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  1. It seems like I've managed to downsize my collection! taking some books and other stuff to the recycling plant where they have a 2nd hand shop on Wednesday 8 decks or so are coming with me so far. the decks have been separated from the rest of my collection and I've not been tempted to look at them or pull them out, probably because they're all decks I've been thinking about letting go of for the last year. looks like this is the kind of project where I do a little at a time to be sure I'm letting go of the right things for the right reasons. how is anyone else's downsizing project going?
  2. I haven't heard about this book before, but it sounds very interesting! The description mentions some things I also discovered for myself, so I think it will be very relatable! Been tackling some art supplies these past days. Because I feel more focused and I know better how I like to work it was time to go of some supplies that were kept last year but haven't really been used much. So don't feel bad if it takes time and several rounds to make progress in a decluttering project. Sometimes you need to sit with the idea of letting go for a while before you're ready. Earlier in the thread someone mentioned that they had separated the decks they were getting rid of from the rest of the collection, but somehow they found their way back into it... Well, that's what happened to me too last time with many of the decks! This week I'll give it another try and hope it goes better.
  3. @Raggydoll I really like your cosy little shelves! I think I spot a sibling of my Sasuraibito tarot What you wrote earlier makes sense to me. I don't have any ambitions to live as minimal as humanly possible, but I am curious to test my personal limits and see how I fare, since emotional shopping and holding on to useless things has been an issue. But no getting rid of things just for the sake of getting rid of them, it has to make sense and I need to be ready for it I recently lived for about 2 months without a couch because my plan to toss the old one and buy a new one in the same day backfired and I had to wait for my extra June money to afford the new one. So I had to sit on the floor or on folding chairs and I quickly discovered this was not the life for me, I need somewhere comfy to place my butt! Luckily I went north for 3 weeks to visit family so I got a break from it.
  4. A good thing can't be said often enough, so no worries Because selling can be stressful I donated most of my stuff to the free store at the recycling plant. I hope someone found my bag of 100 alcohol artist markers and it made their day! Same with the few decks I manged to part with. A few things I sometimes regret letting go of, but I still have the memories and overall I'm happy I no longer have to just store them, since they weren't being used or loved. In a book on minimalism I read it was suggested to take pictures of the things you let go of, and I think that's also something that could be helpful with trickier items, those that doesn't bring up a strong feeling of joy or gtfo. A picture is a nice keepsake and can trigger the memories. Getting to the bottom of the over-cumulation is important if you get a feeling there is an underlying issue. Anger at all the mess and a general feeling of being stuck/too rooted was what fuelled it for me, but the reasons behind my accumulation had a lot of it had to do with sadness and a sense of loss. For the books, I couldn't concentrate well enough to read for almost a decade after being a dedicated book nerd as a child. So I would still buy books, dreaming of the day I would be reading again. It was in a way very considerate of past-me to think of future-me in this way, but when the time finally came I had other books I wanted to read that were more relevant to present-me and my interests. The full book shelf of unread books was too overwhelming, but I kept a single shelf for books I still wanted to read and I've made some progress in the last year, even if I love my kindle and prefer to read books on there now. I also struggled with sadness after I let go of so many things, understanding that all the mess had served as emotional padding. It eventually got better as I got more used to my new surroundings, but it was a bit strange. I've written a bit before about this in the forum but it's been almost a year since I was last active, so it's nice to see it's not just me trying to make sense of this decluttering business and finding a balance with it all.
  5. Yeah, I let go of a bunch of old classics that will forever be available to buy or borrow from the library. Considering how easily available something would be just in case helped with the things I wasn't all that sure of what I wanted to do with. And I thanked each and every item I let go of. It's nice for closure and some gratitude. Decluttered my art supplies again today after a year and thanked them all for their various lessons and the good times we had. @ilweran From the konmari method I also really liked how you after a while would be able to identify what truly sparks joy and what's just meh or makes you feel guilty for not using it. Picking out your favourites are really helpful for comparing the feel you get from them vs all the other things, so you could do that for your tarot decks and see if that helps you out!
  6. Sounds like you're making progress @ilweran! Every small step counts. 50 was some random number that sounded like a lot to me, but I know we have members with several hundred decks if I remember correctly, who are happy with it. It all depends of the person and how much space they have. Leave that shelf with your precious favs alone and move your efforts elsewhere. I have 3 copies of The Hobbit, so I get it I also kept many reference books because I find it much easier to reference in a book than search online for certain things. I donated most of my stuff because it stresses me out to sell things, but none of it was all that precious or valuable. If you can make some money from downsizing that sounds like a good plan. I like your alternative take on sparking joy with the prices on ebay!
  7. I did the whole Konmari method on my entire flat last summer, and easily halved the amount of books I owned. I strive to be more minimalist because it makes me happier to have less stuff after all those years living basically in a flat where I stored old things I didn't like or use! I think I got rid of somewhere between 50 and 75 percent of what I owned. My flat is far from barren so you know it was pretty bad. Books went better than I thought. Only kept things I really loved or would re-read, and I mostly use my kindle for buying new books. Still have 15 physical books in my tbr-pile though, might look over it again. Decks though, that's a different story. I think at the most I had about 40 decks and I haven't been able to part with as many as I'd hoped. 10 decks or a little bit more are gone. I think somewhere between 10 and 20 decks would be ideal for me as I don't read that much anymore, but there is the glaring issue that I am an art nerd and a tarot deck is like a tiny gallery of paintings! I do notice that I think about certain decks more than others and feel ready to pass on others. I won't get around to using or learning every deck I own so for the decks I have donated so far I have focused on that. I am a big fan of the RWS system so most decks that fall to far away from that I let go of. If you have a similar hang-up that's a good place to start! We have limits as humans for how many books we can read in a lifetime or how many decks we realistically can get around to using. I think my personal limit is on the smaller side, so if you end up with 50 decks and that is a small but reasonable amount for you I say go for it!
  8. Wow Saturn, you made it through to the end! Thank you for taking over the responsibility for these threads and keeping it up for everyone to enjoy them <3
  9. Jewel, my bud! Happy birthday! How fortunate I would check the forum on your special day :party: I hope you have a swell day <3
  10. I haven't bought any tarot decks since May/June last year and now I'm waiting for the Many Queens Tarot. I think it was worth it to hold out for an extra special treat. This will be a very inspiring art deck for me, I'm very into grayscale, black and white art at the moment and it's close to the rws enough so I will be able to read with it. The Hanged Man in this deck looks like me too, and is wearing my stripy pyjama pants!
  11. Thank you for the interest! I'm not really sure how it went with that ace of wands, it's in a big folder with at least a little bit of colour on it. The sky got painted blue if I remember it right. I ended up taking a break from my tarot project as I wanted to work on my artistic expression in general and have been away from the forum for some months. I hope to finish the project some day, right now I'm still trying to find my way with art in general. I make some headway and feel like I'm on the right path, then I soon feel so very lost again :o
  12. I'm not a Lenormand person so I won't participate I think, but you others should have fun if there is interest for it! Also, Saturn, are you playing the cowboy game? Your new avatar really reminds me of what I've seen of it! Don't have the system for it so no cowboys for me, but I've read some reviews ;)
  13. I am to lazy and impatient to read all of your comments, I just wanted to add my own musings on this card, hehe! As someone who has struggled, and still do sometimes, with some mental health crap, I don't think this card is too bad at all. Sometimes when it comes up for me it can be quite a relief, letting me know that everything I'm currently obsessing over, all the thoughts about how I'm a terrible person, are not rooted in reality. Everyone makes mistakes and it's just my wacky brain blowing everything out of proportion. It's a card that sometimes has come up for me as I'm sitting in bed at night, unable to sleep and crying over something I've made out to be much worse than it really is! (and yes, I know this is a bad time for reading cards but I can find it soothing when upset and I like to live on the wild side sometimes!) To sum it up, in some situations it can be a good card to get :love:
  14. At some point in the past I wanted to learn all three. I started with the RWS and later got a Thoth deck, with plans for the Marseilles. This year I've changed my mind and realised I'm not very into the esoteric, occult stuff that comes with the territory when you study the Thoth, and that's fine. I tried it and figured out how I like it, and found out I would much rather stick to the good old RWS, where I still have much to learn. The Marseilles still looks very attractive to me, so I might check it out in the future. I think overall it depends on what you want to achieve. For the stuff I do with the tarot, which is a lot of introspective work, getting advice on stuff, admiring beautiful artwork, the RWS system is perfectly fine.
  15. It IS very thin, so I completely understand your issues. The faeries themselves trump the cardstock issues for me, so I manage to get some joy and use out of it. But for sure, it's the thinnest cardstock I own. I like my decks to be flexible since I riffle shuffle and really dislike big and thick cards, so while Llewellyn stock is very questionable to me this is way thinner. It could probably have been twice as thick with no problems :bugeyed:
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