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  1. Welcome Cilla! It's nice to see you on this forum By a coincidence the Byzantine tarot is the deck I've chosen for my daily readings this month. It's a beautiful deck and it reminds me of some of my Art history classes. The book is also great and it's was nice to read the little anecdote you have with it
  2. I also condider them as coins and linked to the earth element. When I begun I had the same interrogation and now I don't even pay attention to the pentagrams.
  3. For me this month was dedicated to my Joie de vivre deck http://pollyfae.com/joiedevivre/
  4. I got Hermione . And actually I think I could have been friend with her.
  5. You Got: You're meant to inspire a generation of leaders. Your demeanor and constant sense of optimism inspire all those around you, including the next generation who will one day become thought leaders and culture shifters. Your words have power, and you are meant to use that power to lift others up. Don't be afraid of your purpose, you were made for such a time as this. Me too I'm not sure about that but it was funny
  6. Oh good news! Thank you for letting me know :). I bought my Llewellyn's decks few years ago so I haven't seen this change.
  7. My collection is not big but overall I agree with previous comments. I like US Games and Lo scarabeo cardstocks. Llewellyn's cards are thin and may damage more easily but it doesn't bother me so much if I like the deck. What I don't like with Llewellyn is the absence of real box or case to store the deck (I don't do or buy bags and use what comes with the deck). However I'm very disapointed with Schiffer. I hate the glossy aspect and the touch of the cards, and they shuffle less easily. I don't know if they have better colors but the glossy aspect diminish the beauty of the pictures. Actually all that make me think twice before buying a deck from Schiffer.
  8. Dragon Yeah! That's the one I wanted Night Shade I love your pet dragon! It's really cute
  9. Tea! It's one of my favourite drink. I like all sort of tea but have a special place in my heart of the russian earl grey. Also I like drinking tea while doing a tarot reading. It's relaxing and helps me concentrate. I drink it without sugar except for iced tea I occasionally drink coffee but I prefer tea. However I really appreciate the smell of coffe and love it in desert!
  10. Thank you for all you've done for this wonderful forum!
  11. Thank you for this link!! I don't have time to watch it right now but I save it for a calmer time.
  12. I've been told the cards must be put back in order after a reading, but I don't do it and I won't, no matter how many times I've heard and read that. It just doesn't feel natural to me, it's like for me a deck "alive" is a deck shuffled. I can't really explain this but that's how I feel. I assume the energies of a reading disappear on their own and don't need a reordering process. Actually everytime I've tried to do it I've noticed no difference at all except that it doesn't feel right to me. The only times I reorder a deck is when I want to show the cards to someone, or when I want to study or look at them in order. But as soon as I use it for reading they are mixed up once again.
  13. Your description makes me think about the Fey tarot : http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/fey/ But I don't have this deck so I can't tell,you more about it. There's plenty of other decks with fairies and mermaid and dragons, etc, but I can't think of any other with a cartoonish fun style at the moment.
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