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  1. On Friday I opened my mailbox to find the Wisdom of the Trees Oracle. I am enjoying it and I like the guidebook a lot.
  2. Last night I had an idea - I'd love to host a Tarot Spread Study Group and I thought it would be a great fit here if you are interested. I wouldn't want it to be overly academic in nature, just cozy and fun. I'd probably call it the Tarot Spread Club. I think it would great as a subforum of Tarot Spreads or I could post these type of spreads drectly into Tarot Spreads forum if you're game. (I thought about the Deck Studies forum too.) As the host, I'd post weekly or monthly (depending upon interest) with a spread. The spreads would be either from my own collection or someone else's and they could be used with tarot and/or oracle decks. I'd probably aim for fun, creative and theme spreads. Those participating could share the deck they'd want to use with the spread, post links to their readings if they want, share similar spreads or their twists on the spread, etc. We could also discuss themes and share spreads that fit that theme (for example, Halloween.)
  3. Today my mail carrier delivered the Tarot of Dreams and the Dreaming Way Tarot.
  4. I've pre-ordered Colette Baron-Reid's Postcards from Spirit Oracle Deck. I really hope I like but I am a bit nervous about it, especially since I haven't see any cards from it. Some time ago I pre-ordered the Good Tarot as I normally like her decks. But after seeing a YT flip through, I cancelled the order.
  5. I'm currently reading Cross Kill by James Patterson. It is a short book, a little over 100 pages.
  6. I love tea and I was tickled to see that I'm not the only one who associates tarot with tea. ;D I have a lot of favorites but lately I have been drinking a lot of mint tea as it tastes great iced. I'm also a fan of Capital Teas. I am starting to purchase more and more loose tea as the quality is better.
  7. Tarot & Oracle Blessings The Rules: Draw two cards from your deck (tarot or oracle). These are two gifts/blessings you offer to the person below you. Be sure to state the name of your deck. The person who posts next accepts one of them and draws two more gifts/blessings. Example: ~ Card 1 ~ Card 2 ~ Today [Your deck] blesses you with the choice of [card 1] or [card 2]. Which will you choose? I'll start. Today the Oracle of the Unicorns blesses you with the choice of: Gentleness - Be kind to yourself and others. Honour your gentleness. Speak words of love. or Sanctuary - Take time and from the world. Spend more time alone. Mediate or go on retreat. Which do you choose?
  8. Unfortunately, a lot of my favorite shows are on hiatus but I'm slowly getting into Stitchers. I like how it keeps me guessing.
  9. What decks, books or other tarot-related items are you waiting to receive in the mail? I recently opened my mailbox and found the Gendron Tarot and the Secrets of the Mystic Grove Oracle deck.
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