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  1. I think it would be a good idea - especially if it was a sticky. There's a big difference to me between "favorite" and "essential" - so having really clear criteria for essential would be helpful for new learners, or people wanting to start learning a different system. Although if the essential list is really restricted it would probably be (in no specific order) • A RWS deck and/or • Thoth and/or • a Marseille deck. Because to begin learning, those are almost exclusively the ones used in books. And they might be exclusive - I'm currently focusing the RWS system, which is the one I prefer. I don't have the Thoth or a Marseille style deck, and I don't think I need them at this point (though I would certainly snatch them up if I found them at a thrift store or something for a reasonable price). So maybe a thread like "You're learning the RWS system? These are our faves based on that system." "Got Thoth? Try these decks next!" "Our favorite Pip decks!" or something similar. I've always researched by googling the deck and reading Aeclectic reviews, but there are so many new decks coming out all the time that aren't on there!
  2. I have 7 from that list: RWS Deviant Moon Gilded Tarot Illuminati Housewives Aquarian Revelations I also have the app for Zircus Magi I was surprised to see the Housewives tarot on there, it's fun and kitschy but doesn't seem as serious as many of the others. I like lists, but I agree including non-tarot decks make it less useful, and it's definitely time for an update. I wonder if there was a way to make a list here, somehow?
  3. I agree - I find if something jumps in my mind, it's probably the right call. The book meanings are a good start, but they're not ironclad rules, IMO. I also find sometimes the cards are very literal in a way that has nothing to do with either intuition or book meanings, but most of the time I can only see that in hindsight. Such as one day I got the 8 of pentacles from a deck that has all the pentacles grouped up at the top of the card, and it was reversed. (I don't read with reversals, and I have no idea how the card got turned.) It looked like the pentacles were falling. That day, it snowed unexpectedly! I'm hoping I will eventually get better at pulling those meanings out beforehand.
  4. I just got an update email, and it looks like gold won the vote! Just barely, but thankfully it won. He says he's going to look into whether matte gold is an option, as lots of people mentioned that. I'm just glad it's not black. The fancy editions of the books this type of illustration would have been published in would often have gilded edges, so I think gold will be appropriate and amazing.
  5. I agree, I voted for silver, gold, or anything but black. Black looks really cool on most decks, but really doesn't suit this one at all IMO. Brown would even be better than black. Hopefully somebody in the design department of his printer will put in their opinion as well - I'm a graphic designer and if a customer of mine was asking for black edging on a deck like this, I'd shoot them an email asking if they're REALLY sure that's what they want, and give my reasoning of why I think something else would be better suited. I suppose if he goes with black and I really hate it I can trim it off.
  6. No problem, and thank you!
  7. Thank you! As soon as I saw how blurry the old one was, I decided to switch up with a new one. Which reminded me how long it's been since I took any doll photos... (It's "him", but that's super hard to tell with most BJDs unless you can see whether there are boobs or not, even if you are familiar with the sculpt. And he does have pretty girly makeup on, too! So he gets that a lot. His original owner dressed him as a fluffy Lolita girl, also. Dev is always getting misgendered but he doesn't mind. Meaning I don't mind, he's just a doll, LOL!)
  8. I did a new image for the new forum too! Same doll, same pose, though. Different lighting and background, at least!
  9. It probably is most likely a liquidator, or a store selling off inventory, or something along those lines. Although kits aren't necessarily too cumbersome to counterfeit - sometimes it's not so much counterfeiting as "selling out the back door". Print runs always have overages, and it takes very little for a less-than-ethical company to simply print more of something with very little or no cost to themselves, and then sell those on themselves. Copyright laws are different in different countries. I'm a little extra paranoid because I come from the ball-jointed doll community, where recasts and "factory" dolls sold without the sculptor's permission are rampant to the point that some sculptors are putting in tons of extra parts and pieces just for the purpose of making the dolls hard to copy. It's difficult to sell a secondhand doll without a certificate and it's box, and even those things are being counterfeited in some situations. People are asking for copies of order receipts and stuff now, and anything on Ebay that's not from a known dealer or collector is suspect. I'm definitely NOT saying that this situation is a counterfeit, it most likely isn't. Just for the record, it's not a bad idea to be a little suspicious (as you are!) when a price seems too good to be true. Especially on Ebay.
  10. I'm not sure about this particular situation, but I'm very wary of Ebay - TONS of counterfeits of everything imaginable on there. I haven't gone looking for this deck, but generally I will check Wish.com and other "direct from China" places and if the deck is on there at a ridiculous low price, I assume it's been counterfeited and am extra careful about where I buy it from. Of course it could also be a store liquidating inventory just trying to get it gone, or someone willing to make a bare minimum of profit, plus the lack of overhead costs on Ebay. I am just always extra careful there.
  11. Happy Birthday! Hope it's awesome.
  12. I wouldn't say I LOVE it, but I do like it a lot more than I thought I would. I have the centennial version that is a bit less... yellow. I find that since so many books use this deck as an example, and so many of my other decks used it as inspiration, it's invaluable to have it to study. And if I'm not sure which deck I want to use, I tend to reach for that one - it just seems simple and straightforward most of the time. Since my version is in a tin, it's also the deck I have in my purse at the moment. When the average muggle thinks "tarot", the RWS is likely the image that comes to their mind - it's what they've seen on TV or movies most often, and on the covers of tarot books at the bookstore, etc. I think that's valuable on it's own, if you'll be reading for others. Some people will expect to see that deck, and might be a bit discomforted by another deck being used. Just having it as an option might seem more "professional" to some querents.
  13. This will be the fourth Duck Soup Kickstarter I've backed (one was unsuccessful, unfortunately). I'm not a big oracle user but the art is just so gorgeous I had to have it. I've been pleased with the quality of the decks I've got from him so far, and the price for just the deck is very reasonable IMO. I'm hoping this gets the gilded edges, it'll be gorgeous! I love most of Duck Soup's decks, but outside of Kickstarter they're a bit beyond my usual budget.
  14. The Slow Tarot and the Stolen Child Tarot are in production (after successful Kickstarter campaigns) at the moment, but both look like they are reasonably diverse at least in gender and race and possibly some representation of differing abilities as well.
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