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  1. I have started a blog that is about the stuff I study, and as a platform for the Apps I have been designing. The pages of the blog will be mostly re-written excerpts from all of my notebooks for the last twenty years or so. I will just keep adding them as I go. Give it a read and a follow. As I bring the Birth chart tools and tarot journal tools online for testing you can be involved. theEther
  2. thanks We made it to 13% so far and in hopes of keeping up the momentum I started a referral program with Kickbooster. The referral program creates a unique link to the fundraiser that tracks your referrals so that you can receive a commission for spreading the word about the fundraiser. I've spent so many years with my nose in books, I have definitely NOT been building up extensive social networks..... thanks a million
  3. https://perfect-trine-1.kckb.st/23dfa667
  4. i thank you so much... but just one thing, the link for perfect trine takes me to the Wizard's Tarot.
  5. The fundraiser for the Perfect Trine deck started today. The was designed as a gift for my wife to learn some of the astrology basics and it grew into a rather complete tool. the back features The planets and their associated signs grouped in each ring with their ruling Planet and it's sign. The rings are then organized in the order of the speed of the planets. Rather than jokers this time around I made a couple cheat sheet cards for the zodiac displaying their key words and best|worst qualities. Each card is tagged with an appropriate title of element, zodiac, or decan. please feel free to peek at the Fundraiser, and please do share it with anyone you think may enjoy it. Thanks so much for hanging out with me and taking the time to be my critics for the last couple years.
  6. If one wants to start doing readings right away, One would have to memorize the meanings of the card to some extent. A tarot reader has to either learn the symbolic language of their cards or create one of their own with their own experiences and intuition. Selecting a deck of cards that has symbolic images or titles that correlate with one's own life can spread up that intuitive process. A good foundation in Christianity makes the Rider Waite deck easy to read, back ground in classical astrology and kaballah reveals the Thoth deck, western astrology makes the Egyptian decks like the Brotherhood of Light deck readily apparent. A deck of cards that really catches the eye, could still be relatively useless....there are many of us here that have bought hundreds of decks...but still tend to use the first ones we got.
  7. The Perfect Trine Kickstarter will begin June 14. For the most part it is a learning/study poker deck. Flash cards with a lot of the astrological symbols, some of their relationships to one another, and astrological tells to aid in learning to read poker cards for divination . If anyone thinks it is worthy please give it a share. This is a deck I made on the side while I was working on my tarot deck. I had so many ideas and cool art I was leaving out, I am easily distracted I guess, and this is probably why it seems like I will never get my tarot deck finished .
  8. thanks I polished up the fundraiser page. We chose not to use the images of the mock deck for the most part. Perfect Trine I'll start a thread in the appropriate forum when the fundraiser actually starts in a couple weeks.
  9. I am preparing an astrological/tarot themed poker deck for kickstarter. It was meant to be a quick warm up to learn the fundraising process...that got a lot more involved than I had expected. I was asked to release it during the Church of Light's astrology convention....which meant I had to actually finish it, with a deadline and everything. click to view a preview perfectTrine. I am sure it is full of typos and stuff. please feel free to let me know if things look bad on your device or computer.
  10. Numerologically tens represent the beginning and or the end of the cycle. Being wands or fire we can expect this series to have to do with creative thoughts or aspirations. So in a positive sense you might have a new idea or come across an idea for a new invention. in a negative sense you may find that you bit off more than you can chew, and it is maybe time to take a step back and reassess what you thought was the proper way to approach it. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  11. No probably not. In that case it actually depends on what they use as the seed value or condition for the program to use to initiate the random drawing cards. There could be anything going on there that actually has almost nothing to do with you. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  12. When you're shuffling the cards your muscles are part of the process. Being tense will affect your shuffle. And if you're tense the same way all the time consistently shuffling the same way on a regular basis you will pull the same cards Over and over. The cards you get are likely not the answer to your question they're more like the answer to your stress. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  13. the fool is about the choice being made, what led to that point and what proceeds after informs us of the way the Fool is operating. It could be impulsive or it could be well thought out. Often though "the best laid plans of mice and men go awry." The fool is making the choice to blindly walk off the edge. is that foolishness or faith that his next step will land true regardless? is the dog really nipping at his heals, or is he courageously about to step off the cliff with the fool?
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