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  1. I actually haven't thought about the backs as of yet. I know some people want it to match oddities, but I want it to stand more on it's own as a deck/entity. All of the flowers will be black and white!
  2. Thank you so much - you truly made my day.
  3. It is! Thank-you for pre-ordering. I actually licensed the rights to my wonderful publishers who then arranged it to be produced by Abrams Noterie and Ilex UK. They were able to bring it to an audience wider than I’ll ever be able to on my own. I really hope you enjoy using it
  4. Thick coal smoke wraps around your neck, like bony fingers playfully teasing your skin. The cobblestone streets are alive with the sounds and smells of a new day. White topped tents are filled with grains and linens for purchase and men in black wool coats chat away, while the women ponder over that days choices. The damp stone underneath your feet feels cool and the faint scent of Canna Lillies lingers in the air. Each step closer sends a shiver up your spine. You see it now, the small building is just ahead. The faded sign reads: Memento Mori. PRE-ORDER Memento Mori: An Oracle + Lenormand Deck Early Bird Pricing in effect for the first 250 orders. GET YOURS HERE 2 in 1 Deck - Can be read together as an Oracle or cards 1-36 can be used alone as a Lenormand Deck. Approx 60-65 cards. Tentative Release Date: August 2019 Custom Tuck Box Little White Booklet Lenormand Meanings Card Standard Tarot Size
  5. I decide at the beginning of my reading, that if any courts that appear, they will be read as people/personalities or as situations (or me in relation to a situation). I find it helps keep me clear because courts are where I struggle the most.
  6. When I was going through a narcissistic / gaslighting relationship and then break up, The Devil came up A LOT. Not just for him, but for me as well. I think when your confidence gets destroyed like that you become addicted to the love-bombing phase. Judgement is another that would come up whenever I was doubting myself, sort of like a nudge to say "no, you know what he is, don't doubt it."
  7. I follow the Astrology (this is the northern hemisphere). Cups - Summer initiated by the first day of Cardinal Water Sign: Cancer Swords - Autumn initiated by the first day of Cardinal Air Sign: Libra Pentacles - Winter initiated by the first day of Cardinal Earth Sign: Capricorn Wands - Spring initiated by the first day of Cardinal Fire Sign: Aries
  8. Hi everybody! I'm super excited to have found this forum since Aeclectic shut down and Instagram has limited my reach. I'm Claire and I own Black and the Moon. I'd love to do a Q & A sometime about anything and everything (explaining the difference between by decks, what's the deal with Oddities, why I love tuck boxes), so I'll try and find the right section to do that in.
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