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  1. Hi, I did a celtic cross reading asking about the outcome of my relationship with my ex, she's from another country, we broke up last month. I got real confused with the 3 of swords appearing together with the Hierophant, what does it say about the outcome? possible reconciliation? unfaithfulness?(1) Current situation - 2 of swords(2) What is Crossing me - 4 of wands(3) Actions to take - 4 of cups(4) Distant Past - 5 of wands(5) Recent Past - Temperance(6) Future Influence - The World(7) The Seeker - The Fool(8) Significant Other - Knight of Wands(9) Surprises & Hidden Influences - 3 of Swords(10) Outcome - The HierophantPlease help. Greatly appreciate.
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