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  1. I have the regular one with the blue back, and if I was pressed to pick a favorite deck this might be it - love the art so much! I don't dislike the blue back, but wow the brown one is really gorgeous... I really can't afford to get another copy just for the back, though. It is a really great deck. So many tiny details everywhere, and it's just my style.
  2. Oooh, this sounds fun! I'm definitely interested.
  3. I also see them as coins, and in some decks they are just coins - which I actually prefer. I suspect a large percentage of the general public would regard tarot less suspiciously if they were just plain round coins in the RWS. So much this. I'm not interested in having ANY of those things on my stuff. I mean, they're fine, don't get me wrong, but they don't mean anything special to me. I'm glad they're available for those who DO want them, and for those who find them meaningful, but they're not really for me. At some point I'm going to make my own bags for the decks that need them, probably knitted, with no symbols on them at all.
  4. My Dark Mansion took over two weeks to arrive, maybe longer. Long enough that I was surprised when it showed up in my mailbox. But it was totally worth it!
  5. Oh absolutely! I just haven't had the time and energy to post anymore images, but would love to still participate.
  6. I'm not sure if this totally counts, but in the last three weeks or so I've gotten back into dabbling in jewelry making - mostly just simple beaded bracelets, but I'm wanting to try more things. However, I discovered I needed beading needles. I had looked them up on Amazon one morning last week, and decided I'd order some when I got home from work that evening. They were a bit over $4. That day at lunch I decided to go to a local thrift store and wander around a bit. This thrift store has a small craft section. And apparently someone had donated an experienced beadworker's entire stash! There were bags and bags of really nice beads, and one large bag of random supplies with a brand new pack of the exact same beading needles right there at the edge of the bag where I could see it. The whole bag was $4.98. Of course I bought it (and a couple bags of beads). When I got home and open the bag of supplies, not only were the needles I needed there, there were lots of other jewelry findings (including STERLING jump rings), beading wire, stringing wire, wire wrapping wire, two different expensive rolls of beading string, beading elastic, chains, etc. One short-ish length of wire is tarnished so I think it may be silver as well. Many of these items were still new in their packages from shops like Fire Mountain Gems. There must have been easily $70+ worth of supplies in there, basically everything needed except tools! I cannot say how thrilled I was to find that!
  7. I agree! (Depending on if I can afford it, of course.) If shipping is expensive (or if it has to come through a shopping service which has fees) I wonder if it might be worth considering a group order if there are enough people in one country interested in buying it. @D76 Do RWS fans go on threads about TDM decks and say stuff like "OMG, epic fail, LOL! Does it come with poker chips? Did you get a full house in that spread?" because that's kind of what your posts on this thread sound like. It also reminds me of King James Version Bible-only fundamentalist Christians who attack other translations as being "corrupt lies". You can just say you like the art but don't like the RWS system, and that's enough. People read oracle cards that aren't in either system. Some people read Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon cards. it's all good, IMO, we're all reading cards. If you don't like RWS as a tarot system, look at it like an oracle maybe. Words matter, but not THAT much.
  8. Aren't they? I have found so far that when I read I consider the "book" interpretation, but also look at the images on the specific card - and it seems often what I get from the images is more accurate than the book meaning might be. So each deck definitely would read a bit differently that way!
  9. Welcome! Which deck did you get to start out with? Does it come with a book? A good start is to just look at the cards and think of or write down what you think is going on in the picture. It'll help you get familiar with them, and there are times that what's going on in the picture is what the card is telling you. They can get literal sometimes! I personally found Biddy Tarot's website to have some helpful info, and there are zillions of books out there about tarot as well. I ended up doing a mentorship here that was super helpful and really helped me improve and learn more. One of the things I did as part of the mentorship was to go through the cards, one at a time, over the course of a couple weeks - I started with the Fool and worked my way through, examining each card closely, then looking it up in 2 different books PLUS what the book that came with it said, looked it up on Biddy Tarot, Daily Tarot Girl, and Aeclectic, and in the end boiled it down to a short phrase or keyword that helped me remember it's meaning. I also kept notes on all this. It really was a study but in the end I felt it helped a ton. As for what to do with the actual deck itself (like cleansing or crystals or charging in the moonlight or all that stuff) I really have no idea. I don't really do any of that stuff. If one of those rituals feels right to you, go ahead and do it! For me, I haven't felt the need so far. Everybody's different. And have fun!
  10. I agree! It's a lovely deck - I've not used it much yet, but when I have it's been great. I'm planning to use it more soon. I only read reversals with it - the first time I shuffled I turned half the deck, and then sometimes I turn another stack here and there to mix it up further.
  11. I think it can show variations easier than some other solids like oranges and greens, and any color with only one or two inks involved. It's not nearly as difficult to match as dark blues, some beige or taupe colors, or the worst offender - a CMYK gray. But because it has all the colors in it, it can be susceptible to some variation. Big solids of any kind have to be watched carefully, and if all the colors are involved any small issue (fleck of dust, scratch on the plate, roller mark) happening on just one color can show up in the final print. Until 5 years or so ago, CMYK grays were just not possible on the digital machines at our shop. The presses could do them, but it was tricky. On digital there would always be banding, some areas would be pinker, some yellower, etc. The machines have gotten much better, but still they have to be carefully watched. I truly wouldn't expect the backs of a 78-card deck to all match 100% perfectly, no matter how it is printed. I'd expect it to be close enough that you'd have to be really looking for the differences side by side, though.
  12. Quoted for truth! Large solids are always difficult to print, whether on an offset press or on a digital printer. The cards are printed on a large press sheet and cut down, so if one side of the press is running heavy, or there's a front on the same sheet in the same area that had to be adjusted for color, or many other reasons, even backs all on the same sheet might not quite match. Also throughout the run, the colors can vary a little as the press heats up, or gets low on ink, or whatever. Generally there are a large number of sheets lost at first, called makeready. The press operator has to get the press up to color, and will pull a sheet every so often to check until it's close. Then fine adjustments can be made if needed across the sheet, if the densities aren't all the same. Most press operators pull a sheet every so often to check during the run, too, but the machines are so fast there can be thirty or more come out before any adjustments take effect. Makeready is usually recycled, but it could have been accidentally mixed into the actual run or something. These issues can be a little less noticeable on a coated stock, as the ink sits more on top of the paper. On uncoated it soaks into the paper, which can make the colors less vibrant but also make variations a little more visible. It stinks that this deck has had printing errors, but hopefully they'll get the quality together for the next run. There are so many variables that can cause color and density variations, and they'll always show more on large solids. This deck might end up on my wishlist - I keep looking at the pictures of it.
  13. I tend to just get out the cards, shuffle while trying to focus on the questions, and that's it. No preparation, really. When I'm reading for myself I will often repeat what the card positions are and will mean while I shuffle, as if I'm telling the deck, but it's mostly to keep my mind from wandering off.
  14. I think it would be a good idea - especially if it was a sticky. There's a big difference to me between "favorite" and "essential" - so having really clear criteria for essential would be helpful for new learners, or people wanting to start learning a different system. Although if the essential list is really restricted it would probably be (in no specific order) • A RWS deck and/or • Thoth and/or • a Marseille deck. Because to begin learning, those are almost exclusively the ones used in books. And they might be exclusive - I'm currently focusing the RWS system, which is the one I prefer. I don't have the Thoth or a Marseille style deck, and I don't think I need them at this point (though I would certainly snatch them up if I found them at a thrift store or something for a reasonable price). So maybe a thread like "You're learning the RWS system? These are our faves based on that system." "Got Thoth? Try these decks next!" "Our favorite Pip decks!" or something similar. I've always researched by googling the deck and reading Aeclectic reviews, but there are so many new decks coming out all the time that aren't on there!
  15. I have 7 from that list: RWS Deviant Moon Gilded Tarot Illuminati Housewives Aquarian Revelations I also have the app for Zircus Magi I was surprised to see the Housewives tarot on there, it's fun and kitschy but doesn't seem as serious as many of the others. I like lists, but I agree including non-tarot decks make it less useful, and it's definitely time for an update. I wonder if there was a way to make a list here, somehow?
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