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  1. My home is quite typical, I don't have lots of tarot cards or related books etc so right away, they wouldn't be able to tell.
  2. @JustPeachy Lucy Liu is fab as Watson, I completely agree.
  3. Thanks for sharing @Eamane, I haven't picked up my RWS cards in a long while, I don't connect as easily with them either and need a bit more research/reflection as well @katrinka good advice
  4. @Eamane thank you. I've only had 3 different decks and one of them seems like second nature to use, since I've been using intuition more. If you don't mind me asking, what is giving you a hard time?
  5. This was actually pretty helpful- anything worth doing, is worth doing badly
  6. @Lantana Sense8 is my absolute fave!! I'm watching elementary and the chilling tales of sabrina
  7. Thank you @joyand @McFaire Happy to be here
  8. Has anyone heard about Earth Angels? I was told a little while ago that I am one, it doesn't mean that I've got wings - it's more a case of wanting to help others and heal them, and the earth. I would be interested in talking to anyone else who is an Earth Angel, I want to find out a bit more about me and how I can help. https://www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/earth-angels/ If you're interested, the link above contains a few tell-tale signs. Love & Light Tams717
  9. @queenofwans love the Tyldwick Tarot - I've put it on my wish list
  10. @Nordica De Spell Thank you and nice to meet you!!
  11. @stephanelli Thank you for the welcome and great to meet you too
  12. Hi all, I've used Tarot cards for many years on and off, relying on the book definitions however since a reading I had last year and some advice, I've taken to intuitive reading. Intuitive reading works a lot better for me and I've become a lot more in-tune with my deck. I've joined the group for more guidance, advice and connection with other Tarot cards readers. Love & Light Tams717
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