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  1. I'm not sure when I started using this interpretation, but I picked it up somewhere along the years and I've just always stuck with it :) Spring: Cups (emotional new beginnings, fits with the energy of spring) Wands: Summer (fiery, hot, creative - the full expression of the season) Autumn: Pentacles (slow, considered, fruitful - the harvest) Winter: Swords (cold, clear, sharp reasoning, perception - the winter months)
  2. I need to get some gratitude today so I hope you don't mind me butting in Today I'm grateful for getting back to work after a period of being off sick, the fact that the next episode of GOT is waiting for me when I get home, positive feedback on tarot readings, my meditation practice, sunshine, everything working out, listening to the magpies playing in the trees outside my apartment, ordering new books and all the love and abundance I currently have in my life
  3. For readings for others, it's always my very old but very loved Rider Waite Smith (that is if I'm caught on the hop - usually another deck will make itself known for the sitter but if I don't have time to allow that to happen, I just grab my RWS). For readings for myself I always end up shuffling The Wild Unknown first edition.
  4. Audelia


    I agree with the other posters, in that I think if this feels right for you to do, then do it. I love the idea of asking your deck how it feels about being put out on loan - maybe the answer you get might influence your decision :) As for me, I have gifted decks to friends in the past. There's only one deck that I don't really let anyone touch and that's purely because I favour it for my own personal readings. But again, it's a matter of personal preference.
  5. Oh I'm so happy for your site and you opening your own shop! You read me a little while ago and it was awesome, I'm sure you'll do well. When you do open for business you might want to think about joining our paid readers hub here! https://www.thetarotforum.com/information/information-station/ Thanks so much Saturn, I appreciate the kind words and the suggestion! I will definitely check the hub out :)
  6. Thank you so much Raggydoll :) I'm very excited!
  7. Ah thank you so much! I'm super excited :)
  8. Hi everyone, I recently took the plunge and started my very own tarot website where I will be, hopefully in the not-too-distant future, opening my own shop :) At the moment I'm just finding my feet, but I'd love it if you'd check it out: www.empressandstar.net And for anyone who wants to connect on Instagram (I'm much more active over there) you can find me @empressandstar :) Thanks!
  9. In 'real life' I'm a writer by trade, so this means that I have about 64 paper tarot journals on the go ;D (I just can't help myself). My journals contain my own personal readings, intuitive insights, and automatic writing sessions with my spiritual team. I find that taking out my journal and physically writing down what I perceive in my personal readings really helps me to connect with the information and guidance I'm receiving. Plus, it's always handy to have a record on hand that you can refer back to. I couldn't do without a paper tarot journal now. I absolutely love the ones I have :)
  10. I recently changed the way I shuffle. So I went from doing an overhand shuffle, to now doing a shuffle on the 'shorter' side of the deck, if that makes sense. I have no idea why, it's just something that evolved naturally and I'm flowing with it :) I stop shuffling when I get that intuitive nudge. Then I cut three times with my left hand, allowing the cuts to be wherever 'feels' right. Its so fascinating how everyone has their own method. I love reading/hearing about reader's unique habits.
  11. I love this thread :) Today I am grateful that I have another snow day, so don't have to brave the lethal elements currently outside thanks to Storm Emma. I am very grateful that I get to stay in my cosy home with my fiance and that we're both safe, well and have heat and electricity. I'm also grateful to see the snow. We haven't had a proper snowfall here in years, and I find falling snow so incredibly peaceful. Thank you.
  12. I just ordered the Anima Mundi from Beth @ Little Red Tarot and I am SO excited for it to get here. I've had my eyes on this ever since I saw the Kickstarter campaign and I was overjoyed when LRT started stocking it. I'm EU based so it means less of a wait in terms of delivery :) I can't wait to get my hands on it! (My new year's resolution was to buy zero decks this year, but alas, here we are...)
  13. Animal Reiki sounds incredible Little Fang! :) Animals are so perceptive to energy, my dog can literally sniff me out when she knows I'm doing Reiki :)
  14. Hi everyone, Just thought I'd add a discussion to this forum. My questions is: What type of healer are you? I.e. what type of energy healing do you practice? I'm a Reiki and SKHM Master and also practice Magnified Healing, although the Magnified Healing is just for personal use. How do you work your energy healing? :)
  15. Thank you so much High Priestess! I can tell you that twilight is my favourite time of day & I have a very strong connection to the cycles of the moon. I’m so happy to hear my chakras are clear. I should tell you that I’m actually a Reiki master so work on myself every day :) In terms of receiving your treatment, I could feel the energy very strongly & I slept like a log last night :) You have a wonderful gift & are a fantastic practitioner. Thank you for sharing this.
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