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  1. Central card, the general outlook of the querent's future situation, is The Star.
  2. I forgot to mention, the querent is a teacher/reseacher, but holds no job position at the moment
  3. How would you interpret the Hermit in a monthly career spreading, followed by the Tower. the Chariot and the World (the next three months)? I know the Hermit mostly as the card of introspection. This makes it hard for me to apply it on career spreadings.
  4. First comes for me The World. Then comes The Sun. Third The Chariot or The Star. However, combinations matter; for example, The Death and the World may indicate the sucessful end of a circle and the beginning of another. When I got this combination I received a job offer. But the Death and the Chariot may indicate car accident. Always pay attention to what comes next. The Temperance and The Judgment have also been good to me (according to my experience). I like the healing power of The Star, although sometimes even the most positive card can be negative. Imagine The Tower following The Sun... which probably indicates short vicroty, or that the querent must pay attention not to become too arrogant due to his success or the light of the Sun will give a nasty burn as a consequence of his/her imprudence.
  5. This is certainly true. Followed by the Tower or the Devil, the Chariot could be a sign of road accident; imagine going for a trip and in the midst your car engine fails! I also think that the central card, or at least a card - or a set of cards - that summarize(s) the overal situation is important.
  6. Yes I received a lot of replies... I mean, thank you everyone, but I cannot respond to all of you individually! @spider Totally agree with your approach on the Death card. Most people will tell you that 'the Death card never means literally Death'. But I disagree.. Yes, the Death card CAN mean literally Death, at least, this is according to my experiences, and I believe most of you one way or another agree with that. But also it could signify positive transformations. I remember in one spread a few months ago when the Death card came up, I was hired to a new job and then I had to quit my old one. But on another instance, I received a death message from an old friend.
  7. There are too many replies here. Thanks everyone for these helpful insights. I tend to agree that interpretation is something that has to do with our own way we see the cards as individuals. @DanielJUK answer for example makes sense. However, and always according to my experience, I cannot see anything positive in the Devil or the Tower. Nothing good comes to me when these cards appear in a spreading. But I can say that among the most positive combinations have ever been The Star with the Chariot. And of course, the World always indicates removal of blockages and, above all, completion, which leaves behind very positive results. The Sun also comes second (before the World).
  8. @Wanderer I am using Marseilles tarot deck. I am not familiar with Wildwood's. But I guess, different decks also give different interpretations, as the archetypes differ significantly. F.e, Waite's lovers is not the same as in the Marseilles. The former includes love and harmony, the latter the necessity to make choices. For me the latter has not positive connotations. @Marigold Totally agree. Personal attachment with the cards play a role. I sometimes value the Star above the Chariot. Sometimes below. Still both are among the most positive cards for me.
  9. This deck has really confused me. I have switched to the classical Marseilles tarot
  10. However, combinations matter. A chariot followed, f.e, by the hanged man, and then by the death and the devil card may indicate dramatic postponement of positive endeavours. A combination, f..e, of the Star and the Tower (the star comes next) is more positive than The Tower and the Chariot, as the Star implies healing after a disaster, while the Chariot indicates victory after a total collapse, but the wounds are still open and the victory is not assured and complete
  11. Although there are no 'positive' and 'negative' cards per se, some archetypes are significations of good omens and others indicate attention. I would choose as the most positive 1) the world, 2) the sun, 3) the chariot, 4) the star and 5) the empress What do you think?
  12. In my view, the judgement card has a positive signification. Every time it appears through my readings it has led to positive endeavours. According to experience, I reckon the judgement card as a positive omen, provided the following cards are positive, like the Star, the Chariot, etc...
  13. Yes, so far this is the most interesting deck I have ever used. Simple and vivid, it helps my reading.
  14. I base my reading upon the meaning of the archetypes. Personal attachment with each card is important for me
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