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  1. Well I just totally redid the page. I finally decided on the dimensions of the cards, the font, and that they will be borderless. So I got them all cropped and sized and added the titles. Wow it makes a big difference having them all the same size and shape - they actually look like cards now instead of the mish mash of illustrations I had going on! And I put a graphic showing all of the Majors at once as they are revealed. Check it out - what do you think now? http://www.tabulamundi.com/pharos/
  2. Hi Rose, One more is up. The Tower, aka The Rod (don't laugh, I know all the jokes haha) http://www.tabulamundi.com/the-rod/ Once again the scan isn't the greatest, it flattens the colors too much. In real life there is much more variation of color. If anyone knows where to get a decent art quality large bed scanner that doesn't cost more than my car (that is a low bar since the car is nearly 20 yo) I am seeking one. These are A3 so pretty big. Not sure what to put up next. The Majors are done but am in process of redoing several of them. I'm not totally satisfied with even some of the ones posted but need to move on to a new deck project. This deck I made the designs simple and didn't try to get the drawing perfect since it was just to have something to paint to teach myself how to use watercolor (verdict:watercolor is harder than it looks but also can be fun). It was also to explore a certain idea set that will become apparent when the Majors are seen all together. I don't know if it will actually become a full deck. It might get shelved in favor of something new once I finish up the Majors. But for now I just have to finish these and get it out of my system and see what comes next.
  3. Two more Pharos Tarot cards up. More to come soon! The Arc, aka Temperance: http://www.tabulamundi.com/the-arc/ The Stanchion, aka The Hierophant: http://www.tabulamundi.com/the-stanchion/
  4. Sometimes when I have a stone and I'm not sure what it is but I really want to work with it, I'll make a few educated guesses about what it might be. Then read up on the metaphysical properties of the two or three most likely suspects. Often one will jump out as being exactly what I need in that moment, sort of explaining why I was so drawn to work with it. It's reverse engineering I guess and not very scientific but it works for me.
  5. Ditto what Nightshade said. I used to always do that too and it became a habit. But now I experiment and do whatever instinctively feels right at the time.
  6. My unicorn deck is a Sangreal Thoth. So unlikely to ever happen.
  7. Rose Lalonde[/member] Thank you for posting it. And for what it is worth I think this is now my fifth post. X/ I don't post much (obviously) so glad that you share these here and hope to hear if people like them borderless or not. They could be done either way.
  8. Hi friends...the Moon card is up and a test version of a card as borderless is there just to see how it might look that way but I'm not allowed to post links apparently or I would provide one for you
  9. I have one of these, in the blue TUCKBOX not the two part box, no copyright on the cards. The box is worn and has some tape on one end though. But the cards look good and the booklet is there. They do exist!
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