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  1. Barbara Moore is my go to tarotista. If she's in on this - I'm all for it.
  2. Given what Tricia said at the time - I'd have thought so. As far as I am concerned, that puts Sharman-Burke right in the frame. Caselli was just commissioned to redo the art. Sharman-Burke was part of the original, she probably knew Tricia hadn't been told, and could easily have told her anyway, just in case.. The stupid thing is - if this was for the money - she'd have done better to go for a reprint - more people wanted that than the far less appealing revamp.
  3. I got an answer from Eddison: NOT my spelling ! I suspect a copyright issue; I SUSPECT Sharman-Burke and Caselli are protecting the nasty new one. I can't see Tricia objecting, so...
  4. Sadly in the UK, unless it's marked as a gift, value (INCLUDING POSTAGE AND PACKING !!!!) has to be under £17. And the PO charges £8 to collect whatever customs requires. So the fees are often as much as the deck.
  5. Nice deck. But UK customs and - crucially - post office fees - means that I only back decks coming from the EU (and that might have to stop soon, too...)
  6. I truly don't care. I would be annoyed to become a pariah - for my SO's sake, not for mine; I am quite happy playing the hermit - but only one person in my life has started making a protective cross sign in front of herself when she can't avoid me.... One slightly amusing thing was when one of my sisters discovered I was what she called "interested" - and kindly - it was meant kindly - sent me the most basic tarot book I have ever seen in my life. It does have pretty pictures... But she'd be embarrassed to recall it if she ever actually SAW my tarot room, with its hefty tomes; she'd realise what she;'d done. People might or might not know. There are usually books in the living room - but there are also other books, and it would depend on which was on top. Most days there are a few decks on my desk - but again - papers and the phone and stuff... The Collection is in its own room, and I could close the door with ease, if I liked. Though it is starting to spread; there are now some in a glass fronted cupboard in the bedroom - but most guests don't go up there. I want lee's wreath too. And the address of Daniel's witches' shop....
  7. Here it is right in the thread so people can be inspired (maybe they can't be bothered to click the link...)
  8. Like you - I KNOW I've seen it. The last time this happened, it turned out to be the Hallmark ! I've had a delightful conversation with her, though !
  9. BUT - I now know where it CAME from: fotofolia. Where there are several more shots of the same deck.
  10. OK FLiz you can give up now. She answered within minutes: DAMN and double damn.
  11. gregory

    New Member

    No worries; just someone I am trying to hunt down ! Welcome for who you ARE !
  12. Don't ever give up, FLiz. I am now so annoyed after trying for a while that I have emailed her....
  13. gregory

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    Hi Sion - do I recognise you from that avvie ?
  14. I thought it was more like a self-help book....
  15. I found that one very interesting. I didn't like the Alchemist. It seemed self-righteous and - a bit soppy. I read two others and decided there were authors I preferred.
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