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  1. Hello Devin. Thank you for your input. I read your comment a few days ago and this advice is so great. Thank you! I'm super new to the forums, but its been very inspiring being here. I feel like I'm finally starting to get to know my cards. I will keep trying the daily draws as suggested. Its been really helpful so far. -A
  2. Hi! I would love to be a part of this. Thank you for the invitation!
  3. Wow! Thank you All for your input! Each time I do draw an extra card it Does seem to just mystify me more. I will take your advice and work with my original question and intentions for each spread. Also, there have been times that I feel like my cards get fed up with me asking similar or the same questions. I will take the advise here and trust them And myself with the initial answer. Thank you all so, so much!!! I’m stoked I found this place and I’m looking forward to growing with all your generous help and insights -A
  4. Hi I hope I’m posting to the correct forum... When you ask your deck for clarification regarding the cards in your spread, how do you do so? Do you shuffle and cut the deck again? Do you continue pulling from the same stack? Or do you have other ways to help quench your curiosity? I really appreciate your input! Thanks! -A
  5. Yay! Come skinny dipping with me in the river and I will recite for you a poem I made inspired by the beautiful way you make me feel.
  6. 7 was my first guess...?
  7. Annee81


    Thank you, Ashjey! Cool name!
  8. Annee81


    Thank you for the welcome and input, Joy! I'm really looking forward to getting to know people here and learning and growing from everyone's experience and generous insight. I'm not scared, per say, of the Moon card. I think my cards are preparing me and reinforcing my own suspicions for what is to come. This I fear is a let down. But as it's said, "when one door closes, another will appear." Or I will just climb out the window!
  9. Annee81


    Thank you for the sweet welcome!
  10. Annee81


    Thank you for the kind welcome, Mi-Shell, and your insight! I know that changes are coming, for sure. This spread was for guidance regarding a romantic relationship I sorely want to come to fruition. I think my cards are telling me that regardless of the choice I make when he returns, the bases of my feelings have mostly been on the illusions I've built up of this man. I'm in love with who I want him to be. Sorry to be vague... I know I'm not supposed to post about spreads just yet. I really appreciate your input. However the outcome plays out, I know there will be big changes and an opportunity for real personal growth in my near future because of all this. I still say the Moon is haunting me, though!
  11. Annee81


    Hi. I'm Annee. I bought my first deck over a decade ago which my sister commandeered for her own before I really got into the medium. After her passing 7 years go I have only just picked up a deck again to help me along the journey I began last year into facing my grief, a yogic lifestyle, deeper spirituality and eventual (hopefully, ha!) self-realization. I feel I am at the lower end of beginner status here and so far I only read for myself. I'm greatly looking forward to making friends here and learning more about tarot. Lately, I am haunted by the Moon recently reinforced with the 7 of cups. I feel like a real disappointment is around the corner. Perhaps this door needs closing, though. -A ॐ
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