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  1. rixis

    Hello All!

    @Nordica De Spell Ah! The movie is awesome too! They have the series on Google play in the States. Maybe you can find a streaming site too.
  2. rixis

    Hello All!

    @Nordica De Spell Yes you should definitely watch the show! I forgot they had comic books too. The show was easier for me to access when I was little. Oh that's an interesting and insightful approach! Definitely changes the day to day view too. I'll try that out myself ^^ You probably can play it on the PC now. It was a Dreamcast and maybe PlayStation or GameCube game. I had a Dreamcast so idk what other systems had it. Yeah we think the same in that there's spirit in everything. Ooohhh I'll try that Soul Mapping thing. I've been using this 3 card spread (don't do this) (problem) (do this). It's super handy. Maybe you can try it with your Oracle cards too.
  3. rixis

    Hello All!

    @Nordica De Spell THAT'S ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS!!! I just started rewatching it and watched that episode! I didn't even realize XD In the US it's called Duck Tales since it revolves around Scrouge and his nephews. Mine is from Skies of Arcadia. I loved that game so much and this is one of the names of the countries. You have a flying ship and sail the skies building your pirate crew and then (of course) take down the big bad government. The characters made me love the game so much. So I use this nickname because not many people know of the game so it's usually available. And I also remember the fun of sailing through the skies when I think about its meaning. I could say the same about language. It's amazing how different people speak but I'm able to understand some of what they say if we both speak and listen with open hearts. I should try that with my tarot. I'm very focused when I read so I sometimes have trouble understanding what it says. Do you only use tarot and spells? I ask because I never know the breadth of other's interests.
  4. @PathWalker I was just curious what kind of interactions people have had with the plant and/or its spirit. You don't have to take it internally in order to derive the benefits. I was thinking of using it to make a broom or in a moon ritual.
  5. @PathWalker if it's used by the locals and it's not a hallucigen, then it's safe for use. I'm not sure what you mean by converting it... I want to grow it not take it as a supplement.
  6. Has anyone heard of this herb? I heard it's good for depression since it grows in the winter in Siberia. So I was thinking of getting some to work with or grow.
  7. rixis

    Hello All!

    @Nordica De Spell Hello! Nice to meet you too. Is your name reference to your lineage? *curious*
  8. @Hakenensenu I've done one past life reading with another reader and it was really cool. Tbh that one wasn't part of my reincarnation because the timelines don't add up, but it had the most beneficial story that helped me understand deeper why I had trouble finding and creating good relationships with a partner. It was because I lacked enough self love. The woman from that life has continued to guide me in developing my self love. And that reminds me I should get in touch with her again lol I've done other past life regressions on my own and while they haven't been as vivid as the other one, they've taught me a lot about my path and my choices. So I definitely believe we reincarnate. I know my soul chooses to because it wants to help people ascend and get out of their suffering here on Earth.
  9. Hello!! I'm fairly recent into the start-a-business but I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far I'm currently building my shop on Indiemade And I have and Instagram: EightSyght I started making animal spirit pendants as a way to remind me of how I can be like that animal in life (protective, adaptable, nurturing, confident, etc) and to personify the crystals' energies. I enjoy making those but I found that perhaps people didn't understand them as well as I do. One day I mixed two large bracelets with detail beads and my coworkers were very positive about the shape and design. So I added spirit bracelets to my store because I also communicate with crystals and gemstones to make different kinds of healing and protective energy wear. My goal is to teach others for how to listen to the animal and crystal spirits' voices and enable people to be their own healer. These are some of the pieces I've made:
  10. @Lee3 that sounds so cool! I understand and yet don't at the same time. But also at the same time my brain says wwoooooaaaahhhh. I can't believe that just glass, metals, and striking patterns/numbers? make those cute little nebulas. It's kind of simple but not. Have you've read about that other galaxy glassmaker? I forgot his name, but I remember seeing a video of him talking about how his craft developed. Your phrasing sounds similar to his (for how you work with your craft).
  11. Yes I would choose one style and stick to that until you master it and are ready to learn more. That way you don't get overwhelmed with information overload.
  12. Don't worry. It grows so well because your soil is good for it. If you ever feel up to the challenge, you could probably do a barrida too after a long day of work. Glad you like the new ideas
  13. I have a small window sill garden but it makes me happy because at my old apartment it was hard to grow anything besides my aloe. So now I have the same aloe, two basils, a snake plant, cliantro, and I did have some long lettuce. I've been trying to get dill to grow from those herb packets but...it doesn't want to a lot of the time Recently I've begun using herbs to dress white candles for my moon rituals. I want to try making a broom of herbs, but I'll have to buy them cause my plants are still smol.
  14. @kudos91is that system based on numerology? You could always study numbers focused information to help you remember the different meanings if the images aren't there.
  15. Hello! I thought I had this reading figured out and then I started doubting myself and well here we are. So to start off, I tried out this spread I saw on an IG tarot with two modifications. In my style it's the path you will take through self development that will lead you to your partner. (I think for the actual reading it was more predictive than self development, but I feel like I have different growths/stages I need to understand/pass before I'm able to get to the end goal.) I've been seeing the Knight of Cups for about 6 months now so I'm wondering....what gives? Because there is still no such person in my life, even though this card pops up quite frequently (about once or twice a month depending on the reading). The signifier for me is the Queen of Cups (I felt the most drawn to her) and the signifier for my partner is the Knight of Cups. The three stage cards are all reversed: Empress, Queen of Wands, and Queen of Swords. I've flipflopped between switching them right side up and back to reverse, but I think they need to be in reverse. Right side up, I read them as stage 1: delving into my creative works and growing my physical and spiritual abilities. Stage 2: more focused on physical abilities like understanding and using herbs and foods. Also being confident in my business and myself as a strong feminine energy. Stage 3: back into spiritual work and being confident in my words and communication with others. The way the colors progress on these cards also makes me think of that kind of progression. Reversed: this is harder for me because the traditional readings don't seem to suit but I feel like it's important to be aware of the reversed meanings because that's where I'm missing something. Stage 1: stop planning for things and be more spontaneous. Stage 2: don't be greedy or too money focused. It's not the time to focus strongly on making sales with my busineas. Stage 3: don't isolate myself. Find ways to go out that don't cause stress and worry. Thank you all for your help. I feel like I'm too close to the problem to see it clearly (ie forest and tree saying). Or I'm over thinking things
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