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  1. Sorry, I voted for the CBD and it seems, it wasn't counted. Before my vote 14 people had voted - after my vote again 14 people had voted. ?
  2. Hi Barleywine, maybe these oracles at etsy would be of interest: Whisper in the Ear Oracle or Illuminated Earth Oracle?
  3. I vote for the Anna K. Lenormand because of the "soul behind". Actually I too like the old ones because of their claerness and tradition, but I voted for the "soul behind" as I mentioned. I like the images of the Dondorf, I was in the mood to buy it, but the copies I saw in reality looked very washed-out in comparison to the images I saw before. The Blue Owl is very practical and standard, but much more beautiful is the Anna K.
  4. Many thanks, Raven! I think you are right, Daniel, it is different for different people. It is a good idea to look for art that triggers ones childhood. I have a deck that I love and am looking for other decks in that manner. The deck what speeks on a deep level to my inner child are the Story Cards by Cathy Nichols. I think, they are full of atmosphere and soul. I will look at the Inner Child Cards and the Psychards, that sounds promising, thank you for your recommendations!
  5. Oh, beautiful artwork! I'll have to dive deeper in the cards and meanings, the poem is great! Maybe when you have worked with the deck you could describe your experience? For me tarot is an oracle as well, so I'm grateful that you mentioned it! I appreciate it!
  6. I'd like to ask you, if you use any oracle deck for inner child work or what oracle deck is speeking deeply to the inner child of you? I'm in search of a lovely oracle deck especially for that and would be grateful to get some inspiration.
  7. The Bohemian Gothic Tarot.
  8. Thank you very much! It is a really nice deck, I like it.
  9. Raggydoll, may I ask, which tarot deck you used? It looks wonderful! Very interesting theme, thank you for opening the thread!
  10. Therese

    Any TdM lovers here?

    I like TdM's too very much. I find it not difficult to read them, in fact I find it much easier. Does anyone own the Budapest or Rosenwald Tarot? They are looking nice.
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