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  1. Canid

    I'm Sad.

    It was a lovely day, thanks! And so is today...
  2. Right now it’s Arcus Arcanum. Yes, I tore myself away from Viceversa for a bit. But AA reads so smoooth for me, always has.
  3. Love that deck, especially 3 of Pents.
  4. Charlotte the Pug!! Love it!
  5. She’s gorgeous! And I love the name.
  6. I’m not partial, I love them all. Even rescue worms stranded on pavement. This is CC today. She’s a stray Himalayan Forest cat that showed up years ago. She’s SO big, SO purdy!
  7. I have Monstarot, don’t use it. Wanna trade...something?
  8. Where’s that de-enabling thread??!! Someone, talk me OUT of re-purchasing Tarot of the Spirit World. I’ve misplaced mine & when I bought it, it was affordable. I need another deck like I need herpes.
  9. Plus, it’s often the backs that have a lot to do with the creator saying they’re not reversible. I do it anyway, although I no longer physically reverse the cards. If the shoe fits...wear it. It’s intuition combined with surrounding cards...plus, intuition.
  10. You had that ‘base’ to draw upon after it had time to germinate in your mind. I kinda did that too, I picked up my 1st deck around 1973, played around, put it down, picked it back up, over & over, till I discovered AT lol!
  11. That’s what I was wondering too. Also, check to see if it fluoresces under UV light.
  12. This is so intriguing! There’s a lot of pro info out there...I’m re-reading Ghani Yoga by Yogi Ramacharaka & started Googling...https://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/are-crystals-alive/ Fascinating!
  13. Maybe Steele Wizard?
  14. Canid

    I'm Sad.

    Don’t be sad, he’s not gone, just moved away.
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