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  1. Welcome to the forum! You might enjoy this thread which has answers to a similar question. (I posted over there, so instead of re-copying, will just point to that one. )
  2. @Flaxen, that's appreciated! I've been so busy lately, but this deck has surprised me with how helpful I find the readings and how unwilling I'd be to part with it. I bought card sleeves (a first for me!) to protect it, because it's not like I can get another of the first ed. I had no idea it would mean this much to me. Anyway, however you approach posts is great, and I look forward to it. When things slow down a bit at work soon I'd like to post here as well.
  3. Reading for myself, Tabula Mundi, Roots of Asia, SKT For someone I don't know well, Tabula Mundi, Asherah, Thoth, RWS -- (which one depends on the type of question and whether the sitter has a strong preference between Thoth & RWS style decks.)
  4. Oh wow, thanks for copying over all of these SKT readings. (Sorry. I'm probably interrupting your flow of posts, since these are part of the 30 days...) This is exciting. I'll come back after work, but I already see that you talk about The Sharpshooter several times, which is a bonus for me. (About a month ago I drew The Ebony Shield ~ The Sharpshooter ~ The Ivory Shield in response to a semi-lost "Where do I go from here" sort of question, and it's stuck with me as a guiding message. I keep those cards laid out on the table to remind me when I'm not working with the deck. So I'm looking forward to reading about it here...as well as all your posts, really. Thanks for taking the time to add these.)
  5. I'm glad you got it, since you were so drawn to it. A beautiful deck. Schiffer's Mary-el had massive borders too (which I trimmed to narrow borders), but it's never frayed, so I hope the same is true of your copy of The Star. (Before I saw that you'd gone ahead and bought it, I was going to say you may like the Asherah Tarot, or at least, the art style of The Star Tarot reminds me of that deck. If you haven't seen it and want to take a peek, there's a flip-through here. (Funnily enough he mentions the Star Tarot too.) Card stock is nice. I have a Game Crafter (large) and an MPC version (mini), and though I prefer the color quality on the former by a hair, they're both decent card stock and borderless. -- But since you've already bought The Star you may not be in the market. )
  6. My text here... It took me while to get this to work. I had to hit Enter inside the quote, then click outside the quote, and then come back in and hit Enter again before it split it into two boxes. Just hitting enter twice without leaving the quote didn't work for me (on a desktop). But I love this feature. I'm glad you mentioned it, because I would never have realized!
  7. Oh good, @McFaire, glad you got a copy then. SKT rocketed up into my top 3 reading decks almost as soon as I got it and has stayed there. I hope you enjoy it too. Nice avatar, @Flaxen. I remember you talking about that card in the journal section.
  8. I love the new cards. I was hoping to say something much more eloquent, but if I keep waiting for work to settle down it'll be July before I post. So for the moment, I just wanted to say how exciting it is to see these go up. Regardless of whether this project becomes a deck or you move on as you mentioned you might, the images are both beautiful and helpful to me, and I feel like I'll keep returning to them.
  9. Tabula Mundi For the beauty, the clarity of esoteric correspondences, and the quality of the deck's production values. A labor of love, I think. I linked to majors, but you can also see the minors at her site. SKT is about to be out of print, and production values on the first edition were good; she's selling the last of the second edition now, which is brown instead of black. This deck was created quickly, but I've found it much more helpful in readings than I had expected before I received it. It's turned into a go-to deck for me. (If you have any interest in astrology in tarot, it's also one of the few RWS style decks that has the astrological symbols on the cards.)
  10. So I AM being oblivious. Thanks, Night Shade. I still don't see it in my past posts or on the forum page, but I guess I will find...
  11. Thanks again for your work, Little Fang! Am I being oblivious, or are we missing the Exchanges sub-forum where people offered readings for feedback (and where I had a Thoth exchange going with pacificwaters)? I don't see it, and when I go to my activity, my past posts are there except for the ones from our Thoth exchange. (Forgive me if you've already said this part of setup isn't ready yet, and I missed it.)
  12. I'm in too (and I see "kickstarter subscriber" in my account). Thanks for all your work, Little Fang!
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