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    I have been so busy I have had no time to do anything with tarot or my spiritual path in a little over a month. With things calming down I am getting back to it and trying to re-establish my lunar practices, study of crystals, and adding a little Celtic Lunar Tree influences to my practice. I really do like this Queen of the Moon Oracle, it does have some different names for the full moons as I know them, but nothing a little research could not resolve. I have wanted a deck to dedicate to my Lunar practices for some time, and got this one with that intent. I am still getting to know it and only time will tell, but I did find it very insightful and spiritual. STRAWBERRY MOON READING - June 17, 2019 Deck: Queen of the Moon Oracle Other Names for this Moon: Hot Moon & Rose Moon Celtic Lunar Tree: Oak Crystal Associated with this Moon: Sunstone I have added two cards to this reading. The first card is the corresponding card in this deck to the current full Moon #34 The Hot Moon. I have also added The Oak Card from the Ogham The Celtic Tree Oracle, and have included the energy of the Sunstone. I am using these three as the overall influence over this reading. #34 HOT MOON – EXTREMES (Queen of the Moon Oracle)– brings as its message “I handle extremes with grace, yet I seek balance in all things.” This card tells us how this full moon brings challenges that will help us build or resilience and reserves of wisdom and clam for when things are at their extreme. So one can expect uncomfortable or “hot” situations. The companion stone included with this card is the Sunstone. OAK (Ogham The Celtic Tree Oracle) – the Oak is known as the “King of the Forest,” and has long been associated with strength, wisdom and endurance. In addition, the work Oak also means “door” and is linked to new opportunities and to seeing things from both sides. Druids have considered Oaks to be highly sacred and magical. SUNSTONE – yes I actually went out and purchased myself one so I can work with it. This is a very positive stone, one of abundance and joy. It is a stone of leadership, personal power, and freedom. It is also a stone of nurturing of self to open us to nurture others and bestow blessings upon them. It is known as a joyful stone, which I can see how it can come in handy during challenging times. OVERALL INFLUENCE: This full moon has the potential to bring challenges that can bring out extreme behaviors and attitudes. Trial(s) in how to handle and bounce back from adversity which will promote personal growth and depth as a result. The Oak represents our strength as well as the opportunities that lie within the challenge(s) and importance of seeing things from both sides to get to a balanced resolution. The Sunstone can be a friend at this time with its joyful and positive energy, as well as its nurturing qualities towards self and others. 1. HONORING THE MOON – What is the message I need to hear from my innermost self? #28 – PEACE – Waxing Crescent 5 The message of this card, according to the companion book, is “I choose to create and hold peace, I allow this to ripple into the world.” In this image we see a young woman meditating and holding the space for peace in her hands surrounding herself with this so she can project it. Her crown chakra is open to the universe. The card is about establishing mental peace by knowing what you can and cannot control, and make peace with that. Do what you can about what is in your control, and let go of what you can’t. The message I need to hear from my innermost self is to not get overwhelmed by things outside of my control and to focus on those I can do something about. Through this I can better focus on those things within my control. This calls for me to embrace the strength the Oak and tap into the energy of the Sunstone to promote joy in my life, and nurture myself and others – these are the ripples I can put out into the world. 2. HONORING THE SUN – What action can I take to further my path of spiritual growth? #4 ACCEPTANCE – Waxing Crescent 2 The white doves of this card make me think of the Peace card in position one, and the butterflies on it as transformation being released as a result. The message of this card, according to the companion, is “I accept where I am and who I am right now.” The image of this card shows the hand of the divine and the hand of man reaching towards one another. There is an electrical connection between the two that release doves and butterflies (peace and transformation). As the moon grows the connection becomes greater and joint space or unity is created. The action of accepting oneself is the first step to moving forward. It is not about pushing oneself and trying to hard, it is about knowing where you are so you can see where you want to go. To further my path of spiritual growth I need accept that my efforts have been inconsistent and that to advance on my path I need to engage consistently in my spiritual practices. By doing so I open the opportunity of growth and magic of the Oak. I can draw on the Sustone crystal to not beat myself up over the lack of effort I have put in on this lately, allow it to expand my consciousness and approach my spiritual work with fun and whimsy and have fun with it vs. making it a chore or obligation. 3. What can I reveal about myself to the world? #35 THUNDER MOON – CHANGE This card actually corresponds to the July Full Moon. The message of this card, according to the companion, is “I welcome change and its energy.” The image of this card is very interesting. There is a woman holding onto a planet and riding it as the moon produces a major electrical storm. Kind of made me think of the Tarot Tower card in some ways. What also caught my attention is how in the spread the character faces the direction of the Acceptance card, making me think that through acceptance of where and who I am will be a catalyst for major change. This card also has seagulls which are symbols of freedom and care free behavior. The card is card ties into Acceptance in that change is inevitable so we have the choice to accept and ride it or to resist it. It is about truly understanding that nothing ever stays the same. I am not clear on what this card means in this position other than I am ready for a change. What that change is, I have no clue. Perhaps that is the revelation that I don’t know, I have no goal or intention thus have no clue how to harness my personal power from the inside out to affect it. Because this card is representative of the July Full Moon, it has given me much food for thought so I can think about what changes I need to make, set goals and intentions then thrust my personal power behind those to affect the changes. To be prepared and open to it. This could tie back to the opportunities the Oak provides this moon, and identifying the changes through the challenges of this one. 4. What is ripening in my life? #30 SNOW MOON – PURITY This card is representative of the February Full Moon. Perhaps this card too signals timing of sorts. Next month time to ride out change, and things settling on fresh clean slate by the February Full Moon. Purity in the sense of this card refers to a fresh start, like “the purity of the silver moon on the unmarked snow.” The purity of intention and single purpose. The message of this card is “I know why I do what I do.” This card might herald a true awakening and understanding of how I walk through and live life vs. just going with the flow which is pretty much how I do things now and has not worked all that great for me in several aspects of my life. It directs me to look at things through a new lens. This is something I can work on through the previous cards. 5. How can I open myself to greater joy? #27 RELEASE – Waning Crescent 4 The message of this card is “I freely release what I no longer need.” This card ties in so well with Card 1, getting the message from my innermost self and letting go of things I cannot control to reach some mental peace, the Card 2 accepting where I am and who I am, opening myself up to Card 3 Change, and finally understanding my motivations at a deeper level knowing why I do what I do. This process will open me up to the light and healing of the Sunstone and to greater joy. It will allow me to truly enjoy life on another level, much like the woman on this card releases from her physical body and transcends where she is and who she is becoming one with herself and the energies around her.
  2. Ohhhhhh my friend here at work bought that deck and might be lending it to me to spend a month with and do a review on it. I am totally not into angel decks (don't own a single one) but this deck is gorgeous and on my Amazon wishlist . I guess I better talk to my friend and borrow it to see if maybe I can de-enable myself or just flat out cave lol.
  3. Twilight Realm: A Tarot of Faery http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/twilight-realm/
  4. Oh my! could this be the black & white (grey and silver) deck that I will cave to????
  5. As I am getting a late start this month, and I am needing some more time with the Chrysalis so I can write a more informative review of it for TT&M I am revisiting this deck this month.
  6. Thank you for posting this! Question, in the 6 images, is that including the card back or can we do 6 images plus the card back? Where can I find the member upload section?
  7. I do not subscribe to the cards telling the future, but I do believe they help me see issues from a perspective I might not normally consider or think about. That allows me to broaden my perspective of the issue and think the issue through with more awareness and more consideration of the potential effects of my actions and come to a better outcome. So to me they are tool to opening up my awareness and help me explore possibilities, potential, and consequences. It helps me think things through more thoroughly and allows me opportunities to face my own role in issues for good or ill so I can chart my course to resolving the issue. When I read for others I read for them in this same manner. So I guess I have a psychological approach to reading them.
  8. Interesting ... Like Holmes and Flaxen I struggled with how to read it in a Celtic Cross, but finally came to the conclusion of looking at the totality of the meaning of the card, both as upright and a reversal as it is the influence that "crosses" the issue. Based on the issue and surrounding cards I see which way the influence is affecting the issue. If it is negatively affecting it then I know what to work on, influencing the influence or cross card. I have since found spreads that uses horizontal cards and I read them in that manner too. I see those cards as ones I can take actions to influence what aspects of it I want to manifest to help with my issue.
  9. 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card. It is a workbook, but it is wonderful for growing as a reader intuitive or otherwise. You can use any deck, and if you really follow through it you end up with indepth knowledge of the deck you choose to work with. All of Mary Greer's Tarot books are really good, her reversals book is fabulous if you like reading with reversals.
  10. Hmmmmmmmm ....... I have several I would reach for depending on the mood: Alice Tarot, Fantastic Menagerie, VR Gold, Deviant Moon, Green Witch, Victorian Fairy Tarot, Green Witch, Tarot of the Sidhe, Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, The Fey Tarot, the Cosmic Tribe, Mermaid Tarot (by Leeza Robertson) ... just depends on the mood and querie but I would say those are my go to decks. The more I genuinely expose myself to my collection through my "Deck of the Month" project the more decks get added to my "go to deck" list because I am comfortable reading with them and know them well. But the Alice is my favorite
  11. LOL I so understand how you feel! I have Victorian Romantic Gold, Baroque Bohemian Cats 1st edition, Gold, and 2nd edition, Bohemian Gothic Silver and 1st edition, Tarot of Prague 1st edition, Fairytale, Alice 1st edition, and Fantastic Menagerie, and the Victorian Flower Oracle. I am waiting for the colored edition of Mythical Creatures. I would love to own the Alice Special Edition and VR 3rd edition, but if I am unable to (which is probably the case) I at least have versions of the decks that I love. Like you, most of my MRP decks will have to be pried from my cold dead hands as well though I would trade the 2nd edition BBC for the 3rd edition VR in a heart beat, and would consider trading the ToP and BBC 2nd edition for the Special Edition Alice.
  12. I just posted a deck review on the Mermaid Tarot by Leeza Robertson here on the forum, as well as 11 images plus the card back.
  13. @Little Fang I agree, we should do our own poll and see what comes up as TT&M's recommendation of essential Tarot decks. We could do a separate one for other Oracles, I went "huh?" when I saw the oracles and Lenormand decks listed on the essentials list, especially since Froud's Faeries Oracle did not even make that list
  14. Me too, I keep the list in my profile. I need to put up a trade or sell thread too ... I keep saying I am going to do it and just never seem to get around to it ... procrastination is a virtue, right?
  15. Congratulations to all graduates! Look forward to seeing you all in the reading circles
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