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  1. Ok...its on Kickstarter, and by amazing painter Meagan Buccere. The Obsidian Oracle is so beautiful. I'm trying to see if I can post a link... Because its worth checking out!
  2. Also check out the Postcards from the Liminal Space...another based on Morgan's. I got my Morgan's Tarot in 1985. I now have three editions of it!
  3. This is a deck that's been on my wishlist for months. I want it so bad, but I never seem to have the extra cash. I love the concept...its like the Morgan's Tarot, but possibly even more irreverent. The cards are funny...the meanings can be truthful and hilarious! I'll update when I actually have it in my hot little hands!
  4. Most of my tarot decks had a matching Lenormand. The Minute Deck has the Minute Lenormand. The Tarot Noir had me petite Lenormand Noir. I made the Haunted Lenormand to pair with the All Hallows Tarot...but those two don't play well together. Everything right now is sadly out of print... But I'm hoping to get new editions of at least two of them by the end of the year.
  5. And hello all my old friends and favorite peeps! Missed you all! So glad I signed in here! Also blessings and greetings to all these friends I'm just meeting now!
  6. Yat! Hiya Sis! You were right...this is the place that feels like home! And hold off on sending me anything...I'm in Ohio for the next six weeks!
  7. I am truly grateful for so much in my life. Today I am especially steeped in gratitude. First...this forum. It feels like stepping into an enchanted grove that you've never seen, and then realizing you are Home. Second...on a road trip to my next gig today with my spouse and an ornery cat...and we had an unfortunate mishap. Around 14 miles past a tollbooth, we realized the back of our car was open wide, and we had lost a lot of things that had been tightly packed. Mostly my things. Irreplaceable things. And I wasn't even aware of all that had fallen out...or even where. But we called the state trooper non emergency phone number...and discovered that our things had fallen out at the toll booth, and had been placed on the curb. The toll supervisor was storing them for us. An hour and a half, an extra 15 dollars in tolls...and we made it back to the plaza...where we found the jumper cables and SEVEN bags...including a train case full of my art, my bag with all my jewelry, personal crystals and my decks ( including the only copies I have of my own decks) my bag of clothes for the next six weeks, a ton of beads and other supplies, and two bags of costumes, props, and other things I need for my job. It was all returned unharmed. I cried in absolute relief and gratitude.
  8. Heya! So I finally managed to sign up for this forum...(my phone is my only internet access these days, and it would run out of power before I could scroll back to my date of birth!) Anyway... I recognize lots of names, and it honestly makes me soooo happy. For those I'm just meeting for the first time...hi I'm Robyn...and I have a tarot/divination obsession! You'll find me wandering the Labyrinth looking blissfully distracted by shiny things.
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