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  1. Knowing the tales would be best. The Amazon book you linked would be a big help in that regard.
  2. It's the first time I see this deck (and now we wants it, the precious!) but the information on Etsy is about right. It is a Lenormand deck made using Ivan Bilibin's famous illustrations of Russian folk tales. The illustrations are used straight up, without changes. Some of the references work better than others: for instance, 8 (Coffin) is Vasilisa the Beautiful, who has been sent to a certain death by Baba Yaga, carrying an enchanted skull; 11 (Whip) shows Koschei the Deathless, and no whip in sight. Even overlooking these very free interpretations of the cards, the images are way too busy for a Lenormand deck. It's a beautiful deck, regardless.
  3. Christiana is super nice. I'm subscribed to her newsletter, which is how I came upon this picture. Looking at it again, I think it HAS to be a real deck. No one could possibly invest to much detail in so many cards for the purpose of a few pictures.
  4. Thank you so much, gregs! I was about to create a separate thread for this post. I wonder if this deck even exists?
  5. See, that's the thing with B.D. Hyman. If she had stuck to the "mommy dearest" clone stuff, we could have believed her. After all, her mother was a hard drinker and smoker, a woman who worked all the time (to put food on the table for all her fracking family of moochers, but that's a whole 'nother tale) and a diva with a notoriously short temper and an acid tongue. But that "my mother was a witch" shtick made Hyman lose all credibility. Ugh. On the other hand, there is hard evidence that Bette Davis killed Joan Crawford and ate her liver:
  6. I once wrote Pui-Mun Law to ask about the possibility of a larger version, self-published or whatnot, but she never responded.
  7. I hate even the thought of mixing up CBR with DV, whom I find abhorrent in every possible way, both before and after her conversion to... whatever it is that is making her spout venom nowadays. And even the clones CBR has been churning out lately are, IMHO, miles above anything DV ever perpetrated. But you're essentially right.
  8. I actually asked him, believe it or not. He laughed about it and purported not to have read the books or seen the movies. But of course we all know better. Blood will tell...
  9. So did I, and it was apparently the same person. Was the Dan who wrote to you a possible relative of Voldemort? Waiting with my fingers crossed...
  10. To each their own. I, too, prefer printed books for study purposes, but spreads are one of those things where I feel better served picking and choosing from many sources. I have filled out entire binders with stuff printed out from the forums, both spreads and posts that have ben particularly illuminating to me. Peace.
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