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  1. It is GLORIOUS, and funding has already gone beyond 200%. Not that surprising, considering Uusi's unimpeachable reputation and redoubted quality.
  2. On Amazon US It is only available from third parties (at outrageous prices), so it is safe to assume that it has not been re-released yet. I guess we'll have to be patient for now.
  3. Since we're on the topic of scarves, I'll quickly tell the story about how scarves and Tarot became strangely enmeshed, apparently forever. Back in the old days of AT, when Baba announced a new edition of the then OOP Tarot of Prague, they mentioned that they would include a silk scarf instead of a bag. Now those you who are familiar with Baba know that they sell fabulous scarves, both in pricey silk and budget-friendly viscose. For some reason, this rubbed some people the wrong way, and they started protesting about "how dare they include a scarf," as if it were some sort of desecration. The whole thing got out of hand, and, well, I might have been guilty of stirring the pot once in a while... You can sample the thread, in all its glorious craziness, here: https://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=251471&page=27 And a picture of the "offending" scarf: https://us1.campaign-archive.com/?u=6c702abf1992402f857283f1c&id=bd78cd27d3&e=d1d3f42e62
  4. You were. I can’t say I’m completely de-enabled (it’s too beautiful) but it helped.
  5. This thread is getting seriously bonkers...
  7. Yes! YES! Scarves! SCAAAAAAARVES!!!!!! SCAAAAAARVES!!!!!!!!!
  8. Why not scarves? And why is everyone so mean to me? I just don't understand...
  10. I am gobsmacked that this gorgeous, Medieval-inspired Lenormand has not been mentioned around here. It is show-stopping, it is incredibly affordable, and I hope it succeeds. (I backed it.) Here is a link to the Kickstarter, which ends in 10 days: All the cards can be viewed here: https://rabbitsmoontarot.com/tarot_cards/friars-delight-lenormand/ And this is the Promote Yourself thread:
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