards in exchange for a more user-friendly deck.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Cat-Tarot-78-Cards-Guidebook/dp/145217363X Look at how cute this darn thing is. I want it.
  12. Hi everyone! I've been a tarot enthusiast and deck collector for about 6 or so years. I used to be pretty active on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum for the year or so before it closed under the same username. I look forward to talking with everyone on here!
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