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  1. Oh my gosh, look at that sweet pupper! I'm in this week with the Slow Holler again. I didn't have a chance to do any tarot last week, so.... Thanks for the thread VG!
  2. I rediscovered the Slow Holler. I used it today for the first time in a while and I forgot how much I love it. I'll never part with it.
  3. I literally stared at my drawer full of decks for like an hour, unable to decide which one to use, before doing some eenie meenie miney mo. So, I'm doing the Slow Holler this week. Thanks for the thread VG!
  4. I received the Skele-tarot yesterday, so I'll be playing with that this week. Thanks VG!
  5. Mine is just a photograph of some Dahlias I had a couple years ago, with a dreamy filter over it. I like doing natural photography, so I'm quite happy with this photo. Oh, and I updated my signature with an excerpt by one of my favorite poets.
  6. The majority of my decks are kickstarter decks. I like to check for decks a couple times a month. I like supporting projects like that and it's such a great way of finding unique decks. My favorite finds so far are the Marigold Tarot, Mesquite Tarot, and the Moon Power Tarot. Thankfully I don't have had to deal with customs. I also recently pledged for PhantasMeow's Tarot deck and The Deck of Queens. I really can't help myself
  7. I'm back from vacation and this update was so nice to come home to! I'm in with the Le Tarot des Femmes Erotiques this week. Thanks VG!
  8. I finally, FINALLY, got a shipping notification for the True Black. Soon, it will be mine.
  9. Yeah, it really helps that the artists have fairly similar styles. If you're interested in companion season decks, I know the artist for the Children of Litha deck is planning on doing an Ostara, Mabon and Yule decks. I'm sure that's a while away though
  10. I'm going to join in this week with the Ostara Tarot. Thanks VG.
  11. I just got the shipping notice for my Modrone. I'm so excited!
  12. I have one, though I don't work on it very consistently. I copy down spells and potions, herb/crystal correspondences, and general tips I find online. I sort it all into a binder specifically dedicated to it all. Once I figure out what I actually like and what works for me, I neatly copy it into a book I made by hand. Its made from heavy scrapbook cardstock and I write with archival ink so it can last. I don't worry too much about making it pretty, I just try to write neatly and cleanly. I do use calligraphy markers for the titles, and I might go in later with watercolors.
  13. 1) Despite the fact that The Killers aren't one of my top 10 fave bands, Hot Fuss is my absolute favorite album. 2) I am a Tolkien fan, even going so far as to get his logo tattooed on the inside of my wrist. 3) I am a very crafty person and am often alternating between projects whether it be sewing, embroidering, painting, or bookmaking.
  14. A little late to the convo, but I feel like a lot of people are curious about their ancestry and stuff because they don't really have a history? Personally, I'm really curious about my family history mostly because it's all just a blank space. There's people out there who know who their grandparents were and where their family comes from, who have these family stories of like when great-great-great granda fought in some war or have these family heirlooms that can be traced back generations. But personally, I don't have that kind of family history. My parents are immigrants, and I grew up very isolated from my extended family because they are all literally in a different country. I don't know even know who my grandparents are. My mom was able to tell me a little about her parents' lives, but she never met her own grandparents. We don't really have a generational memory or history to share. I have found that this is an experience that other first-generation immigrants have, though some are apathetic and others are not. On top of that, there's also the curiosity of my ethnic background. My dad's last name can be traced back to a specific lieutenant in the Conquistador army, and my mom's maiden name is Austrian, which is so weird because her father was so dark skinned. How did that happen? Lots of latine people are mestizo, and I think that when it's something we think of, we kind of are vaguely aware that it's the result of colonialism, but it's not something we actively acknowledge. Trying to work out where we come from is our way of working through that.
  15. I think I'll be using my Madam Clara Sees All deck. I recently got the 2nd edition, and the cardstock is so much nicer than the 1st edition... and the backs are so much prettier too :P Thanks VG
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