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  1. Maybe in combination with the World + Chariot, it's telling your querent to get out of their shell and try at a research university abroad. I know European academics who teach in China, Egypt/Qatar (it's a thing & very, very common these days). Also know human rights researchers who do field research on systematic human rights violations in other countries? Depending on field (like if your querent can get by with just research through JSTOR or LexisNexis and not rely on specific equipment like labwork) maybe a work-from-home research position?
  2. It’s astrologically-associated with Virgo (the 6th House, which is the card of day-to-day work routines). The 6th House is about your job (as opposed to “career”, which is what the 10th House is about). And also Virgo-related careers (pet service, accounting, healthcare). The first thing that came to mind was “working from home”, but IDK if telecommuting is an option at your employment.
  3. OMG. When i read your thread title I thought you were talking about using human teeth like you’d use Runes (because there’s a lady on YouTube who reads sea shells and another who use small tumbled crystals like Runes). freaky-deeky! Need to stop taking things literally. although I bet you if you did a reading with teeth, it wouldn’t be very photogenic either! sorry I’m not helping am I?
  4. Dear Future Self: you didnt turn out so bad yourself. Mainly because I didn’t really have a vision for myself other than I wanted a red hatchback (which you did get a red car when you were 15 that you used throughout uni & you got a black hatchback for your graduation). i think that lady at Seventeen put ideas in your head. Never in a million years would I think I’d be doing THAT! You little fameh***x! i think you’re kind of a loser, but not a very pathetic one. On the bright side you could’ve lived a cringey/corny manifestation of the “Indonesian dream”, which thankfully you didn’t. I mean if you’re going to Ben a loser, at least don’t be a cringe-worthy one, you know? Not bad, future self, not bad... sincerely, -CL (your dead alter-ego, remember me? Muahahahhahha)
  5. Dear Teenaged Self: you really weren’t that bad of a kid. love and ramen, -MD
  6. But it is reaaaaaalllllll... *wink-wonk*
  7. OMG obsessed. is that guy speaking Portuguese?
  8. Dear Meryl Streep, why are you so obsessed with me? love and ramen, —LS
  9. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for making the journals private/hidden to visitors and lurkers who have not registered or logged in again. I really appreciate it!
  10. I agree it brings needed change, and then you get to rebuild using your own design. Instead of moving into the Standard-issue cookie-cutter Tower that came with the “Life Starter Pack” we were given at birth. i think it just takes a while for people because it doesn’t have the reputation the Death card has... but both are equally misunderstood. LOL. I found it yay! I don’t think I’ve known one person who came into studying Tarot in times of happiness (unless a natural inclination/interest in the esoteric counts). Glad I found it, tho! If I had vintage decks, I probably wouldn’t use them. I’d be worried too. I’m super gentle with the deck I got from the Pamela Coleman-Smith Commemoration Box Set and my favourite Baroque Bohemian Cats. Can’t imagine what I’d be like toward a vintage one! Maybe the sticky ones were begging for attention. Since this happened to me, I pay close attention to which cards these strange happenings happen to! That sounds awesome! Thanks for the suggestion! I think it’s a message too... I’m still trying to figure out what it is. I am making a point of doing some special things this New Moon (with it being an Eclipse in my natal moon sign and all). I hope something good comes out of it!
  11. Update on my situation: i found it while playing with my 1st deck to take pictures of it (for my 15th Tarot Anniversary): oh dear.
  12. Thought I’d post here since my 15th “Tarot Anniversary” is coming up! It’s in July (my Moon sign is Cancer, but this happened before I knew what my Moon sign was) and I started reading in 2004. I had to buy it at an actual physical bookstore because I wasn’t sure if Amazon shipped to Indonesia. I had to be driven there (this was before I had a driver’s license or had my own car). Mine is the Hanson-Roberts Tarot (it came with a book and a spread). My first tarot book was “Learning the Tarot” by Joan Bunning. As you can see, the dates are for July 2004 (I still can’t believe it’s been 15 years).
  13. This is awesome! me personally, when it comes to the Cups suite, I sometimes imagine the contents of the cups spilling. Especially when it’s like the 9 of Cups or whatever.
  14. Oh Lord. I didn’t mean to imply that I thought the French are yellers (that’s not what I meant at all). i just meant that I wouldn’t mind being yellled at in French since it sounds nice (not that anyone would ever yell at anyone for reading cartomancy cards in public). i will always have a positive bias against the French (just because there was a really sweet tall French guy in school back in the day that I really liked—totally my type LOL). He wasn’t judgmental, nice guy (just laughed when I told him I don’t like wine that I have to put Sprite in it to make it drinkable for me... he wasn’t a snob about it at all, although I’m not sure how he’d ever feel about tarot cards! He was very academic/professional, and I’m never comfortable tellling academic types about my spiritual practices). the only people I read for (in public places) are old friends from like middle school/high school. Nobody from university level knows about my spiritual life! I don’t tell them. I’ve had a deck since 2004 and never took my cards with me to the dorm when I lived in one. (I guess that’s a relevant tidbit for A thread about being wary about reading in public. I just thought even my personal dorm room was no place for that... how sad, it’s MY room & MY life in the end of the day!) Here’s an article about my culture: https://amp.economist.com/asia/2019/05/25/how-the-mores-of-indonesias-biggest-ethnic-group-shape-its-politics?__twitter_impression=true (I suppose when our sultans still throw hair/nail clippings as offerings to the Gods, i’m lucky to be around [mostly] like-minded people—really I should be grateful).
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