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  1. I try to keep mine updated mainly so when the time to buy comes I have a running list of what I had my eye on. But yes, I do enjoy seeing what others have on their list, and it comes in handy around friends b-days
  2. Does anyone know of a site that lists rare or OOP decks? I am not so interested in prices, but more than anything I am wanting to go through my collection and note what is OOP or rare for the sake of having a better idea of what I have so I make sure if I sell or trade something that falls in either of those categories that I am OK with letting it go, or if I do start looking for something that falls within those categories I have a heads up. I know there are tons of decks out there and it would be quite unrealistic to have a full listing (and found nothing useful in a Google search), but it would be nice to have something. If there is no such list, that could make for a good TT&M Community Project and "sticky" thread.
  3. I do not consider decks like Fantastic Menagerie or Animal Lords to be animal decks. They are not so much about the animals as they are a reference on human society. I will say though, if you can ever get your hands on the Fanstastic Menagerie it is a fabulous deck, and the companion book (sold separately usually these days) is really good and worth having if you own the deck, it really dives into JJ Grandville and adds some good background to the cards that I have found very useful. As for straight out animal tarot decks, I have to admit I am a fan of the Magical Forest Creatures and the Baroque Bohemian Cats (the book has a fabulous cat perspective). If what you are really looking for is a deck that delves into the animals themselves I do not own many Tarot decks of this sort that I can recommend, but there are quite a few animal oracles out there. I do have the Spirit Song, but have not worked with it yet, but I am hoping that turns out to be a good a animal tarot deck for me. I have Animals Divine, but it did not quite hit the mark with me. My favorite would have to be the Majors only Tarot for Cats, I so would have loved to see what they could have done in the minors. The cat running from the vacuum cleaner in the Tower card was simply brilliant. With the companion book that has the "cat meanings" of the cards the Baroque Bohemian Cats works great as an animal deck, though only has cat perspectives. As for Animal Oracles, my favorites are The Way of the Horse, Messages from your Spirit Guides and the Druid Animal Oracle. I enjoy using the Druid Animal Oracle in conjunction with my Druid Craft Tarot.
  4. So much this. And as someone else here said, the great majority of the ones I had on the list are not decks I use. I was happy to see The Alice Tarot on it though My list would have looked A LOT different!
  5. I can't believe I missed this thread!!! Happy belated b-day TT&M! I love this community!
  6. Shiffer is another one.
  7. I do the same ...... speaking of crappy (to me) decks, I really need to go pull some of those out and create a for trade/sale thread. I use to be really impulsive, but I think I finally know the type of deck that I will end up enjoying long term, it has been a long time since I bought a dud. I also keep my deck purchasing to when I have gift cards or a special occassions like b-day or X-mas.
  8. I pre-ordered the colored version of the Mythical Creatures deck by Baba Studios today (and the book, and a bag) I was auto-enabled the moment I read the post from Flaxen stating pre-orders were available, lets face it any deck by Baba Studios makes me go into auto-enable mode . Just thought I would stop by if any of you missed that thread so you can go pre-order your own copy. Let's face it Baba Studios/Magic Realist Press makes amazing decks both in content and quality, and should not be passed up!
  9. OMG!!!!!!!! Just pre-ordered the Standard Edition + book + bag!!!!! YAY and happy Yule to me!!!!!!!!
  10. I agree, with Barbara involved I have expectations ... and yes, it will make a great b-day present I am sure!
  11. I like that this deck looks like it will be more about the life of a wizard vs. the wizard school model of the previous deck, that really adds a nice change for me to justify having both! and Barbara Moore attached to it YAY! I love the original Wizards tarot, and I agree that it would be nice if they modified the name of this new deck a bit so as to not confuse the two. They seem like they will be quite different. The original is a great deck hope this one is as good as that one in its own special way. A definite must have for me and it comes out the week before my bay!
  12. Ohhhhhh my friend here at work bought that deck and might be lending it to me to spend a month with and do a review on it. I am totally not into angel decks (don't own a single one) but this deck is gorgeous and on my Amazon wishlist . I guess I better talk to my friend and borrow it to see if maybe I can de-enable myself or just flat out cave lol.
  13. Twilight Realm: A Tarot of Faery http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/twilight-realm/
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