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  1. , I am new in this forum and new to tarot as well. I practise tarot reading by reading cards daily for myself or my family. I also participate in practise reading on FB groups of tarot learner's. Today, I got to know I m caught in a fraud. One lady (in casting team) promised me to give lead child role to my daughter and I paid security amount for that. Now she is not trackable on phone social media anywhere. Found that she also took money from others for the same. What should be right question to ask here to tarot - will I get my money back? Or - what should I do to get my money back? Or any other question to get better answer Please pour your suggestions here.
  2. Being a beginner, writing down my draw and its keywords and them my analysis make me remeber, later mapping me if my reading was write or wrong and remembering it next time is my habit. Writing down make it easier to read but may be with time, i get everything in my mind and might not ned to write and take note of everything.
  3. Hi, I usually go with signifier cards to fetch card for him/her. I shuffle cards, think of question person ask and then check cards until signifier card reached and fetch 4-5 cards to read about the question. I am a beginner so not using any specific spread. Thanks
  4. so far i did not have any one to one personal experience with it. But once i participated in a discussion with past life tarot reading where one lady read about me was quite shocking and mapped totally with my current life.
  5. On websites i read about story / connection for ace to ten for each type (wand, pentacle, sword and cup), read major arcanas and court cards. Its difficult all in one go but if you read them as story line, its a bit easier to connect them. i also read keywords for them and try to remember. I also analyse photo / picture on card to map with keywords to remember them. Still i have to go back to check while reading....
  6. I am also newbie in tarot reading but i am not following any specific book. I am using Rider Waite Tarot deck and love spending time focussing on picture and in parallel use websites for their meaning to map with the picture on the card. Other than that i am also reading others analysis to see what card they fetch and what they read to understand the cards. You an not learn all card at once but with daily reading, you keep remembering them slowly. Thats the way i am doing.
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