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  1. @Joe My boyfriend thinks I should use it as well (he is totally non involved with tarot, astrology, cristals or any mystical stuff lol... but that was his opinion :)). I confess that I still haven't been using, 'cause somehow I feel like it would be "cheating" and, I don't know, it may be silly, but I have a feeling deep down that this extra card was for me, and I'm not sure if I want to mix it with all the others and in readings for other people... @Nordica De Spell Thanks for your welcoming and for sharing your words of wisdom. I've decided to get a Rider-Waite deck, now just have to figure out if I prefer the universal or the radiant! :)) @4Angels Yeah, I was having sort of the same feeling, but wasn't sure if I was trying to see too much into something that wasn't... Glad to know more people may have had the same impression! :)) @AfternoonTarot and @Starlight Oh, I think I'd be pretty annoyed if I found a card missing in my deck! Good that the publishers fixed this easily. @McFaire Aaww, now I feel happy that I got extra lucky on my first deck! Hahah Yeah, I've checked it all and there's no card missing, only the extra Ace of Wands (and I'm actually happy that it is this card with a "good vibe"! I think I would be a bit scared if I got a duplicated Tower or something like this... lol) @ashwsh I think that was a pretty good duplicate you got too, and you found a good solution. So far I'm keeping my extra Ace of Wands on the outside of the bag I'm keeping the deck, but attached to it with a ribbon (will see if I can take a pic later to show what I mean), as if it were some sort of "cover" and, at the same time, "guardian" of my deck. Maybe a bit too woo-woo, but it's what I felt like doing with it. Heheh :)) @AJ-ish/Sharyn Yeah, thanks for your advice! The first thing I did when I got my deck was to flip around to see all the cards, then I noticed the extra. But I've put them in order already (more to study, actually) and no one is missing. Sorry for this looong reply, but I took a while to come here again and didn't want to skip anyone (hope I didn't, accidentaly!!), since you've all been so nice and kind! :))
  2. Thanks a lot, Grizabella and Gregory, for your replies (and for correcting my spell)! I'm considerng getting a Rider-Waite deck too and seeing how I feel like reading with each one of them during this beggining...
  3. Hello, everybody! I'm new here (glad to have found this forum!), so, I apologise in advance if this is not the adequate place for this particular question (but I was taking a look on the other ones and thought this might fit with the subject). Also, english is not my first language, so, I hope you forgive my eventual mistakes. So, my question is: After a bit of Lenormand reading when I was a teenager, I've started studying the "classic" tarot this year and recently got my first deck (a version of the Gilded Tarot that came along with "The Easy Tarot" book, by Josephine Ellershaw). While I was flipping through it for the first time, I noticed that my deck came with 2 Ace of Wands! So, I assume I should take one of them out of the deck in order not to compromise my readings, but then I felt as if I should take this duplicated card as a message from the Universe to me... Does that make sense? Do you often get duplicated cards on new decks too? How do you interpret them? As a first "free" advise to you in the moment of your life? As the "personality" of the deck? Any thoughts on how should I "read" my extra Ace of Wands? Also, I'd like to ask: would you say this is a good deck to start with, or should I begin with a "more Raider-Waite-ish" one? I've noticed that some arcanes are specially different (such as The Fool, The Magician, The High-Priestess, The Sun...), so I'm wondering if I should interpret them in a slight different way, depending on the vibe they have on this deck, or stick to the "more traditional" interpretation... What do you guys think of it?
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