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  1. I throw out tuck boxes but I keep the sturdy ones that close with a magnet because they're much sturdier and I can use them for other things if I want to . One of them I even covered in suede and bead work and gave for a Christmas gift.
  2. You're very welcome Joe! I wish you all success in your new endeavor. :D
  3. It's perfectly okay with me to try this if you want to, Joe. Let us know how it goes. My reason for doing this was to give people who can't afford readings at the current prices a chance to get a reading. I read for others to provide a service and although I need money, I'm more concerned with making readings available to everyone, not just to the ones who can afford the going rate. I didn't have a single person who didn't pay at least something. And it averaged out that I was making more than if I charged a set fee. Now, I must point out to you that I used it more in person. I've worked for one of the places like Keen and there are many people who get addicted to readings and can't afford as many as they want so they try to scam free readings. If you put your offers online, be aware that if those people find you, you'll end up exposing yourself to that kind of scam. Another point I might make is that I was taking payment after the reading. Taking payment ahead of the reading is something you could consider. It eliminates the sitter's having the option to pay what they think the reading is worth but at least you do get paid something and eliminate the sitters who are just getting a reading and then skate without paying anything. I never had anyone skate on paying but it probably will happen now and then. Another thing I encountered was some sitters asking me "what's the going charge for a reading? I've never had one and I don't know how much to pay for the reading." It might work better to make a little sign that says "pay what you can afford" and then take payment before the reading.
  4. It was done both online and in real life, Daniel. :heartz:
  5. I'm still pondering this version of the Moon card. I love the image and I get what Poppy has portrayed here but I always sit and think about each card. The homeless here in America are often mentally ill. I think even if a person doesn't start out that way, homelessness could push someone over into it. Poor diet, sleep deprivation from having to be hyper-vigilant and the police coming to move you somewhere else when you're trying to sleep as well as the derision and even coldness of members of the public, young and old alike, would make one a little crazy. And then substance abuse also will make things even worse. Homeless people are sometimes addicts and alcoholics. The creatures crawling out of the river in the RWS image are very poignant in my mind. Alone in the cold and dark, with an addiction, there are definitely monsters that seem to hover around one and if you can't get your drug or alcohol, then the "snakes in your boots" will be out to get you. That term "snakes in his boots" is an old one from the 1800's and that's how they'd describe an alcoholic who has DT's. I've been through DT's myself and even though snakes weren't involved, there are plenty of other monsters that will visit in DT episodes. I'm going to keep perusing this card. It's quite eloquent and gives me new sparks of intuition in readings.
  6. Mine is me and my little dog Gypsy. I guess it just means I'm a real person behind my computer screen. X/ For years I didn't want to leave clues to anyone what I looked like because I was afraid of family member harassment and stuff like that. I've grown past that now. This photo was taken last August.
  7. I'm using dealing the deck into four piles as a means to randomize the deck. Even with smaller decks, this will randomize the deck better than any amount of other kind of shuffling. With the smaller decks, my method is to deal into four piles before a reading and then riffle shuffle after that's done. Since the Everyday Enchantment is so big I can't riffle it, what I sometimes do is just cut to the cards in a spread. For instance, instead of laying out a spread from the top, I just cut the deck and pull the card that's on the bottom of the top cut. (Hope that makes sense.) Other times, I'll do the four piles and cut to three piles and then reassemble but then deal off the top of the deck as I used to do with smaller decks. So far, I think I like "off-the-top" better because it's been my way for so many years. Quester, I'm so glad to see you've grown to love the deck. It's truly phenomenal, in my opinion.
  8. I was reading the book this morning about the Magician because there was a thread in reference to the Magician the other day. This deck is my very favorite now and I don't use any other at this point. But the material in the book about the Magician differs somewhat from what I've always been careful to point out is an illusionist meaning you can't trust your eyes, basically. However, in thinking about it, this Everyday Enchantment Magician is still an illusionist but not in a malicious or dishonest way. The illusion he's creating is the illusion of a natural, healthy area in the midst of a run-down area of a city. On the one hand, he's creating a positive illusion. On the other hand, he's creating an illusion that dirty, abused and polluted ground can grow nutritious, organic gardens. There are a ton of chemicals and other substances in the vacant lots of big cities and it's not possible for him to get rid of them so eating any food grown there could be toxic. Again, he might not know that and he may really intend to be doing a very positive thing. Others may see this and share his optimism. Poppy calls that snake-looking animal in the lower right corner of the card a legless lizard, but it could also indicate something like the snake in the Garden of Eden. The fact that it forms an lemniscate can be pointing to the fact that there's always a "snake in the garden" of what you think is real and good. Also, usually the lemniscate is portrayed as being over the Magician's head but in this case, it's down in the dirt. This may be telling us to never forget to consider both sides of an issue and never to blindly accept something without considering all sides. Never just see the situation and catch the enthusiasm for someone else's ideas and projects without considering every aspect. I love this deck.
  9. I haven't been able to think of three things. I'm such a blabbermouth. I was on AT for 17 years and now here that even though there's a lot not in my profile, I can't think of three things I haven't already blabbed but let's see-- Hmmm---Oh! Here's something that's indirectly about me. My oldest grand-daughter I raised has a book signing on April 19th. She has a book on Amazon now. And the youngest one is engaged to a wonderful guy and is due to have her first baby on or before the 16th. Her fiance has two other little ones who are 3 and 4 years old that they have joint custody of. The reason that's about me indirectly is that this is the proof of the pudding so to speak that shows whether I raised them with what they need to live productive and responsible lives. (Whew! I think I did!) OK now I'll try to think of two other things that are REALLY about me. At one time I was corresponding with over 200 prison inmates for research on a book. I'd do almost anything for a box of chocolate covered cherries, ladylike or not. :bugeyed: :shhh:
  10. They're called "bread dough baked in the oven and painted". See? I'm not forgetful like you. >:D Or sometimes they're called bread I forgot to take out and it becomes a doorstop.
  11. Oh gosh yes! It wouldn't be any stretch to say that millions of readings are given on forums like this! Go check out AT and you'll find thousands and more. Do a search on my posts in the exchange sub-forum there on my name and you'll see that I did lots and lots of them there and tried to make the threads easy to follow for anyone observing and wanting to find their way through each one without getting lost with all the posting in the threads. In fact, you might want to do some exchanges here if you want to get the feel of it.
  12. I see the Fool as being more scatterbrained than impulsive. He just isn't paying attention to what he's doing. He's very distractible. Something can catch his attention and he goes with it even when he should keep his focus. It doesn't matter what he's facing for not being cognizant of where he is and what his feet are doing. On the other hand, he may have been acting on some kind of an impulse when he headed out toward the cliff. When he got to the cliff, then not paying attention comes into play. The Fool in the Everyday Enchantment is a good example of all the ways a card can speak to us. In this one, in addition to all the additional meanings associated with the card, This shows a construction worker up on a high scaffolding and he's looking toward someone who is an observer, kind of showing off for them. What would be something that could distract the guy that way? Well, maybe he's got a very low opinion of himself that's reinforced by his personal life every day. Whoever is looking at him seems to be in awe of his ability to be up there doing what work he's doing and thinks he's special. Because he isn't getting good vibes back from his personal life, he just momentarily forgets to watch what he's doing because he's getting this much-needed admiration and he's about to fall off the scaffolding as a result. Now, the other cards in a spread tell more of the story, but I just mentioned it because of all the many interpretations that can be given for the Fool and why he's about to o off a cliff. It's very hard to pin down just one. Losing one's focus at important times is definitely one meaning to be considered. In the case of the Fool on RWS depicted with that little bandana bag on his stick, it might be that he's naive and gullible enough to take it literally when somebody convinced him that the bandana will act as a parachute if he goes off the cliff if he just hangs onto the stick. He's too trusting and takes everyone's word for things without thinking it through completely. I hope this post makes sense. Talk about distracted! I was making this post and heard an absolutely horrendous crash. We have a lot of accidents here on the highway and when I heard that, I ran out in my bare feet (my poor old feet) to see if I needed to go help somebody. Turns out it was another big tree that crashed down. Not snow this time. Maybe just that the trees are leafing now and one that was damaged in the snow storm might have just finished breaking because the new leaves and the rain was too heavy. We're due for at least three inches of rain here so I hope this isn't going to repeat itself. At any rate---distraction is right! lol
  13. I italicized the "not tainted" passage because it always bothers me so deeply when a reader uses the cards to push their own agenda. If they can't step aside and let the cards speak, they shouldn't read for others.
  14. I just take a few minutes to get my "self" out of the way so my reading will be just what the cards are saying, not tainted or tinged with any of my own opinions or biases, and then I spend a little time getting the ice broken with the sitter. Then we decide on the question and I make the spread. I use a specific question and named positions and I usually use my own Teahouse/Scrabble spread. I do a lot of reading about the One Mind and quantum physics and stuff like that, and the connections we make with others at a distance over the internet can be very solid. You don't make that connection 100% of the time because sometimes you'll get a sitter who isn't sincere and being honest, but most of the readings I've ever done long distance were very solid and effective.
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