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  1. I'm caving in and buying the Bohemain Gothic mini, the new Millenium Thoth Tarot, and The Tarot of Perfection by Rachel Pollack.
  2. Two excellent rules to live by!
  3. I think you’ve summed up my feelings about it PathWalker. It’s hard to see outside a particular framework. I could see your point of seeing them as beings the same way you see spirits in nature.
  4. I will ask to get an email notification, thank you for sharing! I'm sorry the creator has passed away, the site seemed like a good one.
  5. Wow. Thank you all for the thoughtful responses. The reason that I am asking is because I've been drawn to Wicca/Witchcraft, and I struggle to leave behind some things in my Muslim faith that have been real for me. A big part of my spiritual experiences has been protection by angels. Like DJUK said, if I were to adopt a strict Wiccan framework, I probably wouldn't work with angels. But seeing angels in different cultures is something that I have I have to do some more research on. I have a book on angels and at first glance, they have angels in other cultures and religions, like Hinduism and Buddhism. Maybe I should give it a look over. I always thought of angels being an Abrahamic concept, but the Old Testament has some strong Babylonian and Persian influences, as well.
  6. I just have a question for the practicing Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, etc. on this forum. I'm only seeking opinions, not looking to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Do you believe in Angels in the craft? Do you work with angels? I'm asking because some authors like Silver Ravenwolf and Fiona Horne have mentioned working with angels even though they are, or so I thought, and Abrahamic belief. What are your thoughts?
  7. So, I've watched the first video and I've listened to what Angali has said (that's what we should do), and it is enough for me to not want to purchase the deck. I feel that CBR has appropriated a culture without even properly consulting someone from that culture, and that's a serious faux pas. Taking something that is sacred to millions and then misrepresenting it is a serious no-no.
  8. I just watched it and it was a little long, but I did learn some good things and learned about some new decks.
  9. Listen y’all. I need help. I really don’t have much money after bills but I’m thinking of buying a Bohemian Gothic mini. Change my mind please.
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