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  1. I hardly have any! I agree, though, that a poll of which decks we all regularly use would be interesting...
  2. Happy birthday, Pathwalker!
  3. Oh goodness, I didn't realise it was a milestone birthday! I love your thoughts about continued growth through the decades. Hope you had a wonderful day!
  4. Happy birthday! . Have a fabulous day!
  5. (And struggling a bit with my tablet computer - and the new emojis!)
  6. Posting here, as suggested!
  7. I don't reorder the cards after a reading, no. But I do shuffle them so the cards from the reading are shuffled back into the deck and any energy from the reading is dissipated. Periodically, I'll pop a deck on a windowsill overnight at the full moon. I like to do the same at the solstices. (Summer solstice I try to get them into the sun in the garden too.) If I'm doing that, I'll sort the deck into order. Kind of cleansing ritual thing.
  8. Not necessarily impulsive (though I personally read the Fool as impulsive more often than not) but definitely risk-taking: "Leap and the net will appear" - or not!
  9. I would quite like a happy squirrel card and an individually ink-drawn extra card... but I can't pay $94 plus shipping for a special edition pack when all I want is the two cards! ;D
  10. I was going to say "me too" to Arabella[/member] 's post about starting earlier - and then I realised that DevonCarter[/member] and joy[/member] were already there! Can I "me four"? I've been interested in tarot since I was about twelve - dabbled briefly in my early twenties - but always let - oh, let's call it Catholic guilt! - scare me away! Still, I'm so so glad I'm here now with my cards. Otherwise, I wouldn't change very much about my tarot journey so far. I still have so much to learn - but that's the way I like it. :)
  11. I keep them all. Even the Morgan Greer one that arrived squashed because it really doesn't fit the deck! (Although when I get round to it, I am going to knit a bag to keep the Morgan Greer deck in - hopefully before I start losing cards from it.) Have to say though, I do find some of my decks a bit overpackaged (Everyday Witch or Arthurian Tarot, I'm looking at you!). I try to cut down on things like packaging in general - and I don't love that some of my decks have arrived shrink-wrapped in layers of plastic.
  12. Jewel[/member] Yes, I agree that "poetic" is a good word for the Shadowscapes. I think that's where I get the sense of chatting from - I have to sit down with it and spend time puzzling out what it's trying to say. It talks in metaphors! :)
  13. My favourite deck is the Shadowscapes - which I wasn't expecting to like as much as I do. Honestly, I bought it very cheaply on eBay! It was a complete impulse buy because it was so cheap. So what drew me to it was its price!!! :)) And then it arrived and I fell in love. Maybe it's because I read a fair few fantasy novels in my formative years but it just... works for me. It clicks with my imagination. It's RWS based but opens up the cards for me in ways I hadn't seen before. For example, 5 Wands - the frantic urgency of the foxes chasing the hard and the way the hare goes to ground so the foxes miss it, scattering every which way... Anyway, that's the very nonromantic start to my love affair with the Shadowscapes! I think it just goes to show that some things are meant to be!
  14. Yes, totally agree that different decks have different personalities. I only have a very small collection compared to some people (yes, I'm envious! ;D ) but will definitely pick up one deck or another depending on what I'm looking for. E.g. No nonsense advice = Thoth. A hug = Everyday Witch. A chat = Shadowscapes. (And my RWS has no sense of humour but sometimes that's right too...)
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