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  1. I couldn't restrain myself, so I ordered the Tarot in Wonderland/Barbara Moore. Can't wait for this to arrive on my doorstep!
  2. I adore the Empress and when I first saw this card, I was taken with the symbol on her lower right. It screamed planchette to me from the Ouija board. Little did I know that it was the symbol for Venus, which made me love it all the more!
  3. Thank you, I'm sure it will be an adventure!
  4. @Mi-Shell You look "wigged out" there.
  5. Thank you @LoveLightPeace and @Wanderer lol
  6. I've done festivals before but as concession. We also had a pop up and used plain 'ol sand bags that seemed to work pretty good if I remember correctly.
  7. Thanks @Tarotnewbie I feel all shiny and new and stuff.
  8. I do a daily draw and look up it's meaning in the morning, and think about the card at times during the day. But what I find happening to me most often is seeing "card situations". For example, a friend tells me she couldn't sleep last night then proceeds to say that she's worried about her child/husband/etc. and my mind yells 9/swords or someone is complaining about being unable to decide what to do and runs over all of their options, yet feels overwhelmed and immediately my mind screams 7/cups. It's weird but it's kind of fun too.
  9. Thank you Joy. It's a great program and I'm happy I landed here!
  10. Thank you LeFou, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the help you've given me. It's been a wonderful learning experience and one that I'll always cherish!
  11. This is the same reason I have been trying to keep mine up to date. And I also like to see what everybody else is wishing for. Oh, I reside in the US...just sayin.
  12. I have a friend that does craft shows selling crafts but the set up is much the same. She has a pop-up 10 x 10. That's usually the spaces these things allocate. You'd probably only need one long table and some folding chairs. And signage, people need to know what you are doing. Make sure you have something to weigh down your tent pegs. Sometimes things can get windy and pull those stakes up! As far as decoration, you'd have to decide how vested you are in doing those type things. My friend has a banner she stretches across the front, but I'm not sure what she paid for it. It seems you'd want to do something in keeping with the theme of the event. A Ren Faire sounds like a blast and would be a good fit for readings. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  13. You know it's the dog days of summer in the South when even the dog says screw it mom, I'm stayin inside! You know it's summer in the South when the cold water tap only runs warm! You know it's summer in the South when you have to barricade yourself in by keeping all of your windows covered from the death rays of the sun! You know it's summer in the South when you have to take a cold shower in order to lower your core body temperature just to survive! You know it's summer in the South when your AC only shuts off between the hours of 3am to 5am! Feel free to add yours!
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