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  1. I'm totally enthralled with this deck, gregory. I went to find the book you mention on Amazon and found that the Kindle edition was $2.99. I just got credited with a $3 payment for a review and I got the Kindle book. It's totally fascinating and I'm so impressed with this deck! One of my grand-daughters has been very interested in Tarot and I think this deck will be something she should really take a look at. She's been interested in mythology for years now and her mindset would definitely go along with the philosophies I'm seeing in this book. I haven't read the AT review yet but I will. I just came back here to post about having found that it's not a Thoth-based deck at all and my impressions having gotten the Kindle book.
  2. Gosh, I just got the Thoth-based Zillich the other day and in doing a general Celtic Cross included in the little booklet just to try it out, I surprised myself with being able to do a clear reading for myself with this deck! I've been reading cards for 21 years and this is the first time I've been able to get a clear reading for myself. I don't know what worked the charm, but I'm very pleasantly surprised with it. I posted the reading in the Thoth section asking for input and LeFou gave me some very good input on the reading just now, too. LeFou, you read beautifully for other people. You should have more confidence in your ability to do that.
  3. I've been working really hard on my website over the last week or so and I'd really like some input. I need to work on my menu, I know, and it needs to carry over to all pages which I haven't figured out how to do yet, but would anyone mind having a look with fresh eyes instead of just my old ones and give me any tips and suggestions they might have? To navigate, you'll have to use your back button to return to the first page each time you want to switch for now, but I'll devote myself to fixing that part next. Also, please give the blog a go-through. I've kept posts brief. I have several categories in the Blog but Tarot has the most entries right now. Helpful suggestions always welcome and if there's something you'd like covered in topics, just let me know. Thanks in advance. I appreciate anyone who will take the time to do this.
  4. The Barbara Walker in a Tin is new to me. I have an old Barbara Walker somewhere but I never paid any attention to it. I do have some questions, though, and with the condition of my eyes right now, I can't read the little booklet very well. First question: Is this deck a Thoth clone? I see she's named her minors similarly to Thoth but using different yet similar key words. Second question: This isn't really a question. Just a tentative observation by me. This seems to be a deck dealing with the Sacred Feminine and I like that. Am I right that it is? I'm finding that getting some new decks is actually adding a really nice new element to my Tarot knowledge. I'm glad I traded for some of the decks I did and I'm also glad I didn't know the Zillich was Thoth-based and that Barbara Walker might be because I usually pass Thoth-based decks by just automatically.
  5. I've found that clients don't really care what deck I read with. If I were to offer a choice, some of them would be up tight wondering if they could pick the "right one" or something. I read with whatever deck I choose at that time, for whatever reason it seems to me that's the deck to use. Same with not explaining history and symbolism and this card means this and that card means that. They want answers to whatever questions they have and they're paying me to provide the answers, not teach them Tarot, show off my Tarot collection, or put my knowledge of symbolism and history on display (not that I have much of those last two anyway.) My clients trust that I know what deck is best for that reading and I don't get requests. That's just me, though. Aldor44 does get requests but if I were Aldor and got a request for a deck I didn't have and didn't especially feel was for me, I wouldn't spend money on getting the deck. I'd just pass it on by.
  6. The trouble I find with disclaimers is that they always make me think----well, if they're just for entertainment and yadda yadda, then can I really in good conscience take money for them? My only disclaimer is my TOS on my website which is a very simple one. It just boils down to telling my customers to use their common sense in using whatever information my readings provide. I admit that I do state my readings are for entertainment purposes only. I've been working on my site the last week or so and I've been debating taking that "entertainment purposes only" statement off the TOS. I'm leaving that decision for last, though. It bothers me because it isn't a true statement and seems cowardly to me. I read in the spirit of helping others and I don't do it just to entertain them, although if they're entertained that's a bonus. I'm legitimate, using a legitimate ability and I'm honest and ethical. I don't believe copping out (just my own feeling, not that others are) by saying it's entertainment purposes only does justice to myself and other readers who are like me---legitimate, ethical, honest and dedicated to using their abilities for good. Unhappy readers are sometimes looking for a refund so they gripe and think they'll get one. Other times they may genuinely feel they haven't gotten the complete answers they were looking for. I'm not rigid about it. If, at the end of a reading, the sitter feels they've still got some unanswered questions about the original situation, I'll take the time to go over the reading again and even add to it. You're just going to get a fair sprinkling of clients who are grumblers, though, for whatever reason they might feel they have. Be courteous and as accommodating as you can and don't let it bother you too deeply, but do be aware that it's just part of the Tarot business. Over the years I've learned that just because a customer says I'm wrong and complains about it, that doesn't mean they won't get back to me someday to say I was right after all. And besides, no reader, no matter how good or gifted, is 100% right 100% of the time.
  7. I live in an RV now and am making room for my youngest daughter to stay with me while I go through some surgery and physical testing and changes so Tarot and my books are cowering in my cupboard. I've been going through them with firm resolve--but the resolve dissolves and I move on to de-cluttering somewhere else for awhile till I can see if I can manage not weeding out books and decks at all by making more room somewhere else. Actually, in my favor, I did trade away a Baba Fairytale though! But----I traded for decks in tins so.......one gone, several arrived. Maybe that can be my reason for not getting rid of any decks----that if I do, multiples will take their place? I give up! In all seriousness, at this point in my reading career, there are two criteria for me in deciding what decks to keep and what ones to let go. The first consideration is that I can't shuffle larger decks well because of arthritis in small hands. So if I can replace one of my large ones I want to use more with something in a tin or a mini, then the larger version can go. There are exceptions though---the Bonefire is one and the Everyday by Poppy Palin is another. I hope someday those can reprint in smaller versions. I use them but it would be so nice to have small ones. If it's a deck I just never read with, sometimes that one may go, depending on what it is. I have some Lo Scarabeo's I haven't ever used, but I love Lo Scarabeo decks so those are hard to part with. They're a great breath of fresh air when I pull one out and start using it if I feel the need of a little change. I've always said I'm not a collector, which is true, but now I've started collecting decks in tins and Lo Scarabeo's so I can't say that anymore. I don't buy them so much as barter for them with things I make and my readings. Being my age can be so frustrating----now I've forgotten what my second criteria was! I guess the "never read with" must have been it but I don't think so. (Muttering and wandering off to make some decaf.)
  8. Don't be so sure that it wouldn't be very accurate! You'll be surprised. You could use this exercise to practice refining your spread technique into pinpointing your question and naming your positions. That's a good way to hone readings into becoming more precise, clear and easy to interpret.
  9. Death isn't necessarily a new beginning. Death is final and that's that. I've seen people interpret it as the death of a bad trend in a relationship transforming into something fresh and new but that's not the meaning. Just as when a person dies they're gone, it's the same with the relationship. It won't come back from the dead. With the Tower there's an ending of some situation, but you do have the pieces to scrape together and start over anew. It can often be a humiliating experience but in the end, it can actually turn out to have been for the best. We can come out of it a better person with better values. The Tower is a sudden, unforeseeable bolt out of the blue. Death isn't always sudden and unforeseeable. The two cards together in the same reading, though, can indicate a sudden and unforeseeable death. If a person is reading about taking a trip and the Tower, Death and Chariot show up, I'd make some changes in plans.
  10. This is a deck new to me, like the Zillich is. It's a really lovely little deck with its muted colors and wildlife, white sage, and---cougars! I love cougars. This deck uses cougars as the Page, King and Queen of Swords. The King is a leopard for some reason. I haven't read the booklet yet so maybe there's a reason she's given. River otters are the Courts of the suit of Cups, Wands are Pussywillows, Swords are----swords. lol Pentacles are elephants. The Wands courts are raptors. The pips are partially illustrated but beautifully done. The first card I saw is the Fool and it looks like a baby coyote to me which is extremely appropriate to my concept of the Fool. The booklet says the creator was inspired by her labradoodle when he was a puppy but I like my baby coyote first impression better so that's what will stick with me. This deck has keys to the chakras and a couple of extra cards in the tin with the deck are charts with chakra information. I can't read them right now because my eyes are bothering me but I don't know a lot about chakras so this will be a chance to learn more. So now with the Zillich and my new White Sage, I can learn new "stuff" about the cards. I'm quite pleased.
  11. Back to the collecting thing, I don't really consider myself a collector but in the past week or so, I've decided to start collecting decks in tins, pocket-sized, and mini-sized decks and I've loved Lo Scarabeo decks ever since I finally had a breakthrough with that company's decks about 8 years ago. Being cousin to a church mouse, I don't indulge in active collecting very much but I see a little glimmer of hope with my reading barter idea. Maybe I can actually collect in those categories here and there. I've just never been drawn to collecting for the sake of owning decks. I know of some collectors I respect greatly who I know have very valuable collections but I think there are others who have started collecting in the belief they'll get rich someday when it's not likely because the market is so glutted in the past 20 years or so. Rare things are worth the money, and Tarot isn't rare anymore for the most part. Even out of print decks are very plentiful. Remember the Native American "craze" where all of a sudden it was cool to be Native American when in years gone by it was almost worse than being black, way back in history? Well, that got real after awhile and it wasn't so idealistic and airy fairy anymore so it died down some. I think we're seeing the same thing with Tarot. It became of wave, it crested, and now it's washing up on shore and dissipating. Another wave will wash up something new for many people to get excited about.
  12. I have a few decks on a list of them I'd like to get---or get again---and I've decided to accept barter for some of my readings in my quest to get them. I had a deck I didn't want that was pretty sought after, so I accepted 5 of the decks in tins that I didn't have. ( Didn't get a tinned Wickwillow, though, but I still want one. :P) As others have said, a lot of the new decks just really don't do anything for me. There's been money in Tarot decks in past years and people got crazy and started just publishing almost anything without a lot of Tarot experience or study to get a cut of the pie. Those decks lack substance for me. i just don't find them as full of intuitive insight through symbolism as what I like to read with. There's a phenomenon that's happened to me off and on throughout the years, though, that I thought at first was a tarot funk/loss of interest/loss of ability. As it turns out, though, I've found that most Tarot readers go through periods in their journey where they just don't "feel it" anymore, sometimes for months or years. For me, those are the times when I come out of it with a greater surge of insight and clarity with the cards. It must be part of the process for some of us. Not all decks work for all people either. What's a brilliant reading deck for you might leave me cold. It depends on our Muse, I think. Muse is all I can think of to call it. The people I've noticed falling away are the ones who have preconceived ideas about what Tarot is and how it works. I find the opposite of TarotScholar's findings. The readers who are more spiritual are not the ones falling away more, in my observation. Unless you mean those who read strictly intuitively rather than through long years of intense study, that is. I do see that many of those readers fall off. But Tarot isn't for everyone, so maybe it's just that it wasn't a strong calling for them and they soon lost interest. I've been learning and studying for 20 or 21 years and I'm very spiritual. I'm of the kind who believes I'm a spirit having a human experience rather than a human having a spiritual experience. I don't do great, involved, philosophical in-depth and prolonged studies of the cards according to Rider Waite and Crowley and whatever other sources there are so I'd never consider myself a scholar. I don't know much about kabalah or the tree of life or alchemy or anything like that. I don't learn stuff like that easily, partly because it doesn't appeal to me and partly because it doesn't sink in well-----probably both tied together like the chick and the egg thing. Tarot isn't a religion for me because I'm not religious. I don't do spells with it either. I know so many other spiritual users of the cards who seem to be the ones who are the most dedicated to the use of the cards and for whom it's almost as natural to use the cards in a spiritual communication as it is to use a cell phone for earthly communication so they don't drop away anymore than they'd stop using a phone. For me, I'd drop away from the use of a phone more likely. Never my cards. lol
  13. That's right! How in the world could we forget the Devil???
  14. The Heirophant, especially in a position of reversed meaning and reinforced by something like the 7 of Swords and Magician would be another one. Card combinations and context are everything with card meanings, though. In a relationship reading the Magician, two of Cups, Heirophant, the 5 of Swords, 7 of Swords, King of Swords, Knight of Wands would indicate an abusive relationship, for instance. Here's why: The Magician isn't who he appeared to be but he's got a great flash bang personality. He got her to believe what he wanted her to believe. He woo'ed her into a committed monogamous relationship (2 of Cups, Heirophant). The 7 of Swords reinforces the deception of the Magician. The 5 of Swords brings in physical and other kinds of abuse. He's the cold, unflinching side of the King of Swords and he's also the unfaithful Knight of Wands, or at least wants her to believe so as part of his manipulation and the fear he uses to help control her. This contributes to her fear of losing him and her self-image of never measuring up so he looks elsewhere or else she constantly worries he will. ETA: Throw in a reversed Emperor---or even an upright one, really----and I almost couldn't read these cards as anything but a domestic abuse situation. Specific questions and named positions are a great help in telling what a card or cards in a specific reading and in a specific position mean, especially in the early years of a person's tarot journey.
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