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  1. Hello Swift, The Wild Kuan Yin Oracle is very, very special to me. In fact, I have only read for one other person with it and am happy to do so again, for you. 1. Keep - The things that are working well for you, and that you should keep moving forward with. Pray to the East. Guardian Watches over the West. Divine mother hovers over her yak, facing the rising sun of the East. She is unafraid like you to face the dawn. The Divine Mother asks you, here, not to be afraid of endings because they always bring new beginnings. In fact, it would seem that you need to become as free from the past as possible. I believe you are doing this already: thinking of ways to change your present reality by cutting back on things that are wearing you down and stopping you from living the life you really want right now. There are influences from the past that seem to still play a role in your life, today, so continue to be aware of them so you can minimize their effect. There are past behaviours or even connections that no longer serve you. Continue to arrest any latent tendencies to go back. Most of all, do not be afraid to set boundaries. That will allow you, more than anything else, to move forward. Something in your life needs to be changed, slowed down or downsized and you are working on that. It may not feel as though you are getting anywhere, but persevere because things are about to change. Advice from Kuan Yin: Stand up and turn to the west. Imagine you are looking at all that has been, your past, and any particular person or issue you now you need to leave behind, now. Say, “I release all aspect of my past that now need to end, according to divine grace. So be it.” Turn and face the east. Imagine you are staring deep into the night just before the breaking dawn. Say, “I ask for grace to bless and protect me as I await the dawn. May I be moved towards new life at the perfect time and the perfect way. … I accept all such blessings with gratitude.” Now, face forward and say, “I choose to be in the moment. I trust I will be guided or instinctively know when it is time to move or set a boundary.” 2. Trash - Things you need to throw out of your life and say "good riddance" to. Blue Mother, Yellow Mountain, Gibbous Moon The Divine Mother beckons you on. The sun is rising. She envelops your soul. “Do not fear,” she says because she thinks that you are holding on to something that you feel is being pulled away from you. Let go is her message to you because if you do, then something more wonderful will be discovered. Perhaps you like to be in control or unwittingly feel you need to control every situation? Don’t be afraid to let go. You are going through a process of being spiritually cleansed of fear and control. Fear that you may not even be acknowledging to yourself. This Lady asks you not to be scared by perceptions of disappointment or failure. She asks for more trust; more trust in your destiny and what the Divine Mother brings you. Trust more in the goodness of life. It’s as though you are also being asked to get out of your own way so that the opportunities that are now entering your life have the chance to flourish. Do what you need to do without hesitation. Advice from Kuan Yin: Say this prayer: “Divine Mother of grace and wisdom, in all your manifestations of unconditional love, I call upon you. Bless me with hope, with grace, with success. I choose to unplug from circuits of diminishment and plug into circuits of expansive grace.” Sit with your hands at your heart and repeat this mantra: “Om Mani Padme Hum.” (Sounds like ohm man-ee pad-may hahm). 3. Donate - Things that you haven't been using (whether talents or material goods) that you can now use for the benefit of others. The Little One Rises Divine Mother encourages the baby yak to follow her into the sky. “Don’t be afraid,” she says. “Trust your potential to be like your mother.” She encourages you to look closely and embrace your potential and the small ideas and projects that are beginning to appear or have been percolating for a while. Whatever intention (that you should keep to yourself) has now lodged itself in your heart, it has the blessing of the Divine Mother and Universal Intelligence. It appears that you haven’t been using your dreams or potential. Do whatever you wish for others because that will enrich you. You will experience expansion if you make even a few small changes in your life. Stand up for yourself always. Use the courage you have. If there is anyone who is not respecting you at the moment, treat that person with compassion, but make it clear that this is that person’s issue to resolve. You have strength of spirit that could be put to further use helping yourself and, thereby, helping others, too. Nurture that more because it is what you can donate to the world. Advice from Kuan Yin: Repeat this incantation aloud: The small become the mighty, courageous and brave, Truth and justice now prevail. In the grace of the mother, I am safe. I am ready for all that I need to face. I gain strength from my heart, trust in the bigger plan. Step by step on my path, her grace shows me the way. To grow and succeed, all assistance I receive. My success is assured, my power has matured. Feel connected to the earth. You are real, alive and protected. Dear Swift, thank you again for your patience. I do hope that some of what the Lady has revealed to me resonates with you. Thank you for allowing me to read for you.
  2. I'm so sorry, @Swift. I did mean you. Just shows what I'm going through right now. Apologies.
  3. Wild Kuan Yin it is, Swift. Will do your reading today.
  4. I am so sorry, Esk, for being terribly late. RL took over completely. I still intend to do your reading and give feedback. Thank you both for being so understanding.
  5. Thank you, Fortuna. Dear Esk and Swift, Happy to be in this lovely little group with you both. The reading is great for me as it is. Swift, would you like a particular oracle deck? I invite you to peruse my member site under Deck Collection and choose one that appeals to you. You can see images of some of them on my website (the address is in my signature). Thank you, Esk, for remembering about my husband and mother. Very kind of you. The oracle you propose looks very interesting. I look forward to your reading with it.
  6. I like that @KaiNO; like the fact that you like to be in touch with your feminine side. I understand because I like my masculine side. I like to think of myself as a lady. Love jewellery (anything beautiful, refined and elegant, in fact), like to colour coordinate my outfits, love being a woman, but I've been told that I sometimes think like a man. No fuss, no pouting, no unnecessary complications, like simplicity and everything that's too the point. Have little patience for drama, etc. I find that I derive strength from my male side. A real walking contradiction, but richer for sure.
  7. Thank you, KaiNO, for your reading. Well, I think you are correct in what you write. I'm not good at small talk. As you know, I'm a teacher and have postgraduate degrees in culture and values. I've always been fascinated by philosophy and even comparative religion. I've been teaching humanities, literature and film studies for twenty-five years. Would love to write a novel eventually when I have more time. Also fascinated by esoteric practices, psychic phenomena, etc. I've been likened in my spirit to Ulysses, ever on a quest. At work, they jokingly call me Morpheus (from the films). So, all the key ideas do come together to form a picture of me. What brings out the best in me, though, being able to engage with people of like mind. I enjoy meaningful conversations and exchanges. Patience is not my forte. You're right, neither is competition of any kind. Same goes for troublesome people. I don't like, nor do I need negativity. I like kindness, harmony and peace so I can just be or have space to think. So true! An eclipse is not necessarily the night of the soul. Just a time to see things in a different light. Oh yes....... No, no gradual, easy, barely noticeable transformations. You cannot imagine how rattled my world has been over the past year. Heck, over the past months. So much so, that I don't even know where I will be teaching next year, except that I have the most seniority and, therefore, guaranteed a position, hopefully of my choosing. The rest, in my personal life, you already know about. I cannot see it any other way. Thank you for those words of comfort, "Do not be alarmed...". Well, from your mouth to the whatever Universal intelligence there is, KaiNO! I don't mind change if it's for the better. You are absolutely right about it all. It looks like your own intuition and ability to read the cards is in high gear! That, and the fact that these cards really do 'speak' to you. "A calm, active approach to unexpected developments..." . That's me alright! There is no other choice. Moving on and not looking back. I don't believe in coincidences. This deck is absolutely one of your decks. It speaks to you and resonates with you, KaiNO. I always find that the cards choose themselves. That's very interesting re. the cards you pulled for 2dogs. I wasn't able to see them because of the move. Shows me that the language of tarot is an archetypal language that we can all understand in our shared human condition. I am fascinated by outer space and had I been good at linear, logical thinking as opposed to conceptual/abstract which is one of my strengths, I would have certainly become a cosmologist. This to say, that I remember seeing a video of what looked like a web of superclusters and remembering that it formed a perfect matrix much like the honeycomb of bees. In fact, according to SkyDEN, "we do know that on the largest observable scale -- some 15 billion light years in diameter, our universe appears to be extremely homogenous". So, I believe that there is nothing random in the universe. It might appear as an oxymoron, but I would go so far as to say that even chaos is not random. We just don't understand the pattern. I always remember this quote from Hamlet:
  8. Please allow me to join in again, dear Fortuna! I still owe KaiNO feedback that I hope to get done by the end of tomorrow. The site was down a day or so and I hope you'll still allow me to join.
  9. Thank you kindly, @Raggydoll, I'm going to try and start tomorrow (May 4). DAY 1 – NEW MOON Theme: Planning & Planting (Intention setting) 1. The preparations required for me to make room for the new (= the thing I want to manifest) 2. What I must do or prioritize for this seed to take root  3. What I may need to forsake or put on the back burner to get the results I want
  10. I think I'm back in, but happy if you can confirm that. The new site does look amazing, Little Fang!!! :))))
  11. I'm an old soul that's for sure O:-) and I am a man of habits and love my routines. I'm not very fond of surprises; on the contrary, I'm very fond of predictability. If I'm being interrupted in my daily routine, I'm not back in regular before the next day. But sometimes I think in retrospect that, for once, when I was somewhat impulsive or changed my daily routine, then I experienced something new and "lived" a little, and that this was probably good for me. So I think you are right. I should allow my self more often to "let go". I changed job three years ago. I had been in my previous position for 15 years and wanted new challenges. I've got that, but it probably took a little longer than I thought to be good at it. Maybe it's my growing age and that I'm working on technology that is continuously evolving and changing that I don't feel I have a complete overview. And then, unfortunately, it happens that I procrastinate what I should have done, and that irritates me. Now it is also decided that the computer system I work with will be replaced, but this does not happen until the year 2025 since it is a very complex system with lots of internal logic and integrations with external systems. I am a little ambivalent about how a feel about this. So, no I may not have complete control. I do prefer my own company most of the time. But I realize that in the long run having a social life is essential. The last year I have been more clever to seek out environments that share my interests. And I'll try to step back from reason and let myself experience life through the senses, the irrational, the emotional. Let go more often. Your reading gives good advice. I can be pre-admitted, and it can take me some time to change my opinion. And it has taken me quite a while to understand that I actually am like this. But at least I am aware of it now so that I can "reality check" myself ;D Thanks for the reading, Whisper[/member] and for using this particular deck that means so much to you <3 I noticed that I have another deck by Alana Fairchild by the way: Sacred Rebel Oracle, which I don't yet have connected with. Rumi Oracle and Wild Kuan Yin Oracle look better. I don't mind buying one of them later :) Thank you for your feedback, KaiNO. [emoji4] I think the simple fact that you are here and enjoying your exchanges and interaction with us is a testament to your efforts at less insularity. Alana Fairchild is not everyone's "cup of tea" and I see the Sacred Rebel Oracle as a very feminine deck. What do I mean by that? I mean that it a deck which offers (at the risk of sounding sexist) women a way to connect with the Divine Feminine and the three ages of womanhood. I'm sure there are many women who don't connect with it, but it is my understanding that such is the purpose of the deck. I myself have waivered regarding its acquisition. The Wild Kuan Yin fits my need to connect to the Divine Feminine because of her wild spirit and I suppose her connection to Buddhist spirituality if that isn't an oxymoron in itself. [emoji4]
  12. No rush, dear KaiNO. [emoji4] I'm glad you had a lovely Easter holiday. I still owe you feedback, too. RL has been a little demanding, but I look forward to the continuation of our exchange.
  13. Here is finally my reading for you, KaiNO. I appreciate your patience. [emoji4] The Wild Kuan Yin Oracle was your choice and the Lady has much to say to you about: 1. What brings out the best in you, 2. What brings out the worst in you, 3. What will help you be the "best you" you can be, In your present situation. 1. What brings out the best in you? Wild Red Rider, Blessing Bestowed The Lady, here, is all about order and harmony and how sometimes it isn’t possible that everything be ordered; sometimes things seem to be, and are, out of control. I feel this makes you very uncomfortable in some ways. Foster in yourself, the lady’s wild spirit. She sits atop her yak in perfect harmony with him riding the wind that blows fiercely across the Tibetan Plateau and looks down on you with her indulgent and perfect smile. Why? Because she knows when to let go and let the universe take over. You are in for a ride, my friend. Whatever you are trying to accomplish at the moment, and that which occupies your mind the most and I believe it is quite a task will bring out the best in you, but only if you let go. You are at your best or will be, believe it or not, when you get out of your head. What do I mean by that? Allowing momentary flashes of insight, the product of hidden processes, to suddenly flood the mind with their perfected insight. Through the Lady’s message, I believe your scientific, technological creativity, like Einstein’s, might come best when liberated from reason. Feel your way to your answers. You are an old soul and bold enough to learn how to trust more. It isn’t time to play it safe with known choices, let it go, KaiNO, let it all go. I think you understand how this will bring out the best in you. 2. What brings out the worst in you? Desert Harvest Do you feel that you are standing in the middle of a wasteland? One that is also affecting your spirit? You soul even with its unconscious fire and ambition can be patient, but, now, longs for answers and is disquieted. The sky with the relentless eye of the sun, here, mirrors the stones that line the metaphorical gorge in which you find yourself. I think this is all connected with some very important project in your life. One that you haven’t yet been able to figure out. Are you feeling that you are not as much in control as you would like? Doubting your ability? Your mastery? This doubt brings out the worst in you, according to the Lady. Yet, she also says that your time for full blooming is just now starting to come into view. 3. What will help you be the "best you" you can be? Holy Sisters Connection is the answer. Collaboration. Connection, too, with that less explored side of your being that is brimming with potential, but, like all of us, also harbours its shadows. The Lady knows that your inner life is rich and you are more than content with your own company, preferring it, often, to the company of others, yet she has a message for you: find your kindred spirits. Dance with abandon under the stars as does the Lady with her sisters and her beloved yaks, old and young. You have a wisdom of the heart that you have not yet fully tapped into. If you do, your answers will come. You understand that there is never any need, in what you do for a living, for comparison or competition. What will see you through? Collaboration and stepping back from reason. The Lady also counsels stepping back from reason and letting yourself experience life through the senses, the irrational, the emotional. Release, let go. If there is anything to forgive, forgive, including yourself. Allow relationships to change, if they need to. Let go of those that no longer serve you. Here is another message you might not like to hear, but the Lady Kuan Yin offers it to you sincerely. Of all the oracles I have ever consulted, I find her words to be the truest. If you are prone to be critical and criticize, address that. That is my flash of insight from the Lady. That will help you be the best you can be. New connections and people are coming into your life. Letting go will open your heart and mind to new, enriching experiences and the kind of collaboration that will bring you both the answers and the fulfilment your subconscious craves. If I may share an invocation to Kuan Yin from the accompanying booklet: Sit with your hands open, palms facing up. Place one of your hands open near your heart chakra, facing up, as if to receive grace pouring down from where Kuan Yin rides the wind, saying: "I call upon Kuan Yin, who loves me unconditionally, and the blessings, grace and intervention on my behalf of all the holy ones who love me unconditionally. ... I am open to supportive relationships that generate love and wisdom. I offer the love in my heart to those connections, and through my open heart, I attract great assistance in all matters in my life, spiritual and physical. I give thanks for these blessings, now. I ask that any and all group endeavours I am connected with be granted ... [sucess], support and divine intervention for the greater good. Through my own free will, so be it." Bring your hands together at the third eye chakra. I do hope that what the Lady has brought for you will resonate with you, KaiNO. [emoji4] I apologize if she, like the voice of all my cards, is sometimes peremptory. Of all my oracles, I love this one the best. I look forward to your feedback and hope you are having a wonderful time. <3
  14. I apologize, KaiNO, for not having your reading written up, yet, but last week and this weekend have been very, very busy taking care of my loved ones. I will try to write it up later today. Thank you for your patience. I see that in Canada, the new Mary-El will be delivered by Amazon in June. I'm curious to see how it compares with the original.
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