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  1. I would like to sign up! I know a bit, but I bet I've got a lot to learn.
  2. When I first looked into to the Tarot, I quickly came across Labyrinthos Academy and their Golden Thread Tarot deck. I love how it looks- simplistic, yet stylistic, a modern design that I find really aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, at nearly 50 bucks, I put off buying it for a while. ...So it'll be in the mail in a week or so, I think.
  3. Jams

    Good Evening.

    My name is James, but I also go by Jams. Recently, I learned that Tarot readings exist, and have been interested in how it work. I find the entire concept fascinating, especially in how it can be utilized as a tool for self reflection. I don't own any decks, though I have just ordered the Golden Thread deck not too long ago, so that should change soon. I hope to understand the Tarot better during my stay, and hope to get along with you all in the process!
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