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  1. Sure, and thank you for admitting me.
  2. Today, I am grateful for a day of relative peace.
  3. Your reading works for me, grandma. To the person below: Strength You need to rely on your inner strength as the time passes. Now is the time when you need to shift away from the outside world and build on your inner reserves. You can overcome anything you do, trust in your inner strength!
  4. Strength Yes, but you need to rely on your inner strength to overcome that. Will I be able to progress in my html skills?
  5. Seven of Pentacles E is probably reaping the rewards of his/her efforts. Will I find favor with L?
  6. I haven't encounter a deck that I can't resonate with, yet.
  7. Mainly, I read with it more because of the sheer amounts of books that recommend starting with it.
  8. Being a christian, personally, I love the RWS christian themes.
  9. If I could start over, I would be more diligent in my tarot studies.
  10. I think one should accept a bad card, as much as a good card.
  11. I think the study of tarot makes me smarter, because I gain new knowledge along the way.
  12. I like the pictures in my universal waite deck. That is what drew me to it,
  13. I only currently own one deck-the universal waite, so I use it for reading.
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