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  1. I dunno..it needs to be middle ground...not too hot, and not too cold or wet...:)
  2. ya and muggy feels gross...
  3. So kids are out of school down there already by next week? Here they go to end of June...and then they go back first week in September.. It has gotten so hot here, and my place faces west, so from like 6pm to 830pm its sweltering in here...I wish it would get windy..i love wind... I wrote you a PM too ~D~
  4. Tis ok, I just thought something might be wrong...U were MIA... Try not to stress out..one day at a time.. Scholar Owl graduated, and that's a very cool thing!
  5. She swapped a few spreads with me, and was always really sweet about things...I know she had to use the library computers a lot...But you guys know best...<3
  6. I understand... Super sad though...
  7. Wowza!!! Are you sure it was her? That sure doesn't sound like her...Maybe not well? Hope she is ok...
  8. wherefore art thou, @ToadieOdie
  9. Sorry Toadie, I didnt know you had been here, as it didnt let me know this time.. Ive always been bendy twisty or supple, and as Im getting older I just try to keep it up... BUT, I sure ganked myself this last few days out hiking...I think though it might be the hiking boots i had on, they were half size too small for me, so i was likely walking a bit different, and my left hip is very ouchy...
  10. I tried that... It doesnt happen every time, just some times.. Its not a big dealio, just thought it might be a bug or something...
  11. Today I see me over there, but sometimes it doesn't show me as being on the site... @Saturn Celeste
  12. I dont think so...It has me signed in sometimes, and other times it doesnt sign me in..????
  13. Not a huge deal, but I have noticed sometimes when I'm signed in here on the tarot site, it does not show me as being signed in waaa
  14. ~D~

    World Tarot Day

    Very cool! Tea and Tarot that day for sure...ignore that number on cake!
  15. I knew you would show up ;) Hope you had a really good birthday!
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