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  1. The Hanged man really confuses me, and if I receive it I am never quite sure how it should be read other than sacrifice. I’m impatient and sacrificing is very difficult for me, so I almost dread getting this. Libra, your interpretation is pretty amazing! I feel like understand it better
  2. I think that sounds pretty cool! Maybe this sounds sort of... I dunno... but as soon as I read your post, the first thought I had was it is like a message to you from the universe. Maybe it’s telling you, like a gift, this is your card - your role is to be this in life! I personally would keep the Ace with the rest of the cards, but not use it. Good luck with your deck!
  3. Hello all! Im brand new here, I look forward to have somewhere to share thoughts and interpretations and hear others views of Tarot cards! A love spread was done a month and a half ago and is still weighing on me. All cards turned up major arcana but two. I used to really try to read cards for myself and a friend for about 8 years, I eventually got busy raising my kids, they disappeared from my life; I’ve had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind for months so tried an online spread, I don’t have my cards anymore:( So I feel rather rusty and, hey, maybe this isn’t as heavy a spread as I feel it could be. i did take a screenshot so I wouldn’t forget them. I’m not certain if I’m allowed to say what the cards were, I’ll write them if it’s ok, and delete them if it’s against the rules. 1.situation) 4 of coins, 2.recent past) The Hermit 3.self) The Devil 4.near future) The wheel of fortune 5.higher power) 9 of wands 6.challenges) The star 7.bockers) Temperance 8.)Allies) The Empress 9.Advice The Sun 10.posdible outcome) The lovers I’m thinking that a large amount of MA cards means something that is meant to happen but something that could take a long time to unfold? something that significantly affects your life? Minor arcana seems to me to be almost days/weeks and more trivial. And my interpretation of the cards.... maybe I’m being greedy? Thank you, to anybody that is up to discussing this!
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