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  1. I make decks. And I sell them out pretty quickly, because I usually only make small editions. And sometimes I squirrel them away among my other decks...and then I find a stash I didn't know I had! And when I do, they go on my Etsy site! Etsy.com/shop/wondercaravan
  2. This isn't actually my entire collection. I have acquired a few more over the last 6 years! But what prompted me to go all the way to the storage, and move ridiculously heavy boxes...was that a deck has been calling out to me! ( the tarot were the first things packed after the fire...and the first to go in the storage. So way in the back, with everything on top!) The deck(s) calling out to me were my Froud Faerie Oracles. Been dreaming about them. And of course they weren't in the boxes. Mischievous things. I still don't know where they are!
  3. Ill have to post a picture. Its a lovely cabinet from Pier One. Originally $400. But because of some damage on the bottom...we got it for $18!
  4. What could make this girl cry actual tears of joy? Being reunited with her beloved decks! About 6 years ago, I had a fire in my apartment building. Lost a few things to smoke damage, but managed to save all my decks. But I had nowhere to go, so they all went into storage, and I spent a year or two as a homeless wanderer, seeing the country. Today, my bins of tarot and oracles were recovered and I actually wept to see all the amazing decks I own! The Phantomwise! My old RWS...my Morgan's, and my sweet Paulina! My hideous deck subcollection! And all the cool circus and sideshow cards! And yeah...a few I forgot I owned too! So deliriously happy to be able to take them all out and play again. Apparently I had a couple extra copies of my own decks stuffed in there too! Score! I also just acquired a new cabinet to store them in, and that just makes everything work out perfectly!
  5. Thanks everyone for your input! ( and thanks Katrinka for your kind words!) I haven't actually bought any of the decks I am lusting after...but I'm also afraid that many might be pretty on the surface, and not that deep in symbolism. I'm just glad I'm not alone in these observations!
  6. Does anyone else remember the good old days when gorgeous tarot decks were being released slowly...so we could all ooh and ahh and save our pennies...for that handful of decks we wanted? Now...I swear there is like,three decks a day that show up on my radar...that I am coveting them ALL because everything is unique and amazing. Maybe I am exaggerating slightly...but not really. I took a year off from tarot...and I'm afraid I will never catch up now. Are there really more artists creating more decks...or is it my imagination? Do creators have better outlets on social media for being seen? Does kickstarter factor into it more...or am I just easily seeing the independants more nowadays? I created a tiny (oracle) deck last year...and competition has become crazy fierce!
  7. @HermitWriter cool! I'm sitting in a campground right now, working on stuff for my last weekend at Great Lakes Medieval Faire in Ohio! I hear good things on the circuit about the Philadelphia show. That is a pretty good price for two weekends as well! Because its pretty new, you can establish yourself as THE reader...although friendly competition isn't a bad thing either! I've done multiple faires as a vendor, just about everywhere, and I have never been asked for a vendor's licence...although in some shows I need to show proof of insurance. If you ever have any questions about being a faire reader, ( or even just Ren faires in general...its how I make my living!)I am always open about my insights and experiences! Let me know! Also...you probably want to avoid the PA show...for...lots of reasons, not the least of which it's 13 freaking weeks, and they want vendors there the whole run! Also...pricey and difficult to get into!
  8. Found the photos! These are from 2010! The original gazebo was a steal at Target. Lasted 6 years, with replacement parts, and survived multiple tornados, high winds and micro bursts. Bought a new one at Aldi that is very similar design, and what I use currently. The canvas sides were bought extra. Stencils and cans of spray paint did the decorating.and I painted the banners too.
  9. Which Ren Faire is local to you, HermitWriter? I bought my original gazebo to be used as a tarot tent. Though nowadays, I use it for a shop for selling my art at Renaissance Faires. I love it because its fairly easy to set up, and has shelves in the corners and a cool wrought iron design. I painted moons and stars on the top and the canvas sides. Somewhere I still have the photos of when I used it for doing readings, and it was great fun. I will see if I can find them!
  10. Yeah. I'm broke as well. I told her to save me one...let's see if she prints extras! I really love her style...a d I can see how awesome and intuitive these would be!
  11. Ok...its on Kickstarter, and by amazing painter Meagan Buccere. The Obsidian Oracle is so beautiful. I'm trying to see if I can post a link... Because its worth checking out!
  12. Also check out the Postcards from the Liminal Space...another based on Morgan's. I got my Morgan's Tarot in 1985. I now have three editions of it!
  13. This is a deck that's been on my wishlist for months. I want it so bad, but I never seem to have the extra cash. I love the concept...its like the Morgan's Tarot, but possibly even more irreverent. The cards are funny...the meanings can be truthful and hilarious! I'll update when I actually have it in my hot little hands!
  14. Most of my tarot decks had a matching Lenormand. The Minute Deck has the Minute Lenormand. The Tarot Noir had me petite Lenormand Noir. I made the Haunted Lenormand to pair with the All Hallows Tarot...but those two don't play well together. Everything right now is sadly out of print... But I'm hoping to get new editions of at least two of them by the end of the year.
  15. And hello all my old friends and favorite peeps! Missed you all! So glad I signed in here! Also blessings and greetings to all these friends I'm just meeting now!
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