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  1. please let us know. I've been eyeing this one.
  2. My Vitruvian SKT just arrived yesterday and aside from a few wonky printing issues (the titles on the bottom are not all positioned the same), i love it. I have done two readings which have both been spot on, and I am getting the Lulu-printed guide book in a couple of weeks.
  3. I read that thread, but still was concerned I wouldnt have another opportunity to buy it. Benebell is my favorite author/tarot expert and I really connect very deeply to her style, so I figure it's an early bday present for myself.
  4. I just ordered this deck for an August delivery, so I will be reading and following along.
  5. did you close on a house? congrats!!! and the answer is NO. Although you do have to be dull and responsible with things like septic, water filters, and lawn care. BLARG! I am so sorry. Lots of vitamin c and water and sleep sleep sleep. My son turned 17 yesterday. I must be old. WHen did that happen??
  6. I am still reading. I get some of her theories, but disagree with others. I feel at some points her attempts to reconcile the two systems are a bit of a stretch. But it is a very interesting read nonetheless, and I think it will definitely broaden my understanding of both tarot and enneagram.
  7. I took the test too. I consider myself a progressive and open minded christian with an interest and even belief in other forms of worship including sufism buddhism and witchcraft. I got liberal Quaker lol
  8. Well, I'm drawing the Empress a LOT right now. And what's cool is I think I know why.
  9. That is a gorgeous deck @Raggydoll thank you for all the photos. I have to admit...I ordered SKT. I know, I know. But I was worried I would miss out on it, and my very first and most loved book of hers is the Holistic Tarot, and I DO actually have the time and desire to invest in learning the deck right now, so.....My hope is that it arrives right as my divorce is finalizing so I can call it a special gift to myself. after all I've been through, I deserve it. I also don't know if I posted but I received The Fool's Excellent Adventure: A Hero's Journey through the Enneagram and the Tarot. Not sure if anyone is interested in my thoughts on this book, but happy to share somewhere if anyone is curious. SHe has a fascinating website as well.
  10. You are welcome. One day when I am rich all my money will go to dog shelters and LGBTQ causes. Until then.....
  11. As the mother of a genderfluid child, who at one time we thought was trans (and hey, they might be) I am happy to donate a small amount to the gofundme. I wish I could donate more than 20 pounds. I will also promote this on my Twitter Feed (I dont have any other social media)
  12. Well i just bought the Vitruvian SKT. I am NOT ready for it, but I dont'want them to sell out. I figure I will get to know it very slowly.
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