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  1. Welcome to the forums, Marigold!
  2. I can't stop listening to Billie Eilish lately: Bury a Friend (I have no idea how to embed a YouTube video into a post!)
  3. I love the freedom of TdM decks -- reading with them is logical and straightforward. I don't have to sift through an artist's scenic vision of a card; I don't have to sift through layers of add-on symbolism.
  4. I work mainly with the Jean Noblet TdM since that's what we are encouraged to use in Camelia Elias's tarot courses. But I have a soft spot for the colorful and unassuming Fournier TdM as well.
  5. I own 37 of the 50. This strikes me as an odd list. There are plenty of classics, but also some . . . well, decks I flatly refuse to buy because they are unappealing.
  6. I've been enjoying Dead To Me, a new series on Netflix.
  7. I second this! Russian Doll blew my mind -- it was fantastic.
  8. Okay, that makes sense. I'd been wondering why I saw the bubbles by some threads but not by others!
  9. I have read for myself in "public spaces" such as cemeteries, but never with people around. I read for myself on a train once, too, but with all the noise and distractions, it was a pain in the neck. My reason for not often reading in public is primarily that I'm easily distracted, and divination is challenging when I'm trying hard not to listen to conversations going on around me. Also, I'm not usually seeking to have conversation with strangers, and reading cards would invite that.
  10. There used to be a way to tell if I'd posted in a thread or not -- there was some kind of visual indicator to let me know. Since the upgrade, I can't figure it out. Is there an icon or visual indication to indicate that I've posted in a thread before?
  11. Beautiful new avatar, Arabella! I'm realizing that I need to look for a new one, since my old one is grainy in the new software and I don't have a high-res original. The purpose behind my wreath, initially, was simply that I love magnolias :). Edited to add: Ha! I just did a search for magnolia images in the public domain, and found this one by artist Martin Johnson Heade on Wikimedia Commons. Ta da! New, lovely avatar.
  12. Just checking in -- I'm here :).
  13. The proverbial excrement hit the fan today at work. My boss only has 1 more week left with our department before she is moved . . . but I'm beginning to think she's running with a "better to burn out than fade away" plan on her way to the door. Anyway, a meeting turned contentious. And I spoke up, and spoke the truth, as calmly and clearly as possible. It was not appreciated, but frankly, I no longer care if she's mad at me.
  14. I'm not a professional reader, but I have an anecdote to add to the conversation about leaving pricing open to what the querent wants to pay. I've only had a paid reading done for me once. Ever. I was in New Orleans and went to one of the readers at Jackson Square, very spur of the moment. She explained that she read for "donations" with no set prices. She did a very thorough reading for me, with no spread that I could discern, and it was absolutely on-point. It was a great reading. I'm not sure how much time it took; not more than 30 minutes, for certain. I ended up paying her $60 in cash. I've got no idea if that was more or less than people usually offered, but it happened to be all I had on me without going to an ATM. So while reading for donations poses some degree of risk, it doesn't mean clients will deliberately underpay, either.
  15. RowanHood, I'm so sorry! Are you in East Texas, by chance? We had tornadoes come through near where I live on Saturday, but they missed our town. Alto, Texas was hit bad, though, and the buildings at Caddo Mounds State Historical Site were destroyed.
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