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  1. I was caught up on everyone's readings for the first part, but have fallen behind and am now traveling so I will be slowly catching up. I love reading about everyone's journeys through the sacred days...and your approach to reading is so beautiful, @Mi-Shell! There is no verbal diarrhea there, just the true expression of heart and soul Please continue to share and make your posts as LONG as you want!!
  2. Thank you so much, @Saturn Celeste!!!
  3. Well I think we have enough interest that we can try to get this book club up and running! And @Saturn Celeste has kindly offered to create a child board for us! For now why don't we try the alternating tarot/esoteric and fiction on a bimonthly basis. That will hopefully accommodate everyone who is interested. So for our first four sessions we can try: July - August: Read Esoteric book 1. Discussion at the end of August. September - October: Read Fiction book 1. Discussion at the end of October. November - December: Read Esoteric book 2. Discussion at the end of December. January - February: Read Fiction book 2. Discussion at the end of February. We can adjust as needed if it looks like this kind of schedule isn't working for people. I can host the first session for July-August, and @Flaxen is able to host the Nov-Dec esoteric session. Would anyone be able to host for Sept-Oct fiction or Jan-Feb fiction? I envision the host duties as 1) collating people's book suggestions for that session, 2) picking say 4 or 5 and maybe running a poll for the final choice (not sure how many choices are allow in a poll, 3) setting a suggesting reading schedule for the book (something like Chapter 1-5 in the first two weeks, Chapters 6-10 in the second two weeks, etc depending on the book), and 4) coming up with a few discussion questions for each section and then for the final discussion. The collating and polling suggestions would be done ahead of time, so the books can be chosen early for those who want to join later sessions and are slower readers. That way they can get started on the upcoming books. Tagging potential hosts who expressed interest in the fiction side: @JustPeachy, @gregory, @ashjey. (Others feel free to jump in as well!) I'm about to go out of town for the next week, so won't be on here as much, but will still be checking in!
  4. I did send a follow-up email to Eddison to ask why they halted plans for the reprint and whether it might go ahead in the future...and they never responded unfortunately. If there were legal issues involved perhaps they're not able to discuss it. If you decide to reach out to them and hear anything, please let us know. I'm still bummed about this as well
  5. Hi Barleywine! Nice to see you
  6. Now that is fascinating, @Rose Lalonde! So each suit is a journey through the seasons. But each starting in a different season at the beginning and moving through the suit. That's a lot to think about! It makes sense though. Do you ever work with decks that relate a single season to each suit, like some of the ones mentioned above, and if so does that affect your approach when working with it?
  7. Is anyone here familiar with this deck? I just stumbled across it and I have to say I've kind of fallen in love with it. According to the Etsy site: "Russian children are familiar with drawings for fairy tales by Ivan Bilibin from 1899. Several generations of people grew up on these colorful pictures and images. In the deck presented paintings to well-known folk tales, epics and works of A. S. Pushkin. Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin (1876-1942) was a Russian painter, book illustrator and theatrical designer, a member of the Association “World of art". Bilibin’s works are full of love to Russia, its culture and fairy tales." It looks like this is a book with the illustrations. Below are some of the card images from Etsy. ETA I suppose the deck is somewhat similar in style to the John Bauer decks and the Warwick Oracle.
  8. @LoveLightPeace, I LOVE hearing about your garden and seeing pictures! I mostly use the mugwort smudge when I'm wanting to draw out magical before/during a ritual and I think it's perfect for that. (Related- I have a TON of pineapple sage, and I just happened upon the idea of making pineapple sage smudge sticks! I think I'm going to try it!) I haven't taken tried mugwort tea even though I'm interested in its shamanic properties. I've heard it's very bitter!! I actually drink a lot of catnip tea (it's good for both anxiety and digestion, both of which I need help with, and it's become one of my closest plant allies) which can be quite bitter, but I think mugwort is probably much more bitter. I've gotten used to the taste of catnip to the point where I now enjoy it...but not sure how I'd do with the mugwort! I will have to try it sometime. Your description and pictures of the rue are making me think I should have bought some this year when I had a chance at a local plant sale! But there's always next year The thing I'm most excited about in our garden right now is we are getting sunflowers!! Here is our very first sunflower, which opened earlier this week: \\ And here is our second, which opened on Thursday: Also, I think these purple basil flowers are so beautiful!!! We harvested a bunch of pineapple sage this evening, and like I said I think I'm going to try making a smudge bundle with it- we have tons of it! Harvested some lettuce and Swiss chard as well PLEASE keep sharing your garden updates and pics, @LoveLightPeace!
  9. Thanks @McFaire! Really interesting to see how many different ways there are of thinking about this and the reasons behind them. Thanks also for the Wheel of the Year layouts!
  10. @Mi-Shell, what you wrote is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing If you don't mind, I would love to incorporate your prayer into my solo Solstice celebration and ritual next year
  11. Fascinating. What's the system you're studying? Is it from the Greenwood Tarot? I know that deck is based on the Wheel of the Year, but I don't own it so am not too familiar with it's associations.
  12. @Decan this is very regional, and depends on local geography and climate. Where I live, in the US mid-Atlantic region, summer is the time of abundant water. As an example- in a large national park in the mountains of Virginia just south of where I live, there are many waterfalls throughout the the park. However, websites and guidebooks will warn you that if you try to go see the waterfalls in any season other than summer, you may be disappointed, because there may not be enough water for the waterfalls to be flowing. This same park has to turn off many of its smaller public bathroom and drinking water facilities in the late fall through late spring, because there's not enough water to keep them operating. Where I live in Washington DC, we have numerous rainstorms and thunderstorms all summer long, and even when it is not raining there is a lot of moisture in the air- it is VERY humid all summer long. Summer is also monsoon season in India other parts of South Asia, rainy season in much of Africa, etc. So I think a lot of this association has to do with where you live and what you are accustomed to. For me, when I think flowing water or see those abundant waterfalls, I think "summer." So that has a lot to do with why I associate Cups with summer.
  13. Haha, I don't see Swords as bad. But I do see them as cold and stark, like winter. Swords as Winter seems to be the most agreed upon among most of us- though not all of us! Really interesting to see everyone's interpretations and reasoning.
  14. Thank you @Rupicapra! I wasn't aware of this deck So you, I, and the creator of the Darkness of Light are all in alignment! Ahh, and it sounds like so is Lunaea Weatherstone, creator of the Victorian Fairy! Thanks for the info @Saturn Celeste
  15. Who made the world? Who made the swan, and the black bear? Who made the grasshopper? This grasshopper, I mean — the one who has flung herself out of the grass, the one who is eating sugar out of my hand, who is moving her jaws back and forth instead of up and down — who is gazing around with her enormous and complicated eyes. Now she lifts her pale forearms and thoroughly washes her face. Now she snaps her wings open, and floats away. I don’t know exactly what a prayer is. I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass, how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields, which is what I have been doing all day. Tell me, what else should I have done? Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon? Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? --The Summer Day, Mary Oliver A very blessed Midsummer to all
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