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  1. Oh I haven't seen this, sorry! Close, but keep guessing.
  2. "I am his and he is mine. From this day, until the end of my days."
  3. Lovely deck, well done. I just did a reading with my Rider Waite on my Paul Klee book, haha! Love Klee. Something very joyful about his work.
  4. Love my morning coffee, but I avoid it after 5pm because it keeps me awake. One cup is enough. When I drink tea it's almost always herbal. Something about the "standard" tea just bores the heck out of me. Plus I love the different benefits of different herbs. Nettle for healthy blood, peppermint for when I need to cool down, chamomile for upset stomach and so on.
  5. Curious to hear if anyone else here is on a yoga journey and how you feel since you started. How did you come to it? When did you start? Do you only practice asanas or all yoga? What changes do you notice, physically and mentally?
  6. I'm grateful for this topic because it's a good reminder of how to think.
  7. I'm a Phoenix too @Nordica De Spell. Nice quiz!
  8. Aw, thanks guys! xx <3
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