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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss_1JJ_Tarot The Swiss 1JJ Tarot deck is a 78-card deck used for the tarot card games Troccas and Troggu and also for divination. HistoryEdit The deck is derived from the Tarot de Besançon which itself comes from the Tarot of Marseilles.[1][2] It is an Italian suited pack which substitutes the figures of Juno and Jupiter in place of the Popess and Pope of the Tarot of Marseilles. The first version was produced between 1831 and 1838 in the card factory of Johann Georg Rauch. It was the first tarot packmade by the factory and was unexpectedly successful in the American market. The first version was manufactured, unaltered, by his successor, Johannes Müller in Diessenhofenuntil 1860.[3](wikipedia) I bought mine for 6.00 gbp there 400.00 and I’ve lost them moving I’m gutted there the best deck ever ! Its known own as the deck of knowledge
  2. Much like pictures here it was a very old deck vintagey, but the colours were still vivid they smelt of musk and dust I bought it of eBay and this is when I started dreaming and going in the deck it had a small piece of paper with 3 word meaning to each card does anyone know there real spelling , origin of the cards they were stunning and the only ones I’ve ever been able to connect with thanks ?
  3. That was a lovely insight I love exploring this card, it’s very me and I agree very much that it is the “light” within us -all-
  4. I’ve read a lot about the hermit after feeling so low and in my shell , loosing faith etc what I have researched so far is that he signifies “god” and I really wanted to share something really special with you , well when I was 15 say I was always playing with my deck and found myself in the cards with the characters well one night I dreamed I was in a dark alley with the hermit I offered him help up the stairs everything seemed much darker to me than him as he had a lantern to help him along he was neither proud or undignified by my offer but simply outstretched his lantern and in his lantern was the Star of David and then Joseph’s face in the flames creating light in this dark place I often find when I am loosing faith I remember this dream and it speeds my healing recovers my faith . His face was stern but not angry understanding but not brash and simply calm there was no menace or pain he understood and he didn’t flinch he looked to me with understanding to me when I couldn’t speak. When I discussed this with a pastor he gave me a prayer card that reads “the lord bless you and keep you; the lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the lord lift up his countance upon you and give you peace numbers 6: 24-26 if if this isn’t proof enough that the hermit symbolises god I don’t know what is it it also reminds me of the song silver and gold he’s not in search of riches he’s humble with rags that’s were half of today’s society’s problem is slow down take some care ... of you invest that time to say yes I feel better make it a done deed id like to refrain the sentiment it gave me that though I search long and hard although I loose and seem lost I am right we’re I am meant to be for that chance meeting of everything I need to heal the soul searching I need isn’t unobtainable there’s a light within me and today it’s time to let it shine bright and not be dimmed after all his light in me is eternal. To me the hermit is the most powerful deck without solitude their is no inspiration maybe different cards mean different things to different people in their life but I just wanted to share this inspiring msg with you I am new here and would also like to introduce myself by username tarotangel93 all the best tarotlovers x
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