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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, R! i hope you have a fantastic day today! Try and stay cool!
  2. Hey there,MissChiff! Long time no "see"! Glad you found us! This is the place to be, forum wise--IMHO! i hope as one AT refugee to another--you find it as cozy, warm and friendly, as so many of us do!
  3. i am sooooo pleased to hear you say that, sweetie! This is the place for the warm fuzzies! Regarding your package--no worries, i will hang on to it, then, until you are back home in W. Have a very successful and joyful time in Oho at any and all of your gigs. Much love to you and Bob, dearest sis!
  4. Oh Robyn. my sweet sister! You certainly do have angels looking over you. You have amazed me over and over these past many years we have known each other, i am soooo, soooo grateful that this possible fiasco had such a wonderful magical climax. i am extremely grateful for that! And i am so grateful to have you in my life, dearest Robyn. You mean the world to me...xoxox i always wish for all the best things for you and Bob...You soooo deserve it!
  5. Hey my sweetie pie Gypsy Sister!!! xoxox i only just saw your post! Yayyyyyy!!!!!! i am so happy to see you here!!! Welcome!!!!!! BTW, i will get your goody package shipped beginning of next week. i have been crazy busy since we got back from our Mini Vacation. Love and Hugs MG xoxoxox
  6. HAPPY THERE IS NO DEATH NOR BIRTH DAY--DEAR WHISPER! i wish you a day filled with love and joy! And happy surprises around every corner! i also wish you Health, Peace and Prosperity--now and always--in ALL Ways! xoxox
  7. Claire!!! So happy to see you here! i am the very happy owner of most of your fabulous decks! i have been selling a lot of my collection in our trade thread--but YOUR decks are among my keepers! That says a lot!
  8. Don't say that name! Ha! Ha! Yep, i was sooooo relieved his first name wasn't Tom!!!!
  9. i just heard from Robyn/Chronata and invited her to check out the forum. She said she would!
  10. Hi Sharyn! Robyn is a close friend, and we are always in touch. The latest Cards she has created is a Witchcraft Oracle Deck. i have it, it is adorable. But, she is always creating some kind of wonderful whimsical art! i just love her "Watcher" pendants! And her dragon eggs! Of course, she is still painting/selling her wonderful CrowStones... She has an Etsy Shop, did you know? WonderCaravan. i was last in touch with her on her birthday--June 6th. Here is the link to her Etsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Wondercaravan You can see she has been quite busy! And always, creating, creating, creating! Her inner Muse is always working over time! P.S. i am pretty sure, Robyn has never joined T, T and Me. Maybe i will suggest that she join!..
  11. First thing this morning, i heard back from Schiffer's customer service dept. A very nice fellow named Dan assured me that i would receive a replacement! i am so happy and relieved. i did send him the relevant part of my Amazon receipt. Can't wait to see the improved edition. He is not sure when that will be.
  12. Thanks so much, my awesome friends! i am very happy to hear that good news. i wrote them a couple of hours ago, but since today is Saturday, i imagine i won't hear back from them until Monday, i am really looking forward to seeing the improved cards!
  13. Is Schiffer also replacing the faulty ones we purchased on Amazon? ETA: i just contacted Schiffer's Customer Service Dept, as Marie suggested. i am hoping they will replace my faulty deck. The Black edges were done so poorly, i stopped using my deck. You can't even touch it, without the edges chipping...
  14. Happy Saturday, everyone! i wanted to let you all know that my good friend Kasia [TarotMap] has a wonderful interview that she did with Marie White on her ongoing series "Inspired Tarot Map". Please watch the interview here: Enjoy!!! i am so proud of Kasia, she is a natural!
  15. i hope you are having a LOVELY Birthday, dear Raggydoll! i wish you Health, Peace and Prosperity now and always in ALL WAYS!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
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