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  1. I noticed that the tarot (tarocchi) deck used in this online game looks historical. It is one of the decks where most of the images look the same if you turn the cards. Does anyone know if this specific deck is still being printed today? (not tarot gaming cards in general but this edition) http://scarto.sharpness.net/
  2. In tarot books or videos online, I have yet to see a single person who uses the Hindu shuffle method. Although it takes a while to randomize the cards this way (similar to overhand, or slightly faster) it is very gentle on the cards, and you get a good feel for the cards this way (and i think it looks better than overhand). If you look it up on YouTube you can see it done better than I can explain it. I highly recommend it. I have big hands tough, maybe it is not so easy for people with small hands. What is your favorite method of shuffling?
  3. I'm very new to this, but I noticed that in explaining his approach to the three-card spread, Robert M. Place suggested that a confusing card can be clarified with three new cards above the one card, and use these to expand on what it means (The Tarot pp.276-277). It worked for me at least As a side note, he also does not use upside down cards in the readings, and I am thinking I like this too.
  4. I am really liking "The Tarot" by Robert M Place (thanks to the people here, who recommended it!). He is seriously investigating the art history of the cards, and then taking a relatively "open" reading approach (if I understand the term correctly). Waiting for Ben Dov's book in the mail, good to know that you like it
  5. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing! Many of the old interpretations are so straightforward that going to a reading must have been a scary thing
  6. I didn't know there is a current edition What's it like? Are the cards more shiny and plastic-like? EDIT: but yes, there is something nice about the old card stock. It feels like high quality card
  7. Anything is possible. For older decks, this is the first card that I felt I recognized from art history. To me it looks like a memento mori image, which was popular in the renaissance.
  8. Emblem books, how interesting! Yes some of those images look very similar. Speaking of the moon card; I was puzzled by the crustacean on it, until my biologist brain reminded me “it looks like a crayfish or lobster, and these are nocturnal. Fishermen would have known that night was the time that they enter their traps” Of course it could also be a reference to cancer in astrology, as according to one of my books.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation! I really like the images on my 1JJ Swiss deck. The images are very clear and often quite striking. But I thought some of the interpretations in the book that came with it were odd. Of course I could use it with a different system of interpretation, such as the book you mentioned. Do you know if the Swiss 1JJ deck has ever been published with different backs (and maybe thicker cards)?
  10. I have tried a few decks along with their little white books. The RWS is nice, but maybe not my thing. I like the clear images on the Swiss deck, but the readings have been .....strange. I have also tried the Scarabeo "Ancient Italian" deck, which I understand is similar to the Soprafino. I liked the deck when I first opened it, but was a bit underwhelmed by all the typos in the English translation in the book at first (e.g. "the fool" as trump 1 is actually the Magician, thankfully I know a thing or two about the other languages in the book too). I also noticed that the book gives reverse interpretations of only the Major Arcana, which I guess is OK in a pip deck. But the deck itself looks nice, so I am constantly picking it up. Now I have tried using it, and I was almost shocked at how well it works for me, using the (corrected) book. For me, it is far more accurate, and tells some very insightful stories. How about you guys and girls? Also, I was wondering if there are any other books out there for these types of cards specifically?
  11. I am still no expert (waiting for more books to arrive ) but as a hunch based on what I have found so far; what you are saying about how people were intrigued by the cards that were in their hands during gameplay I suspect is dead on. Even if it was not part of the rules per se (but who knows), it was probably a big part of the attraction of the games, and an excellent conversation starter after the game.
  12. Many thanks for your views on this! Do you prefer Yoav Ben-Dov's take on the TdM?
  13. I have started reading into this. Tarot cards are known from the 1400s but were probably invented in the late 1300s (or maybe early 1400s). Most sources agree that the original intent was for games. HOWEVER many of the images are clearly allegorical. One of the most striking examples to me is the Death card, which looks to me exactly like the typical memento mori images you find around that time, and are made to make you reflect about your life, how everything is transitory etc. Also, although most of the early games were probably similar to modern Scarto, some of the other early games were apparently a sort of story-telling game, which I would think could lead naturally towards divination. There does not seem to be any sources that explicitly talk about tarot divination until the 1700s though, as you mentioned, but it could have been a common practice before that.
  14. Is"Untold Tarot" by Matthews any good? I like the description of it on Amazon.
  15. Not a lot, but I do game now and then, and I have been doing this for a long time. Off the top of my head: Old gaming favorites: Maniac Mansion, Pirates, King's Quest series, Quest for Glory, Prince of Persia, The Last Express. Somewhat newer favorites: Witcher III, Deus Ex, Pinball Arcade
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