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  1. Coming soon to Kickstarter, the Ian Miller tarot. This artist is famous for his work in the fictional gaming Warhammer universe. With an ethereal and foreboding style, he will likely produce one hell of a tarot deck.
  2. A different approach for me. I think it is self-sustaining currently, and will continue to grow interest as the collective human consciousness evolves. I would like to see a natural eradication of monotheistic dogma and religion. Experience life on earth if it dissipated globally. This would allow Tarot and other studies to vastly flourish, for both those truly interested as well as the billions of people currently forced to separate from their spirit.
  3. The Enneagram structure is excellent for exploring court card aspects. What's a fun koh-ink-e-dink is that the book Personality Types by Don Richard Riso is on my desk at this very moment as a reminder. This work in particular is considered a fine text for initial Enneagram study. I am going to recommend it as a mentor during the next exchange with my student. It's a wonderful and beneficial thing to study in general. Tests to determine your personality number are free and readily available online. From what I've heard the creator of the system channeled the structure in solitude, although I cannot verify that right now. I'm a type 7 (The Enthusiast) with a strong 8th Wing. Share yours.
  4. Followed now by groundingforcetarot. See you on there.
  5. Wyrdkiss


    Yes they are both amazing. Congrats on the restraint -- and much love to the decks you have!
  6. Wyrdkiss


    Thank you so much! It is a pleasure to be here.
  7. Wyrdkiss


    Greetings Nordica, I am keeping my 2nd Ed Darkness to Light as a back-up. But look at how vibrant and gorgeous the new 3rd Edition is! I like it better, and would encourage you to consider getting it instead of the 2nd ED expensive out of print version. If such a move is financially viable for you, of course. It is not super expensive online so I wanted to post a pic to see what you think:
  8. Holy cats the new Darkness of Light Tarot is simply gorgeous and so powerful. I enjoy this one more than the darker-toned 2nd ED, and that's saying a lot.
  9. Thank you Saturn. you may enjoy this brief blog post I composed after his death: http://www.groundingforcetarot.com/journal/2016/1/10/distant-worlds-david-bowie-and-the-tarot
  10. Wyrdkiss


    Nordica, greetings from California once again. I am happy to post some pics of the 3rd edition Darkness of Light. I ordered it if you have not yet. That way you can see before you buy, as he does not have many pics up of the cards with the new white borders. He did tell me personally that the minor arcana still retain that nice subtle color change between the 4 suits. I"ll probably keep the 2nd edition as a back-up, but we can certainly explore a trade if I do not. Cheers.
  11. I'm not keen on the name either, but i have this on Lenormand on pre-order. The art in the tarot format is gorgeous, but I just wasn't feeling a few of the cards to be able to keep it in my rotation. I think the Lenormand may do the trick, however.
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