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  1. Cookie[/member] Here's a link to the study guide on Quareia. Page 47 talks about visionary magic i.e. active imagination. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/539af6bee4b0cef061847e36/t/5ad5c040352f5392dfa34259/1523957827412/studyguide-web-PDF.pdf It's also a free course.
  2. Wassup Cookie[/member] I'm not sure I'd consider myself fairly advanced, but thank you for the compliment. lol I believe the same about active imagination. Josephine McCarthy calls it 'inner vision' and teaches you how to use it in her course on magic, Quareia. You should check it out if you want to engage with the occult and build 'magical muscle' so to speak. I'm going to engage with the course as soon as I've learned proper meditation. One of my other magician friends called me a 'natural magician', because active imagination came easy to me. Last lunar eclipse, I kept floating off throughout the day and learned some interesting things from my guide. There are also a lot of parasites 'over there' in the inner worlds. I'd say there's purely inner work like probably working with an inner representation of a person or an archetypal energy even maybe, but there's also more 'expansive' work as well. I'll say I'm not even sure it matters what sign your guide is like. Idk where I'd place my first guide. I wouldn't be too concerned about the astrology aspect of things. I'm fairly new to the field myself and haven't found it an issue when engaging with the IGM. All you need to know is how to identify potentially repressed energies and read aspects to engage with these archetypes effectively. Honestly, you don't even need to know the astrology, because your guide can just take you where you need to go. Interesting about the shadow side. That sounds really cool! I'd be down to exchange experiences. If you want, feel free to PM me too.
  3. Cookie[/member] I'll also say that in November 2018, I had a guide changeover. My guide, who'd been with me since I was a child, left me and introduced me to my new guide. They're very different.
  4. Hi Cookie[/member] I'd already been doing active imagination/astral projection ever since I could remember. I kind of knew it was weird to do it, but I didn't have a name or concept for what I was doing until Fall 2018. I actually didn't do the Inner Guide Meditation to find my guide and I think the Koch astrology house system for seeing what your guide looks like and acts like is incorrect. I've spoken to another magician who says his guide is more akin to the sign on his 8th house cusp. My guide appeared to me as a kid in my sleeping dreams, around kindergarten and he appeared in many of my dreams for over a decade up until college. I decided he was a guide, because he guided me through those dreams and then I met him through active imagining early on as well and we did many things 'over there'. I blocked out active imagining for the most part via drugs when I was 18-24 and only recently re-engaged with this. The magician I mentioned earlier in this post gave me the Inner Guide Meditation and told me I shouldn't use active imagination as a pastime anymore, but should use it for a purpose like inner work with the archetypal energies. I'll be honest, I haven't engaged very much with the IGM, but it's been interesting so far. I'm very undisciplined with my imagination/astral projection though, which is something I'm trying to work on.
  5. I'm still reading through other posts, but I'd like to suggest Edwin Steinbrecher's book 'Inner Guide Meditation' on active imagination, Jungian archetypes, tarot and astrology. He teaches you how to safely engage with active imagination. He also tells you what archetypal energies might be repressed in you, based off of your astrological natal chart. I don't agree with the conclusions of like half of the book, but the actual introduction to active imagination that he gives is quite useful in my opinion. I've been doing active imagining ever since I can remember. When I commit to the imagined/astral body, I meet with my guide/contact and we get down to work. I've met a lot of entities 'over there' and not all of them are nice or good for me. I have yet to engage in shadow work through this tool or activity in a serious manner. I used to practice making constructs in the inner worlds and do things for entities when they asked. My current guide says I made a lot of mistakes as a child, playing around with these entities. This is a very short experience I had with Venus/the Empress archetypal energy a couple months ago. It was a relatively shallow active imagination experience: We went back to the solar system and I asked to go to Venus. We went to the planet and then the Empress came forth as a naked woman with tree branches and vines growing out of her skin, which was translucent almost and glowing. She said the part of her within me is wilted and said I over-prune her. I asked how I could fix it and she said I needed to stop pruning and let her grow, not stamp her out. She started to get really angry at me and my guide pulled me away. I stopped journeying when that happened, came back instantly. She kind of roared at me and her vines/branches shot out at me as I was leaving.
  6. Oh thank you! Much appreciation.
  7. Sorry if this is a repeat thread. Let me know if it is! I was wondering when do you all stop shuffling? My friend said she feels electricity/energy and knows it's time to stop. Another said he hears a voice say it in his head. What about all of you?
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