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  1. Assholes are on my mind, may they rot.
  2. I caught the pilot episode for WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS (vampire/comedy). It was quirky and funny, so I taped last night's episode. Bummed I had a Commission meeting that ran late last night...have to watch the new episode this weekend.
  3. Give it a little time. I had more hits and sales in Feb and March, and lots more "favored items," which I think helps drive additional traffic. I remember one day I had about 15 or 16 likes of items in just two hours...basically the same items. It's been neat to see what resonates at any given time. Still, I wish I'd be driving more traffic to readings, as I'm still doing many more face-to-face (tarot) readings vs. cyber. :/ All Best, Sandy
  4. I do quite a few of these already mentioned. I'll try out the ones I haven't. One of my other favorites is my singing bowl. <3 <3 Clears out the space so nicely. Also, this isn't quite the same as aromatherapy (lol!), which I also love, but I sometimes half onions and put them in the corners of a room or the house to cleanse it/clear the rooms. I believe onions also help absorb bacteria. Hubby dislikes the smell, but you know, I kind of love onions. They also sometimes figure in protection work for me.
  5. Well, it's 60.00 MORE than the 2nd edition cost, so still pretty costly for me. :) $60 is a steal! Nab that deck before it goes away!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to be a bad influence, but The Alice is my primary reading deck and it is simply fabulous, especially if you can also get the book.
  6. I just found a first edition for about 60 more than the 2nd edition. Worth it to splurge? (God, I am going broke over here...) It's a beautiful deck Raggydoll[/member]
  7. I think I mentioned before (a long while ago) one of my very first tarot decks was The Cat People (80s). And I have used it ALL these years. Over the past five years or so, especially, the images have actually been lifting/disappearing. They are ghost images in many cards. I ordered the 80s version today, to (maybe????) trade out mine. Found it on EBAY for 8.00. Same box. Cards in really good shape. I feel seriously conflicted about this replacement, however!
  8. No. If you can't deal with the energy of ANY day, good or bad, you probably should never, ever read for yourself. There is an amazing lesson in taking the good with the bad. Let the card stand. Then maybe you can see it in all its complexities. ;) With Love, Sandy
  9. I broke down and got the Zombie Tarot. It's just funny and I'd like to play with it. The images relate with my own intuition, so I'm hopeful we'll gel on some (decaying) level! ;)
  10. There is a system for predicting time in tarot. I will leave that up to anyone here who wants to respond to that question of tarot and time.
  11. @Blue, aren't you a skeptic? :bugeyed: I totally know things work out, Spiritually, but I am such a skeptic, regardless...very programmed in me. I just grew up so practical, so if it's not practical...I eyeball it. Not always useful, either, particularly in our line of work. <3
  12. Sorry. I wanted to quote Libra's post, but I wasn't sure if I did that, or an embed of an embedded post. ;) I am with you guys on so much of this, in terms of the practice of everyday-mindedness to keep grounded. But what is "off", in terms of perception of replies, is certainly a matter of viewpoint. And viewpoints are always evolving, regardless of spiritual center. Which is all to say: Love all these posts. I think they are interesting, to say the least. Edited to add: I will also say this, in terms of my own (very flawed!) self: Sometimes having a goal with a directed outcome/end date is EXACTLY what I personally need to accomplish things, Spiritually. So I give myself a date and say, "if this hasn't presented by then...onto something new." Goals are important. All Best, Sandy Thank you for your insight, but I will politely disagree. There is ALWAYS a destination, but it may not always be the right one. Or it may be that the one we think we are moving towards is just a detour. I'm with AJ-ish on this! I've been watching the thread and feeling THINGS about it, but not commenting because it definitely felt like there was something off, at least compared to my view of life. I know that if I'm always looking at where I'm going, I'm not being truly present with where I AM in life, and feel that dissatisfaction and boredom. By being present with where I am, I can truly enjoy life and not be stepping out of it to look at what's not here. But then, when it does come to goals and things that I want - well, I'm not a passenger in a plane. I'm LIVING my life, so if I am waiting for something, well, that's a sign that I'm not actively DOING something to bring that into my life. If I've done all that I can, then I leave it with the universe and don't see the point in watching the pot come to a boil. I'm going to trust that if it's meant for me, it'll come, and I can put my energy elsewhere. So I'm not waiting around, I'm giving my energy to a docent aspect of my life that needs my attention more than starting wistfully into what I hope is coming. If what I was seeking never comes into fruition, then it was not meant for me. That's where my soul work comes into play! That's where I start digging into the core desire behind what I wanted, and find a new path to meet that core desire. There's always a way to meet those core desires, even if it's far from what you expected. You're not stuck on a plane, and fulfillment isn't reached by reaching a certain goalpost you set. You're giving away your power by treating yourself as a passenger of life! You're a creator of it!
  13. OOPS. Posted too soon (no text on my end). My post coming up. Sorry about that.
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