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  1. Thanks so much! Yes it is getting down to the wire and I would love to get the word out further about this deck. There are rules here on this forum about how often and where one is allowed to self-promote. Maybe you, or someone else could make a post there in the Lenormand section and link to this thread? Or directly to the Kickstarter? BTW-I've added an Unboxing video to the KS page. http://bit.ly/FriarsDelight Thank you so much for backing the deck. There is still time for a miracle!
  2. The Night Tide clip is brilliant.
  3. I added a little video message from me to the updates on my Kickstarter. You can see it here: http://bit.ly/FriarsDelightMsg1
  4. This is a brilliant use of tarot in a film, it's the opening credit sequence from one my all time favourite films, Agnes Varda's Cleo from 5 to 7. Really check this out: And please, do it justice, watch it full screen if you can.
  5. I just remembered, in the movie "Wine Country" which just came out recently, a bunch of women go for a weekend in Napa Valley and one hires a Tarot reader to read for the group. I kind of liked that one because the actress who played the reader was a very real person, not a stereotype of a tarot reader. It was a pretty long and very funny scene. She was very straight with them, told them things they did not want to hear. Again, my memory isn't so good, but I think it was RWS.
  6. I have to check, but it seems they were both using RWS, not sure which version. I'll peek later and verify.
  7. I thought it was interesting that in the newly released seasons of Orange is the new Black and GLOW, that the main characters in each show have an episode where they get a tarot reading.
  8. Thank you! I was planning to do a post to promote myself but others started it for me. So nice!
  9. Thank you so much! The Campaign runs for just a couple more weeks. FYI- Kickstarter doesn't charge your account until/unless the campaign succeeds so if you back it anytime before it ends, you're safe.
  10. Thank you so much! The Kickstarter is off to a slowish start but the goal is on the low side so I'm optimistic. If you read Lenormand (or want to start) I hope you take a minute and have a look. It's a fun deck, not too pricey (very reasonable shipping worldwide) and you'll have it before Christmas! The Friar's Delight Kickstarter Remember, when you back a Kickstarter, you're getting a present in the future!
  11. No one understands the feeling of home and what it really means more than someone like you, who has moved around a lot. That's why I know the feeling will last. I'm really happy for you Griz. Enjoy the coziness.
  12. okay thanks. *waves back* I should have read more carefully. That's actually a pretty interesting take!
  13. I would like to see Tarot taught in schools. Firstly, because it's an analog activity and it teaches you to think in a different way. Additionally, kids would learn the language of symbols and that opens up your mind. There is also the spiritual aspect that isn't really taught but experienced naturally in the process of reading tarot. People want to know how to live in this world. How to be happy. There are no classes on that. Religion used to fulfil that need but it really doesn't anymore, at least not for a lot of people. Tarot can help young people learn how to be self- reflective in a useful way. It can also teach them to be sensitive and helpful to others. And it's fun. It could be taught like any extracurricular.
  14. We all have to be careful about using "wishful thinking" or whatever when we read. It's a hard thing to control sometimes, to remain objective when we are really invested in the answer. But rarestbug I have to ask this, how in the world did you get a "yes" from that reading? Don't misunderstand, I'm not criticising at all. I just am curious about how strong the power of projection can get. Nothing positive ever comes from the clouds and scythe together, and with the woman there, it seems crystal clear. And yet, you were able to see a "yes." Trust me this can happen to the best of us, I'm just curious as to how our minds can trick us. Do you recall what your thinking was to deduce that?
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