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  1. I always want to write about Lucifer.
  2. How do you remember what the cards' meanings are, without referring to books?
  3. Today, I am the five of cups. I am in some kind of sorrow.
  4. Please change my username to hishandmaiden.
  5. I am not good at reading when tired. I need to be alert to read well.
  6. Can anyone recommend some decks that are christian-based?
  7. Just curious: Any christian-based tarot cards out there?
  8. What are some good tarot books, which deal in the meanings of the cards? Prefer keyword based meanings as that is easier to remember. Do make your recommendations!
  9. 4 of Pentacles I'm sensing that your cat will come back to you if you sit tight and wait; the cat knows where stability and home is. Will I hear from R (company)? 2 of cups It is likely you will form a relationship with R, so the answer is yes.
  10. I hope you find your cat soon. I know what animals can bring to one's life. I used to own two rabbits myself!
  11. A: The Chariot Yes a man will bring it with his cart which is drawn by two horses. Question: Should I buy an other Tarot Deck? King of Wands Yes, you should buy a tarot deck since you are passionate. Should I buy another tarot deck?
  12. 2 of sword. No, you probably won't publish your book this year since you are uncertain about what choices to make. Will I be in luck this year?
  13. For me, I like to use the 3 cards spread. I find that easy. Sometimes, though, I use the celtic cross.
  14. I have a different problem from you. I can take 3 cards spread, no problem. But longer spread... well... I find that tough.
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