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  1. Personally, I think an unique back for it would fit the best. It is a new deck, after all, and even if it can be used as an oracle as well it still got the Lenormand in it, too! A silly thought that crossed my mind, imagine a backing inspired by the classics like the RWS, only the fine pattern is made up by bones. But that's just me, I know that regardless of what you do, it'll be really cool. I didn't think I could get more excited about it, but the thought of it being black and white actually gives me more inspiration for what of my collection I can pair it with!
  2. Do you have any plans for the backs of the cards? Will there be any colour in the deck, or will you keep it very chromatic like we've seen in the sneak peeks over on Instagram?
  3. Oh yeah, many cards are so... Childish? There's a huge dissonance between the cards, especially in the Coin suit! And the symbol(ism) also make me frown sometimes, like Kali in the Tower card. Why. It's deck made by a Swede and a Swiss living in Sweden, why the sudden Hindi goddess? My connection to Hans Arnold's style helped me bridge a lot, though, as well as the fact that my copy of the deck is obsessed with helping me face the darkest parts of my life. So the silly cards don't show up a lot, whoops? I'm not sure it feels inherently Swedish to me either, though? Like @gregory said, it follows many traditions. Kind of like how the makers of the Bauer tarot seem to have little to no knowledge about the stories illustrated in Bauer's work. So many of the cards illustrate something that's utterly removed from the traditional meaning of the cards, which is sad. Still hasn't stopped me from making multiple posts about the way the stories and traditional meanings do connect, though!
  4. This is probably very true, especially from what I've seen of the book. I'm still very much a newbie to tarot, so I can only assume I barely even know half the traditions it follows. I only wish it was better explained, I guess? But that might be on me not reading it as intended, who knows. And boy oh boy, how I wish I could separate art from creator! It is not an ability I was blessed with, sadly enough. Just gotta do my best not to let it affect me too much.
  5. Again, she wanted grey borders but AGM decided on purple borders.  Oh, I'm just confused by the choice of huge borders in general. It minimizes the very detailed art, in my opinion. And this explains a lot about the Thoth/RWS mixing! Thank you so much, it means a lot to me. When I trimmed the deck I added my own titles to the Major Arcana in Swedish, using a mix of Thoth, RWS and my own interpretation of the card. And indeed, I don't want to bring up any of the rumours I've heard about Jolanda, as I cannot verify whether they're true or not. They are simply things that are in the back of my head, nagging slightly. This is the only deck I have such complex emotions towards, and in a way, I like it more for it? Bad feelings aren't only bad, they're important to recognize and understand. Though yes, I too simply avoid decks and creators that leave a primarily bad taste in my mouth, haha.
  6. I like to wash my hands, pull out a cloth (bandanas are awesome and cheaper than tarot cloths, just saying) and the deck(s) I want to use. I might light a candle, perhaps a rose scented one, and then use rose scented hand lotion before shuffling. I also store all my decks in a box/suitcase with a rose scented satchel, s they become infused. Which means that the scent of dried roses help me get into a calm, focused mind-set, even if I'm not at home. And if I'm reading for someone else, that scent will also make the experience more magical for them.
  7. Hello there! I do hope this will be an okay subject, even if it might veer a bit negative. I simply have to get this off my chest and see if I'm the only one who's had this experience. If it's not allowed, please let me know and delete this thread! Now, what is this all about? Well, I recently caved and invested in the Jolanda tarot / Swedish Witch tarot, due to having very strong emotional bonds to its artist, Hans Arnold. He illustrated many a book with short horror stories, which I used to adore as a child. And that same feeling of dread carries over into many of the cards in this deck. Everything else about it, though... First of all, it's never mentioned in either the Swedish book about the deck (I'm Swedish), or the LWB, that it's much, much more based on the Toth system than RWS. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like it's something important to point out to make things less confusing for the buyers? Especially as the English version uses the RWS titles. Then there's the borders, and so many rumors I've heard surrounding Jolanda herself... Hopefully they aren't true, it's just hard for them to not colour my feelings towards her. Is there any deck and/or creator you have similarly mixed feelings towards? I utterly love my Jolanda deck, once trimmed it's the deck that fits the best in my tiny hands. I just have a lot of conflicting emotions towards one of its creators.
  8. I've always wondered if there's any symbolism or flower language behind the flowers chosen for the Ephemera edition! If so, is there any choice you are particularly happy with? Any you'd change?
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