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  1. Hey, canid! I just now saw this. I hope you're having a good holiday.
  2. Here I am again. (Give me a break---I'm old! ) I've watched the Sopranos multiple times now. It's time to branch out. Right now I'm watching Ancient Aliens. I have the first 6 seasons. I don't know if I'll ever get the last few seasons, but I can dream. lol Anyway, it's a fascinating show. Lots of food for thought. I'm also getting all six seasons of Downton Abbey. I've seen a couple episodes but not enough to have really gotten into the show. I look forward to seeing all the episodes, though. I have so many favorite shows, though, from earlier in my life. I don't need to bore you with them all.
  3. I've never gotten a duplicate card in a new deck. I know others have, though. If you feel it's a message for you, that's perfectly acceptable. You can learn with the Gilded if you like. I found, though, that learning with the RWS was the best idea for me. I tried to learn with several others, but ultimately just bought a RWS and learned with that, only branching out to other decks later on. Welcome to our forum. You'll find lots of friendly help and socialization here. I look forward to seeing you here and getting to know you.
  4. My mind just jumped to "Donald Trump" I think he's a good example of a reversed Emperor. When the election was going on, I used to say of him that he didn't want to be president, he wanted to be king. He just doesn't know the first thing about what being the leader of a free country even is. And even if he did, he wouldn't be much good at it. Another example would be the fairy tale of the Emperor's new clothes.
  5. I should have been more clear. I didn't mean only buying decks. I mean anything that's listed saying "rare" isn't rare in many, many, many cases. For instance, I see something on Amazon that's an item currently for sale and being produced now. It will show up on an eBay listing as rare or vintage when it's not. It's an item that's currently being manufactured and sold. Naturally, we who use Tarot are usually up to date on what decks are truly rare but aren't really. Also, I very seldom buy anything on eBay. It's been literally years since I have. I know there are lots of sellers there who are outstanding and honest but I needed to vent about that. I do use Paypal, by the way. I've seen the magic word used in Etsy ads, too, and a couple other places.
  6. I haven't read all the posts on this thread, but I have a pet peeve about eBay sellers. The people who stick the word "Rare" onto all their posts just to try to get someone to buy when the deck isn't rare at all. Or other item, I might add. If the seller puts "rare" in the ad, then that's the last person I'd trust to buy anything from. I advise to take care, especially if the ad includes that word "rare" anywhere in their ad. I've even seen that word used on other sites. When I see it, I recognize someone who is not exactly the person I'd trust.
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    Welcome! You've come to the right place!
  8. Grizabella


    What I do is try to tailor my spread to exactly what I want to know. This means having as concise a question as possible and then named positions. It helps to zero into what the cards are saying. When I was first learning, I thought I had to memorize and keep track of all the different spreads I saw. In time I learned that all it takes to create a spread myself was to ask a clear question and name the positions. That made each of my readings specific to what the reader wanted to know. Sometimes the sitter doesn't know what it is they want to know if they're a new sitter. General readings are okay and I can do those, too,, but being more specific at every step of a reading is by far the best way to find the answers. Sitters don't always have concise and specific questions. I'll be asked "what will happen between me and X in the next ten years and how will we get through that time period?" Now, that's a really loose and sloppy question. First of all, you've asked vague questions---several of them----and second of all , That just doesn't work very well. You've no doubt seen me post on "puddle" spreads. Well, take this loose and floppy question and add a puddle of cards and what do you have? You've got a real mess and it's not likely you'll ferret out the answers very easily or completely. It's not impossible to find answers, but in this case, that old "work smarter not harder" saying comes to mind. If you stick with reading the cards and you eventually go into business for yourself with that skill, you'll get a ton----A TON!----of "stump the reader" sitters. Their goal is to try to see if you're "really psychic" and it's not so much to get answers to questions they might seriously have. They're skeptics and even if you could give them winning lottery numbers, they'd probably just take the numbers (and the money) and run, but they probably wouldn't admit the numbers came from a "real psychic" and they wouldn't share the money, either. They'd just come back and want more numbers. When you get a sitter who has the sloppy, several-questions-in-one request, you need to be able to make their question precise and then get your answers with named positions. However, all readers are different and what works best for me might not work best for them. I'm just sharing what I hope is helpful because there will be some people who do find it of use.
  9. It can also mean you're making whatever the issue is worse because you're not doing it in the correct way to accomplish what you want.The RWS card shows the guy carrying the w using bad body mechanics. He's not going to go the distance he needs to go because he's holding the wands in such an awkward manner that it's putting an awful strain on his back. I've always tended to make things much harder than they really need to be, so I can see myself in the card. It could also mean "quit while you're ahead."
  10. I was at the Clubs sub-forum and clicked the little mark at the upper right of the forum section and now I can't see the clubs or figure out how to get the section back on the page.
  11. You have a male 9 of Pentacles in your deck? You don't say which deck you use, but I always thought the 9 of Pentacles was a woman. It hasn't ever shown up as a man in any of the decks I've used. It;s always interesting to see when someone comes up with a new idea for the cards.
  12. I associate Wands with Aries. The Knight is a hit-and-run fiery lover but the King has learned some lessons---like the sweetness of a monogamous relationship where the heat can smolder but be fanned to a flame when the urge moves him and a partner and doesn't have to be pursued and woo'd every time. His experiences as a Knight have helped him to find what he really wants in one partner. That's not to say that the King might not fall off his monogamous path if the right circumstances came along but he isn't very likely to.
  13. Well, the 4 of Swords often depicts someone lying down in a coffin. In medieval times surviving soldiers would lie in their coffins after a battle to think about what they've been through. In the context of your question about the sitter's business, I think this adds to the King of Cups and 10 of Swords' interpretation. The sitter has put all the blood, sweat and tears into creating the business and is now ready to face whatever may come. They can go forward knowing they've done all they can, both pro and con, and they're confident that they're ready to open for business now.
  14. I'm with katrinka on this one. I don't necessarily think a code of ethics is BS but I don't use one. Everyone knows I'm ethical so I don't have to advertise it. lol I do have a couple of questions I don't want to read on, though. I won't read on whether someone else is gay or not. And I don't read on "is my spouse cheating?" or "what's my married lover's sex life with his/her spouse like?" I do predictive readings. Anything beyond the present moment is the future or the past, so we all read the future and do predictive readings. For instance, if you only read on questions like "what should I do about---whatever?" you're predicting that if the sitter does thus and so, then the desired result will happen. That's predicting the future. Also, the third party reading thing blows out the window, too, because nobody is totally alone in his or her life. All of us humans are full of "third parties" and if you read for them you're going to be reading about others in the sitter's life as well. I'm just a plain old-fashioned card reader/fortune teller. I try to be of the best assistance I can to all my sitters because I care about them, whether I know them personally or not.
  15. I haven't had cable in years. Where I live right now I could get cable but I'd rather spend the money on other things, since I have so little to spend. The place I live in has both cable and satellite service, but their internet speed or whatever it's called has MB after it. No G type speed. I use a phone hotspot and just watch dvd's if I want to watch something. I found though, that I like not having to put up with a buzzillion ads like there always are on cable. I'd rather watch something without all the interruptions. It's bad enough to be bombarded with ads all over the internet at every turn.
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