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  1. Back from our travels and finally all caught up on the 'after affects' of being gone for some time from home. I finally able to get back on here and post again. I did share some websites in Scandinavia that were mentioned with my friend to pick a deck and I was going to have it sent to my cousins home where I could pick it up in Sweden. however, my friend decided she wasn't that excited about what was available there, so she decided to not get anything. I still bought her a wee gift that I still need to mail to her, and now I also know that I should still keep an eye out for anything interesting in tarot whenever we go abroad again. Thank you all for your thoughts and ideas and great help!
  2. Thanks Canid! Yes, it is kind of cool that this particular crystal ball changes colors so often. I have been away for quite awhile, busy with other very important things--so haven't seen your post, my apologies! Yes, I did look at teh different effects of light--both sunlight and the light of each room, etc. I also put my other crystal balls - that have never changed colors that I witnessed, with this changing one and kept them together so I could see if the light affected them too. But it seems to be limited to this one ball only. So odd! Since May or June though, I haven't had much time to devote to my crystals and specifically my crystal balls--with all that is going on in our lives here--but I am hoping things will soon calm down and give me time to spend with them all again. Thank you for your link to the neodymium site--I wonder if that is a possibility for the answer? I only skimmed through it, but will look deeper into that as a possible answer, except that I was assured this crystal ball was a quartz crystal....so I think it should NOT be neodymium glass then. If it is--I'm a wee bit upset about the store owner selling it to me as such. I will look deeper into the information you provided and come back here with a response afterwards--but it may be some time yet. Thanks again!
  3. The Pictures That Speak To Your Soul Will Reveal Your Life's Purpose You Got: You're meant to bring peace and love to the world. You bring peace and love to everything you do, which is why you're constantly an inspiration to others. Perhaps you'll be a politician, or a diplomat, a lawyer, or even someone who invests their time into their community. You have the power to bring people together. Don't be afraid of your purpose, you were made for such a time as this. Interesting quiz.
  4. Thank you Gregory, for your input. I don't think my friend would enjoy trying to figure out each card like that then. So, I'll avoid that one then. Thanks again. Raggy Doll, That deck is gorgeous! I LOVE teh colors in it and it is very interesting - for me. However, my friend wants a tarot deck and this has only 44 cards--so not tarot, an oracle. She specifically told me a tarot deck and NOT an oracle. But, I'm going to check this out! Thanks!
  5. Thank you, KaiNO for letting me know. I will think about ordering one for me--but not for my friend, as she was very specific about a tarot deck and nothing else. I still haven't been in touch w/my cousins about having it sent to their home. I've got to do that first, so will shoot an email out to them now. Yes, I know it was krone in Denmark and krona in Sweden, but had no idea what it was in Norway. My husband probably knew though. We are both very excited about seeing Norway. We are fortunate as we will be on the cruise ship--which is expensive enough--but not compared to what it would be anywhere, really, considering our room and food and entertainment (save off the ship entertainment) is all included. But, this is something the hubby has been wanting to do for a long time and since we are retiring next year, we need to do it now, while we still have the money for it! So another thing off his 'bucket list'. We've seen so many shows on cruising in Norway and the towns that people have visited, and it looks so lovely! I think I'd like to try and live there at least for a year. However, I don't think that will ever happen. Recently we saw a show that showed that people who live in Norway are considered the happiest people in the world. that in itself shows how lovely a place it must be, even if it is a very expensive one to live in or vacation in.
  6. wow. that ’Äkta spåman tarot’ by Linda Spåman is different. Probably something she'd like. Its not really my type, but for her could be. Yes, I'll keep an eye out for all that has been shared here by everyone. THANK YOU ALL!!! I may still ask my cousin to pick it one up for me ahead of time. Yes, this site is great, isn't it? Everyone is always so helpful. Once again, THANK YOU EVERYONE! I will let you know what I find - though it may be late June before I can do so.
  7. Well, I did find they are available on amazon.com at least---used. I think she'd be okay w/a used deck. So, if I cannot find one while there or get one of the cousins to pick up the deck for me, then I may just order this for her. Thank you for your help!
  8. Yes, we are looking forward to this trip. should be very relaxing! We are starting in Copenhagen, Denmark and then sailing to Geiranger, Norway first. from there to The Arctic Circle, (I'm SOOO excited for that!) and then Tromso, Norway, and Honningsvag, Norway, Alesund, Norway, Flam, Norway and finally Stavanger, Norway. Oh! the Vikingkort is GREAT!!! I wish I could figure out how much it costs. When I went to the site you provided it was "Not found". *sigh* perhaps the last one was sold. that would've been cool to get that one and have it signed!!! I'd give it to my friend. It means so much to her to get a deck from overseas. Yes, I did find the fb page when I first read your first line about the deck and its creator. I googled it immediately and found its FB page. the 2nd one you mentioned is an oracle, so my friend wants nothing to do w/that. she wants only tarot. though I did go to the site you provided to check it out. Thank you so much for these ideas too. I do like the Vikingkort very much. I wish I could find at least one copy to get for my friend.
  9. Oh, thank you, raggydoll! We have family in Halmstad that we are visiting. I might be able to get our cousin to buy it for me ahead of time. We are only there for a few days, and running around to visit all the aunts and uncles and cousins and so time is not really on my side for this. But! I'll ask two of my cousins to see if they could pick one up for me. Or, perhaps I can order it and have it delivered to the one cousins home we are staying with. I will check out both the Jolanda and Rosa Orm. I did some searching for Swedish decks specifically and thought the Witchy Tarot (I think it was called?) sounded great--but that is out of print and though you can find a few for sale, they are WAAAAAY out of my price! Oh well. I was hoping to get a Scandinavian deck. It would be a bigger plus IF any writing on the cards were in the language of either Swedish, Danish or Finnish. Just as long as the pictures themselves were fairly easy to see what it is depicting. (meaning, so I know what card is actually which card). OOOH! though I am excited about the Rosa Orm Tarot! and its at the right price, as I don't want to spend more then 40.00 U.S. Dollars. That is perfect so far! So, I may end up ordering a tarot deck for her to be sent to our cousins home. thank you! You've been a GREAT help!!! Though that Jolanda Tarot is the one that I was originally finding online! I didn't realize this reprint was available--as I wasn't finding it at this price. I do wish it was in Swedish though--but its got a great story behind it as being developed and used by the Swedish Witch! I hope it is a deck--or is it a book or both? It seems to be a deck with the book. That would be really good! Thank you!!!
  10. Yes, I had hypermobility syndrome too--as a kid. I use to also be able to push my leg behind me and touch my head w/my foot. I also use to 'hook' my feet on my hips sockets so my legs were bent and then walk around on my knees. My parents of course always 'corrected' me for doing that, but it was fun and funny and a great way to get my friends to laugh and try it themselves, but they just couldnt' really do it. Then, I broke my hips...that was the end of doing that! and, now I do have arthritis and osteoporosis and other bone and muscle issues. *sigh* hope you make out well ToadieOdie. Good luck!
  11. Oh yes! Cadfael! How could I forget that one? We LOVE IT!!! Who ever thought that one up was brilliant! We have his complete series on DVD too and still watch them over and over and over again. I also love Merlin and we loved Jonathan Strange. I also liked The Highlander---the tv series and the movie. We currently are watching "History's Cold Cases" a BBC show. We are finding them on tubi--and so watch them from there. And then another show that is more the hubby's fave, but I do like it as well is "Time Team". of course they are no longer on, but we find them you tube.
  12. Oh, gosh. I forgot the Twilight Zone shows! Yes! I LOVED them too. In fact, every Christmas I ask for some on DVD--but so far I've only gotten one or two. *sigh* But, I'll get there!
  13. OMG!!! YOU DID A FANTASTIC JOB HERE!!!! (sorry for yelling! ). WOW! I am impressed!
  14. Oh, yes! Me too. I LOVED that series. Though missed quite a few as we travel a lot and so I can't always depend on watching the shows I want to watch. However, our library has the complete set on DVD and so I was able to watch it all. Though, I do have to admit that I think they went on a wee bit too long.... And, yes, I LOVE Maggie Smith! She is BRILLIANT!
  15. Yes, the Sherlock Holmes series with Jeremy Brett were my favorites--but we also have some of the other Sherlock Holmes too. And, I think David Suchet is the best Poirot ever! I have always loved mysteries since a kid. I grew up reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys books. Yeah, a movie thread would be good too!
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