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  1. For some years now I've assigned personal names to the decks I use most, or otherwise feel the strongest connection to. I feel like the careful deliberation this requires really puts me "in tune" (so to speak) with the character of each deck and its artwork. At the same time it feels suspiciously like kid stuff-- but only outside the comfort of my own home. Who else names their decks? And why/why not? Sincerely looking forward to your answers
  2. After some trial and error -- involving fiddly boxes and stunning bespoke pouches -- I've settled on using sheer organza drawstring bags for most of my decks. Some of the bespoke pouches you can buy on eBay are stunning but they have their own distinct energy while the deck they house is totally suffocated. So, not for me. Sheer organza lets the energy of the deck shine through while also providing colour and protection. The bond you have with each deck is energetically just "there" when you hover your hand over it, which helps with deck selection given a question. I find either of two sizes works well with standard-sized decks: 17x23cm if you want to store the deck horizontally, pouch opening side up, or 13x18cm if vertical. The price is also reasonable-- unless you want every one of almost two dozen colours.
  3. Ah, I didn't mean to refer to "you" in particular. When I say "yourself" I mean that in a general, nebulous sense. Sorry if I caused offence. But yes, it's true, the sharpness is part of what makes the Swords, well, the Swords.
  4. The theme is harsh truths. Sometimes hard to see, and often hard to bear, especially when young. So it takes some extra processing to synthesise their meanings for yourself, compared to the other suits.
  5. Thank you all I appreciate the warm words!!
  6. Oh and which deck- depends on the seriousness of the question, mostly. If I have to choose a deck beforehand I gravitate towards the Shadowscapes for in-person readings and the Tarot of the Spirit for online. My favourite deck of all time is the Tarot of the Spirit so I worry about other people's energies contaminating it. But it is truly a beautiful and arcane-feeling deck to pull out.
  7. A kind of unambitious answer here but any of my closest friends. It makes me really happy to engage with tarot art and be a voice of insight to them at the same time. It really is a remarkable sort of unthreatening therapy and yet deeply felt (at least to me ). Plus, when I read tarot for myself, it's usually after a long period of struggling to problem solve it in my head, but not successfully. This doesn't happen often enough to meet my desire to appreciate tarot's beauty and power.
  8. Starting over again, it would be wise to never have bought the Ludy Lescot. That deck only brought disaster luck into my household, what with its box (east asian character for death but with one stroke missing) and perhaps content. I got rid of it not a moment too soon.
  9. Very nice. I have various sets of dice from my ill-fated adventures into DnD, which include not just the d6 but also d20, d12, d10(00-90), etc. Like Eamane have been looking for ideas on using them alongside tarot. This spread seems like a good starting point.
  10. The base card of a reading, I find, is often very illuminating. It represents the underlying energy or "spirit" of a reading. So in an exceptionally plain-talking reading the base card might be A/Pentacles, or if the deck is new, moody, and unwilling to share its secrets, the card might be 4/Cups. An initially harsh-seeming reading might be tempered by the compassionate angel of Temperance; or ordinary-seeming advice might be underlined by the looming Devil to alert you to your limiting thinking or limiting spread, with which you have needlessly boxed yourself into a corner.
  11. Hello from the southern hemisphere! After AT closed I didn't know where to go for a number of years. Found this forum which is pleasantly active. You all seem like beautiful people!! Would love to get to know you & my decks some more. And, have a lovely day, wherever you are.
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