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  1. Haha love the gif I can now see everything! Thanks both
  2. I can't see any of the specific subscriber forums : help?
  3. Great, thanks @DanielJUKI'll give all of these a go
  4. May i sign up as a mentor please? I have been doing the tarot for 20 years now. I am teaching a class outside of TTF I'm an intuitive reader and i liked to read intuitively as much as i read with the system I believe in :teach once learn twice Ill have some extra time to give to community come August. Bright blessings,
  5. The tarot forum landing page is just recent topics and other things. I would have preferred seeing the different subforums on my landing page--is there a way to customize this?
  6. Thank you so much for creating the forum @Saturn Celesteand @Raggydollfor@Raggydollfor the vote of confidence. Just what we needed i think!
  7. Does anyone else find the site slow to load? This is especially on my phone.. I'm using chrome on android. Also the old AT had a forum for subscribers called professional Tarot. Here i only see three places for subscribers to talk, exchanges and trading and that's about it. Am i missing another place for similar subscriber only chatter?
  8. Namasté! I'm a tarot reader and have been for over 20 years. I just set up on the Etsy platform and gradually working to build up over there --My specialties are Dreams, SWOT analysis, and I like to marry science + psychology with my tarot readings. I'm happy to do custom readings after a private chat with you so feel free to send me a message! My Etsy store can be found here Thanks and blessings _/\_ Ashtoreth
  9. Thank you @HOLMES:)
  10. Thanks everyone!
  11. DanielJUK wow it must have taken a ton of work. I'm impressed that this forum has come up to about the same level of engagement as AT! Now to figure out things like how does tagging users work, Thank you @AJ-ish!
  12. Thank you Stephanelli!
  13. Thank you! Yes AT pulled a "Tower" move on us all. But I love how wonderful this forum has gotten (I remember briefly logging in last year when all of this happened but this forum was still in its inception). So all's well that ends well! I do think of Solandia(?) from time to time, wondering what motivated her to do this, and I hope that she is well.
  14. that is a LOT of decks! How do you keep up with them? I had way more decks than I could handle at one time and it can't have been more than 2 dozen!
  15. I'm a bit particular about my readings! I will casually read but I have a rule-I never read if I haven't bathed that day-I always start my day with a bath or shower and I feel it helps in my "auric hygiene"! I will also do a meditation, centering exercise, shuffle my cards, and almost always try to have a lit candle for my reading. Oh and I need a bit of tidiness at least!
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