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  1. Hi, I'm Ella, This is a first post for my new tarot deck, nearing completion. It is a new interpretation of the Rosenwald tarot. I have a teaser thread here:
  2. For @HOLMES @joy @LoveLightPeace I have posted a teaser here:
  3. Thanks for your comments BlueToy! Funny you should say that, since I guess my formative years (Tarot-wise) were the 90s... I see your point about the borders. I might have a idea... I have considered the Budapest, still thinking about it. I don't feel the same connection to it as I do the Rosenwald (I think it's those adorable centaurs!). PS I also have another idea I'm chasing, still in research so I won't say too much, but it will combine two mid-16th century card artists.
  4. Thanks Reall! I'll get some sample images up soon. I've seen comments about linen stock, can I ask, what is the reason? I'm new to card publishing so I really don't know, and my personal preference is gloss coating. Linen is so much more expensive in most of the quotes I've seen...
  5. I love the Sola Busca and I would dearly love to have a proper commercial deck. My deck is one I printed myself from images I found online. It's beautiful but not very usable (printed on gloss photo paper so it sticks a bit). I also really want a book, but I think my allocation of the majors might be controversial. In fact, if I can ever get hold of the Game of Saturn, I'd like to begin research to write a booklet for using them myself, if no one else does it first.
  6. Hi Holmes! Thanks for the welcome. My first deck is on the way! It's a modern colour version of the Rosenwald sheets.
  7. Hi everyone! I'm Ella, and I am an author and graphic designer from Australia. My first tarot deck is almost ready and I'd like to give you just a little taste! I love collecting tarot, and I realized that it's almost impossible to get decks from the 16th century, so I began this project. Anyone who knows tarot knows of the Rosenwald sheets from c1501, and also would know of the wonderful facsimile deck by Sullivan Hismans . It's beautiful but not an option financially. I also know of a version redrawn and colourised in four colours by Lady Heather Hall. So, here's how mine are different. They will be print on demand, so no limit and no end date, and hopefully cheaper. And they will look quite different to both these gorgeously authentic decks. My cards are still faithful to the original images, with linework traced off the images held at the national museum of art. But they are coloured in a modern palette with watercolour pencils, which brings them into our era for people who want bright, colourful, rainbow cards. The missing cards have been recreated by using elements of other cards in the deck to build up the image, so they fit the look and feel of the deck. So, here's a first glimpse for you, I'd really love to know what you think, and hear any comments!
  8. If anyone knows of a card printer in Australia, I would love to hear about it. My first tarot deck is almost ready. It's taken almost a year so far, but the cards are done and I just need to find the best way to get them printed and out there. I will be putting them up on the Game Crafter for US buyers, but for Aussie buyers (and probably other non-US buyers) I am trying to find a cheaper option. The main problem here in Australia is the horrendous exchange rate which means my cost alone, before any profit is over $50 AU per deck from TGC, and bulk rates don't come down enough until you're printing a huge number. I think I can get the cards printed cheaper with someone like make playing cards and get the box and booklet printed locally to bring it down to about $30 AU before profit but I'm still working on that option. Then I would have to put them together myself and find a way to sell them!
  9. Hi there, I just found this forum, looking for somewhere active! I love reading the old threads on Aeclectic Tarot and hoping this will be just as interesting. I like buying tarot, I like reading tarot and I like researching tarot. Oh, and designing too. Looking forward to chatting on all things tarot!
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